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Blues cry
King Pig has stolen the Eggs, and there's no way to retrieve them, ever!'
This article contains information about an abandoned project.
The content of the article or this section may have been discontinued or scrapped during development from the game, or other Angry Birds medias.

Angry Birds Football (formerly as Angry Birds Goal!) was a football (UK/CE) or soccer (US/CA/IR/AU/NZ) game based on The Angry Birds Movie. it was developed by New Star Games and published by Rovio Entertainment. It was made to promote the UEFA Euro 2016 Football Championship.


Angry Birds Goal! was released on April 25, 2016, as a soft-launch. In later versions, this game changed its name to "Angry Birds Football".


Rovio confirmed that Angry Birds Football has stopped development and the game would shut after December 15, 2016. In-app purchases was disabled on December 1, 2016. However, the game continues to function normally if remained on the device or installing by Jailbreaking or APK file. The notice still appears even after December 15, 2016.[1]

This marked the second Angry Birds game to be cancelled, other being Angry Birds Ace Fighter.

ABFootball Shutdown 1


In what appears to be an alternate version of the Angry Birds movie universe, the Mighty Eagle, according to one of the headlines after a tutorial match in the beginning of the game, is a washed-up ex football player who "hasn't kicked a ball in 20 years." Ever since some presumed stint in the Wing League (most likely messing up the winning shot in the finals), Mighty Eagle quit playing and decided to form a team of his own, the Mighty Feathers. Unfortunately, Mighty Eagle found himself as the manager of a team of supposedly hopeless underdogs (or "underbirds"), ending up in a disappointing losing streak, until Red (whose name can be changed) showed up in one of their matches, eagerly looking to play.

Due to being and a player down and filled with desperation, Mighty Eagle promised to let him into the team if he could help them win the match (there's an alternate intro where Mighty Eagle, in his office, simply allows Red to play in the next match because he desperately wants a new player, and also to "fill up his trophy cabinet"), or "being able to kick a ball," as he put it. After Red gets them their first victory in 4 seasons, he quickly gets a contract in the team as Mighty Eagle shows him the game's mechanics and tips. Red is able to get them a promotion to the Huffers League after winning the other matches. Now as the team's new captain, he must help the Mighty Eagles (and Mighty Eagle) redeem themselves as champions, and become a football legend (or at least help Mighty Eagle become a coaching legend).


ABFootball Gameplay

The gameplay of Angry Birds Football is different from all previous games in the series. This time, it's a soccer simulator. The goal of each level is to play for a team of birds, which in the end must lead to a victory over the team of pigs.

After the start of the game tutorial, it is necessary to transfer the ball from the bird to another bird in a special way so that in the end the ball is in the gate of the team of pigs.

Periodically, the player is invited to pass training levels that will help master the simplest tactics of the game, as well as learn to by pass the defenders of the opposing team, interact with other birds. Similar levels come only at the very beginning of the game, later they are no longer offered. In case of incorrect transfer of the ball, which leads to the subsequent interception of the ball by pigs, the player can repeat the moment of transfer. In the case of several unsuccessful attempts, the team is defeated. You can also get a little shout-out of sorts if you play in a certain style during a match. For example, playing in a "Playmaker" style (doing consistently successful passes and assists without scoring goals yourself) during the match will have you called a "Midfield Maestro" for dictating play on the field.

Once its complete, the final statistics of the Chances, Passes, Goals and Assists are summarized. As well as a Star Rating to level up.


There are a number of special skills that need to be improved during the game. These include Pace (running speed, for when you have to dribble the ball), Power (shooting strength), Technique (shooting control), and Defense (efficiency in tackles, when you have to steal the ball). The improvement of each skill occurs instantly for the in-game currency.

ABFootball Gameplay9


Relations increase statues for the player and can be leveled up with coins and gems. They are the following:

  • Boss: Picks the player for more matches according to the level (if it gets too low the player can get benched).
  • Team: The player receives more passes to kick the football.
  • Fans: Increase the player's fame.
  • Endorsers: Shop discounts decrease the price more.
ABFootball Gameplay10


The Funfair is a place where the player can play minigames. Which are the following:

  • Slots (Piggy Plunder): The player pulls a lever on a slot machine and waits to three icons to match, rewarding the player.
  • Karts: The player chooses a racer, and if the racer wins, the player is rewarded.


There are in a total of 9 leagues to complete.

  • Trotter League (League 9)
  • Buzzard League (League 8)
  • Yolk League (League 7)
  • Hock League (League 6)
  • Angry League (League 5)
  • Condor League (League 4)
  • Tweet League (League 3)
  • Huffers League (League 2)
  • Wing League (League 1)


Coins (ABFootball Coin)
They can be obtained from:

  • By signing contracts with the Mighty Eagle
  • At the end of each successful game, ended in favor of birds

They can be spent:

  • To buy energy drinks
  • For the purchase of various items and accessories in the main store

Gems (ABFootball Gem)
They can be obtained from:

  • Having bought for real money
  • In-game achievements

They can be spent:

  • Exchanging for coins
  • To buy some items in the store

Energy (ABFootball Energy) - To get energy reserves, a player can simply wait or buy an energy drink in a store for coins.



Team Description
ABFootball MightyFeathers

Mighty Feathers

The titular "heroes" of the game, a team of red birds, coached by ex-player Mighty Feathers. Red is the captain of this team. Four other red bird names remain unknown.
ABFootball Pigs


Five unnamed pigs, depending on the name of the team they're in.

Non-playable characters

Characters Description
ABFootball MightyEagle

Mighty Eagle

The Mighty Eagle is the coach and owner of the bird team. He usually spends most of the game being narcisistic and full of himself in and out of the matches. Throughout the game periodically comments on various issues and moments of the game, usually trying to take credit for his team's success. Also appears at the end of the match.
ABFootball Terence


Terence is an agent you can hire. During the game adds two additional opportunities to make the pitch of the ball.
ABFootball Chuck2


Chuck is a trainer you can hire, periodically leaving his comments about the game. Most of the time, he's commenting on how he wants to just play in the match instead of just watching in the sidelines, and he is apparently the creator of the patented "Montage" method.
ABFootball Bomb


Bomb is a commentator for the matches. Apparently the previous one (his supervisor) left to go on a vacation, thus he ended up taking over. As you can expect, he acts as the play-by-play narrator of the matches, and usually makes a little comment during half-time.
ABFootball Stella


Stella appears under the name "StellaTech Corp.". Sometimes she leaves her comments, which are normally complimenting the player, just promoting her company or even a mix of both.
ABFootball Matilda


She appears in the role of cheerleader. Sometimes she leaves her comments, either feeling sorry for the opposing team, thinking the player is being nice or (rarely) just being aggressive.
ABFootball KingPig


It's heavily implied Leonard is the main endorser of all the opposing teams (since they're all exclusively composed of pigs). He only appears in the comments during the match sometimes, usually to trash talk the Mighty Feathers or claim they're cheating.
ABFootball ChefPig

Chef Pig

He only appears in the comments sometimes.
ABFootball ForemanPig

Foreman Pig

He only appears in the comments sometimes. Normally he makes comments about his kids.
ABFootball HelmetPig

Helmet Pig

He only appears in the comments sometimes.
ABFootball MysteriousPig

Mysterious Pig

An unnamed businessman, periodically appears before the matches, he also appear in the Shop. When your boots wear off for the first time, he'll give you new ones for free, but only once.


This is a list of achievements in Angry Birds Football, there are 43 achievements in total.


Concept Art


App Icons

Screenshots from the app store


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