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King Pig has stolen the Eggs, and there's no way to retrieve them, ever!'

This article contains information about an abandoned project.
The content of the article or this section may have been scrapped during development from the game, or other Angry Birds medias.

Angry Birds Heikki was an online game about Heikki Kovalainen. Heikki Kovalainen is a F1 racer in Finland that wears a Angry Birds helmet. A preview of the game is available in Lotus F1 Team's Facebook page with a new level for every race.The game closed after the end of the 2012 Formula One season.

Big Brother Bird with Heikki's helmet

The game featured the "Heikki Power". Click the "Big Brother Bird" button in top left corner, and a bird that is currently in a slingshot will go back, and then Big Brother Bird will appear in the slingshot wearing Heikki Kovalainen's AB helmet. To activate it, you had to type the code, found in the Heikki Power Keygen program on Facebook.

In the Cut-scene comic, the pigs steal the eggs and get away, driving a stone F1 car with them. In the second picture of the cut-scene, Heikki Kovalainen gives the Angry Birds helmet to Big Brother Bird. And third, birds coming to attack the pigs.



  • Hal seems to have a combination of his old look and his new look, as seen on the wallpapers.


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