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The Angry Birds Go! Cinematic Trailer is a trailer released by Rovio on December 10, 2013.

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Ready, set, go! The birds and pigs go soapbox racing in our brand new game that's now out for all major platforms. Jump behind the wheel and start racing - it's Angry Birds Go!


The Minion Pigs are cheering for the race to start, and Stella, Foreman Pig, and Terence are checking that all systems are go, and so was Chuck, but King Pig arrives with a stylish kart called the Green Machine, then Chuck upgrades the kart really fast so he can call it the Mega-Rocket to prove that his kart is more faster than King Pig's, and he teases King Pig, then the whistle sounds, and the red button sign comes down, and all of them are pulling themselves further away to the Slingshot, and after they do, a yellow melon sign comes down, and King Pig and Chuck are really focusing, and the green leaf sign comes down.

The birds and King Pig officially take off, when Stella knocks King Pig on the wall for the early lead, then a few of the parts break off the Green Machine, and King Pig gets upset.

Then, they go up the ramp and back down the ramp, as King Pig calls Foreman Pig. Foreman Pig is shown calling King Pig with a telephone and laughs evilly. Foreman Pig is also shown with his TNT rocket on his hand, and Stella and Chuck scream, as Chuck knocks Foreman Pig off the track before he can slow Stella and Chuck down, and King Pig gasps, but he makes a recovery as he goes around the log without needing suction cup wheels, and Stella now gets upset while King Pig teases.

Then, King Pig flips the dial so balloons come out of his kart as he floats by and takes the first place advantage away from Chuck meaning that the Mega-Rocket is not fast at all, but Chuck growls and forms purple boost to get the first place advantage back, but as Chuck gets the first place advantage back, all the parts of the Mega-Rocket have been broken, leaving only his seat as his kart while he knows that he is going to make it.

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  • Chuck's Mega-Rocket is available in the showroom only as a premium kart and is available only for Stunt, and you can get it with 400 gems or teleport it with Telepods.
  • King Pig's Green Machine is available in the showroom and is available for Rocky Road.
  • Stella's Music Maker is available in the showroom and is used for Seedway.
  • Terence's Card-Board is available in the showroom, costs 600 gems, and is also used for Rocky Road.
  • Foreman Pig's Sardine Sailor is available in the showroom, is used for Air, and costs 6,000 coins.
  • Chuck's Soda Supreme and Rocket Racer is also available in the showroom, used for Stunt, and you can get it for 10,000 coins.
  • All of the birds' and pigs' karts are also used in the main game of Angry Birds Go!.
  • The Music Maker in this trailer looks like a combination of Shake Deluxe and the kart itself.

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