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Blues cry
King Pig has stolen the Eggs, and there's no way to retrieve them, ever!'
This article contains information about an abandoned project.
The content of the article or this section may have been discontinued or scrapped during development from the game, or other Angry Birds medias.

Angry Birds Go! is a video game that is a part of the Angry Birds series. It is a kart racing game similar to the Mario Kart series, developed and published by Rovio Entertainment. It was released in 2013 for mobile devices.

Plot[note 1]

The start of an unlikely friendship

Red with the Mechanic Pig in the latter's cave.

On Piggy Island, the Minion Pigs are about to have a race, with third prize being a stinky boot, second prize being an eaten apple, and first prize being a giant cake. The Angry Birds look at the cake, which makes them drool. Red steals one of the pigs' karts and has a race. After winning, his kart breaks down, much for his grief. However, Mechanic Pig, who was also planning to get the cake, takes Red and his destroyed kart to his hidden cave. There, he builds a new vehicle for Red, who uses it to win some races. Later, Red has some races against Stella who is defeated and joins his group. Afterward, the two race across Piggy Island, defeating more opponents who join their team.


1.0.0 version

Main article: Angry Birds Go!/Gameplay (Version 1)
Angry Birds Go! 1.0

The title screen of the 1.0.0 version of Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! is a kart racing game similar to the Mario Kart games. The player takes control of a series of playable characters, who will participate in races and events using karts. In these races, the player needs to reach their goal in the shortest amount of time. After completing a race, they will get one, two or three stars depending on their performance during it. Should they fail doing so, they will get a Try Again screen, encouraging them to try again with Boosts or after upgrading their kart.

Angry Birds Go! 1.0

The menu of the 1.0.0 version of Angry Birds Go!

The menu of Angry Birds Go! takes place in the Mechanic Pig's cave, which is divided into three sections: the tree, outdors or in the cave. On the tree, which is unlocked after defeating Stella, the player can select what character are they going to play with, each with their own abilities; outdors, they can upgrade their kart with Bird Coins and participate in events; in the cave, they can select karts, or buy new ones with Bird Coins, with real money, or through the use of Telepods. Each character in Angry Birds Go! has an independient energy system, which is represented in five cupcakes (formerly orange dots); if they run out of energy, the player will be unable to use them unless they get enough rest or the player pays with Gems.

In the menu, the player can select which race to participate in. The player's chances of winning depend on their kart's upgrades and effectiveness, which is represented in CC (cubic centimeters, used to measure engine displacement). Before starting a race, the game will compare the recommended amount of CC with that of the kart the player is using; if the player's kart is low in CC compared to what the game recommends, the text of recommended amount of CC will be in red; in the opposite case, the text will be in green. If both amount of CCs are nearly identical, the text will be in yellow.

During a race, the player can mode left and right by either tapping onto the screen or by rotating the device. The races are divided into many modes, which are the following:

  • VS. Race: The player will be racing against seven opponents controlled by an AI. At first, those opponents will be Minion Pigs, though they will be replaced with characters the player has already unlocked. Said characters will also use their abilities to get an advantage. After winning in VS. Race five times, the player will be given tasks to complete in said mode.
  • Time Boom: The player will be in an individual race, with the circuits being filled with glass and wooden blocks. They will have to pass through these obstacles and get to the finish line before a bomb explodes. After winning in Time Boom five times, the player will be given tasks to complete in said mode.
  • Fruit Splat: The player has to collect fruits (or ice cream in Sub Zero) to fill a gauge before they get to the finish line. Sometimes, Minion Pigs will collect the fruits so that the player is unable to collect them. Once the gauge has been filled, all fruits will be replaced with Bird Coins. After winning in Fruit Splat five times, the player will be given tasks to complete in said mode.
  • Versus: The player will compete against a random opponent. It is divided into three difficulties: Easy, Intermediate and Hard, each with a tougher or weaker AI. The harder the race is, the more Bird Coins will be awarded to the player after winning, giving players with the Coin Doubler an advantage. Was removed in the 2.0 update.
  • Champion Race: Similar to Versus. It is unlocked after winning a race in VS. Race, Time Bomb and Fruit Splat once. The player has to compete against an opponent and win three races. Once said action is done, the opponent will be added to the character roaster, and will replace the Minion Pigs in VS. Race. Also, the player will be unable to play in said mode after the three races are won.

2.0.0 version

After the 2.0.0 version of Angry Birds Go! released in 2016 in promotion of The Angry Birds Movie, gameplay has been slightly changed, though still with some parts from the older versions. Now, the game starts in a level selection screen divided into eleven different sections, each having five levels with the last being a boss fight similar to Champion Race from the past version. In addition, the game also features the workshop, which combines the Mechanic Pig's tree and cave into one single menu. In it, the player can choose the racer they are going to play with, as well as buy new vehicles with the use of blueprints and upgrade them using upgrade parts.

Angry Birds Go! 2.0

An example of gameplay in the 2.0.0 version of Angry Birds Go! in Seedway,

The newer versions of Angry Birds Go! have a different energy system from that from the 1.0.0 versions. Now, all characters share the same energy; this means that, if the player runs out of energy, they will be unable to participate in a race with any character. A single unit of energy takes five minutes to be added to the player's energy, though all energy can be filled instantly with Gems. As the player advances in the game, races will require more energy; to compensate this, the game now makes use of ranks, which can be obtained with the use of XP, obtainable by upgrading karts or completing levels. When the player obtaines a rank, their energy will be upgraded and restored. They will also be rewarded with tickets, toolboxes, and others.

As mentioned above, the menu has many sections with five levels each. These levels take place in different courses of the game. They also make use of the modes from the pre-2.0.0 versions, though no tasks will be given to the player after completing them. Once the player completes a level, they will unlock the next one, and so on. They will also grant them one, two or three stars depending on their performance. Unlike the older versions, getting stars can now award the player with Bird Coins, new vehicles, tickets or upgrade parts.



  • Air Guitar (only appearance)
  • Arctic Roller (only appearance)
  • Balloon
  • Barbequick (only appearance)
  • Barrel Roller (only appearance)
  • Beach Buggy (only appearance)
  • Big Boomer (only appearance)
  • Big Burner (only appearance)
  • Blue Cornet (only appearance)
  • Bird Coins
  • Blueprint (only appearance)[note 2]
  • Capster (only appearance)
  • Cool Runner (only appearance)
  • Cork Wagon (only appearance)
  • Drum Roller (only appearance)
  • Gems (first appearance)
  • Ham Glider (only appearance)
  • Hog Rod (only appearance)
  • Iron Bolt (only appearance)
  • Matchstick Mobile (only appearance)
  • Music Maker (only appearance)
  • Phoenix Star (only appearance)
  • Pinky Tonk (only appearance)
  • Point Breaker (only appearance)
  • Punch Box (only appearance)
  • Rocket Racer (only appearance)
  • Royal Snout (only appearance)
  • Semi-Skinner (only appearance)
  • Shred Sled (only appearance)
  • Snow Scoop (only appearance)
  • Sponge Cruiser (only appearance)
  • Strike Out (only appearance)
  • Sty GT (only appearance)
  • Tar Barreller (only appearance)
  • Ticket (only appearance)[note 2]
  • Toolbox (only appearance)[note 2]
  • Tracked Trekker (only appearance)
  • Trash Thrasher (only appearance)
  • Tub Thumper (only appearance)
  • Upgrade part (only appearance)[note 2]
  • Woodwind (only appearance)

Gimmicks and obstacles


Playable characters

Character Special power Description


ABGO RedSpecialPower

Activates a speed boost leaving a trail of red flames in the air for about half a second.

Starter character in v2.0.



ABGO BombSpecialPower Detonates his kart, leaving nearby opponent's karts spinning out and damaging them at the same time, giving Bomb a minor speed boost. His own kart is not affected by the blast. In Boss Battle, he throws bombs towards the player.

In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 1 Race 5.



ABGO StellaSpecialPower Surrounds herself with a large, transparent, pink bubble that protects her kart from any possible damage while flying through the air and swooping coins and fruits within its radius. This can pick up coins, fruits and can be protected from an opponent's powerup, like Terence's shock and Bomb's explosion. In Boss Battle, she blows bubbles backward or forwards.

In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 2 Race 5.



ABGO BubblesSpecialPower Expands into a large rolling sphere. While rolling with his inflated body, he can swoop up coins, fruits, and ice cream cones. It also appears that while inflated, he is able to collect up to three rows of coins and splat fruits. While inflated, Bubbles has enough power to literally toss other racers into the air, force them forward, or knock them back. It is a powerful mixture of Red and Stella, hence the speed boost and size expansion, respectively. In Boss Battle, he spawns a TNT Crate, a box of coins, or a box of boost, tied to a balloon backward.

In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 3 Race 5.



ABGO MatildaSpecialPower Launches a large propelled egg bomb at racers in front of her. When the egg bomb explodes, it will spin-out any racers nearby. In Boss Battle, she spawns spinning eggs backward.

In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 4 Race 5.


Foreman Pig

ABGO ForemanPigSpecialPower Launches dynamite sticks at racers in front of him, which can be used up to three times, giving him a minor speed boost. Its only disadvantage is its short-range, but if a dynamite stick explodes near a racer, they will spin out. In Boss Battle, he launches 3 TNT Rockets at once backward. Also called Moustache Pig. At the end of the Boss Battle, if you lose, it reads "Moustache Pig loves the taste of victory!".

In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 5 Race 5.


King Pig

ABGO KingPigSpecialPower Rapidly hovers over the track with his balloons, similar to Stella. While flying, you don't need to steer, but you can't collect coins, splat fruits, or (above ground) travel up high as the autopilot, as it will automatically bring you back down to ground level. In Boss Battle, he hurls Minion Pigs' backward to slow down the player.

In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 6 Race 5.


The Blues

ABGO TheBluesSpecialPower Preforms three mini speed boosts (all of these boosts are the same length as Red's). In Boss Battle, they hurl a stone block, a wooden block and a glass block backward.

In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 7 Race 5.



ABGO TerenceSpecialPower Forms a storm over his own kart, that shocks nearby opponents, leading to their karts spinning out for a while. Although the storm appears to be slightly weaker than Bomb's explosion, Terence also gets a minor speed boost from using his special power. In Boss Battle, he spawns big rocks backward.

In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 8 Race 5.

Hal Toons HD


ABGO HalSpecialPower Creates a tornado, sending it forward in a direct line before his kart. Opponent racers who are hit by the tornado spin out. Additionally, the tornado can collect coins, splat fruits, and destroy blocks and TNT crates in front of him. In Boss Battle, he shoots boomerangs backward.

In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 9 Race 5.


Corporal Pig

ABGO CorporalPigSpecialPower

Uses his helmet as a shield, spinning around him. The helmet also speeds up his kart and can be used to spin out nearby racers, knock obstacles, or pick up fruit/coins. Each helmet lasts for about 15 seconds or until the kart runs into too many obstacles or the side of the track. In a typical race, the helmet can be used three times, with any use afterward costing gems. typical race, In Boss Battle, Corporal Pig throws TNT Crates backward.

In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 10 Race 5.



ABGO ChuckSpecialPower Uses a mega speed boost. While doing so, time completely stops temporarily, thus giving the player more reaction time on the track. It appears that when racing against Chuck, when he uses his special ability, he will lose a large amount of speed for a portion of around 30 seconds, making it very easy to win a race. In Boss Battle, he leaves the wheel boosts behind.

In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 11 Race 5.


Ayrton Senna

ABGO AyrtonSennaSpecialPower The same ability as Chuck's special power, only it goes longer.

Note: He's no longer playable in the v2.0 update onwards.

Non-playable characters



Angry Birds Go! Traiture

The first teaser picture.

The first information about the Angry Birds Go! appeared on June 12, 2013, while Rovio posted a small preview image and the game. A few days later, it was also announced that the game will be released for iOS and Android (later it was announced that the game was also available on Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry). Before the beginning of the game production company Rovio has signed an extended license agreement with Hasbro, which they produce toys and games under the brand Angry Birds. Hasbro will be involved in the development of Angry Birds Go!, and in conjunction with LucasArts continue working on Angry Birds Star Wars. Development lasted long enough for a long time the news about the game almost did not come (probably due to the development of Angry Birds Star Wars II).

On October 31, 2013, Rovio released a countdown app called Angry Birds Go! Countdown, where the player could get acquainted with the characters, Telepods, and gameplay, as well as being able to watch game trailers. It was also possible to gain points, for example, going every day to the application.


On November 26, 2013, the game came early in the New Zealand App Store. The next day, it was also released in in Australia. On December 7, 2013, a leaked beta was available on Windows Phone devices ( but it's unplayable. On December 11, 2013, it was released worldwide.

Discontinuation and potential revival

As of Summer 2019, Angry Birds Go! has been removed from the App Store and unlisted from the Play Store in every country but Zimbabwe, silently being discontinued. While Rovio initially said that this was for testing purposes,[1][2] they said on their support page that they wanted to stop production on the game, along with many other Angry Birds games released before Angry Birds Transformers, to focus on the newer titles.[3]

Angry Birds GO! Servey

Survey for Angry Birds Go!.

However, on June 22, 2021, Rovio announced that they will be remaking some of their older titles for newer hardware.[4] While Angry Birds Go! was not mentioned, a survey has started popping up for players of the game, asking about improvements they want added in the game.


Image Game Description
ABG Countdown App Icon Angry Birds Go! Countdown Released for iOS and Android before the release of the main game. It served as a preview of the game. It was removed when the official game was fully released.


Image Game Description
Angry Birds Go! Create Icon Angry Birds Go! Create Released in 2014. It was eventually discontinued for good.
Angry Birds Go Turbo Edition Icon Angry Birds Go! Turbo Edition Released in 2019 for Hatch. It is currently unplayable due to the server's shutdown in late 2020 and early 2021.


The game has received mixed reviews, with a Metacritic score of 60% based on 22 reviews. The Guardian liked the gameplay and was not overly bothered by the in-app purchases. Tech2 did not like the energy system, which only allows players to play five races with a bird, after which they are locked unless they wait or unlock with Gems (which are slowly earned in-game or with an in-app purchase) and did not like the vehicle upgrade progress using in-game currency that is slowly earned by racing or with an in-app purchase for coins.

However, v2.0 was met with negative backlash by most fans, causing Android users to resort to APKs, with v1.0.1, v1.3.2, v1.5.2, and v1.8.7 being the most popular older versions.



  • CC in real life stands for cubic centimeter (cm3), a measure unit. However, according to Mechanic Pig, it stands for cake capacity. Because of Mechanic Pig being eventually removed from the game, the accuracy of this is unknown.
  • This is the first Angry Birds game to be played in a 3D perspective, as well as the first to feature three-dimensional CGI graphics.
  • When the player finishes all brackets in a mode, the challenges will be available in that mode. Completing challenges will reward you gems.
  • A few characters are not seen in their actual karts in their cutscenes nor in their boss races. This is clearly a result of the developers' oversight.
    • Bomb's real kart is Big Bang, but in Seedway Cutscene 5, he goes by Big Boomer, and in his Champion Chase, he goes by Roofster. Both Roofster and Big Boomer are variants of Big Bang.
    • Corporal Pig's real kart is Dragster Snout in cutscene 3 of Stunt but he goes by the Iron Swine L3 in Champion Chase.
    • Chuck's real kart is Mega Rocket, but in Stunt Cutscene 5, he goes by Wall Magnet, and in his Champion Chase, he goes by Rocket Racer. Both Rocket Racer and Wall Magnet are variants of Mega Rocket.
  • The game's worldwide release date coincided on the fourth anniversary of the original Angry Birds.
  • This is the first game that Sponsored power-ups to change their names. The second was Angry Birds Transformers.
  • All characters in Champion Chase use their L3 kart counterpart.
  • Corporal Pig's ability is a reference to the Red Shells in various Mario Kart games.
  • There's an easter egg that if you go fast enough, you can see your kart burning like going supersonic (only works in 2.0.0)
  • During its release, some reporters were saying that the US$100 Big Bang Special Edition kart was the most expensive IAP in mobile games at the time.[5]
  • This was the first game in the series to first release on Windows Phone devices first, then iOS and Android instead of the reverse happening.[6]


  1. From the 2.0.0 update in 2016 onwards, most of the game's plot and cutscenes were removed.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Appears only in the 2.0.0 version.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Removed in the 2.0.0 version.
  4. Unused.


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