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An arena is an event in Angry Birds Fight! that is based solely on winning with a certain bird. You must choose that bird for battle. Each day you get arena tickets. You can also collect more tickets by fighting and completing the daily challenges. Each fight costs one ticket. There is a gold, silver, and bronze item to be won by your leaderboard ranking. Gem and coins can also be earned from this event.


Arena Ticket

When you win a fight, you gain 10 arena points for every win, 7 for every draw, and 5 for every loss. Having a winning streak and defeating an opponent with a higher level gives you bonus arena points. Every time you lose a battle, a pig will appear. Tapping it gives you a boost, and your bird will look like it is in angry mode. However, this does not affect your bird in the regular fights. If you lose two battles in a row, another pig will appear, and its boost will simply be added to your old one. The slot also only contains items for the particular bird who you must use for the arena, but the slot returns to normal after the event ends.

The leaderboard prize comes in three different versions with the same skills. The gold one has a gold Fever skill, the silver has a silver Fever skill, and so on.

List of Arena Events