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Angry Birds Explore is an AR application based on the Angry Birds series. It's similar to Angry Birds Action! in some aspects, but has different gameplay.


Angry Birds Explore is a fun and exciting way to bring the Angry Birds world to your living room through the magic of augmented reality! Step inside several Angry Birds attractions to play fun mini-games, make AR animations, and interact with the Angry Birds world like never before. Explore Bird Island and join your favorite characters from The Angry Birds Movie 2 to play games, do fun activities, and tend to your worm garden. Hey, Hatchlings have to eat, don’t they?


The game has a lot of minigames, but most of them are unlocked by using Bird Codes. You can scan one by simply aiming your mobile device's cam at it. They can be found on the official merchandise of The Angry Birds Movie 2 and are also compatible with the first movie's Bird Codes. There are also other minigames:

  • My Hut: A place where you (Or Red) can decorate a hut with your creativity, using seats, mirrors and a bunch of other objects.
  • Worm Farm: A place you can grow worms to feed hungry hatchlings.
  • Art Studio: A place where you can make the characters do cool poses and record it.
  • Pig Out!: It is unlocked by scanning the first movie's Bird Codes and Jazwares.
  • Lollipop Beach: Is unlocked with 250 Angry Coins or by scanning Chupa Chups' Bird Code, it's digital masks, where the player has to show its face to put Red's eyebrows or beak in itself.
  • Go Fly: It is unlocked with 1500 Angry Coins. In this minigame, the player controls Red in a helicopter and he has to protect islands of Piggy Blimps by shooting into them.


These minigames are unlocked after scanning a Bird Code:

Mini-Games Image Description
Tobar ABAction McDonaldsMiniGame3.png In 30 seconds, the player must hit as many pigs, looking out of the hatches at the same time without disturbing the birds and getting out there. The more pigs player managed to nail down, the more it will have stars.
PEZ ABAction PezMiniGame1.png The mini-game is played from the first person, and pigs flying around, the player is Red, the bullets are chewy candies (PEZ), and the weapon is a slingshot. The stock has a 12 PEZ candies. On the shooting, pigs were given 50 seconds. The more pigs, the more stars.

Each knocked the pig gives a different amount of points. Pigs are very close to the player and still flying in the black balloon, worth 100 points. Slowly moving pigs on an orange balloon standing out from the player 200 points. Those that are moving quickly and far away on the white balloon, worth 300 points. And finally, the most nimble and distant pig purple balloons are 500 points.

This mini-game can also make a photo with Red holding a slingshot with PEZ candy.