Angry Birds Island
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Length (in levels): 345
Rovio Entertainment
Released: February 1, 2018 (Soft-launch)
Platforms: iOS, Android
Ratings: ESRB: Everyone
Genre: Puzzle, tap-to-match
Version(s): 1.0.0
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Not to be confused with Angry Birds Islands

Angry Birds Island formerly called Angry Birds Blast 2 and Angry Birds Blast Island is a canceled free-to-play 3-D tap-to-match game that was soft-launched in select countries and regions on February 1, 2018. The game is being developed by Mybo and is being published by Rovio Entertainment.


The game was first discovered by many mobile gaming websites and their editors throughout the first few days of February 2018 as version 1.0.0 APK files and small and scarce amounts of news about the game were found throughout the internet. The game has since been in soft launch in select regions and territories such as Asia and many others. on July 2018 the game got a major change with a new story and landscape look thanks to the 1.1.0 update to the game until April 2019 the game got updated to 1.1.2

Cancellation (possibility)

It is unknown why the game was possibly canceled but it may be that Rovio and Mybo stopped development and wanted to continue the classic Angry Birds Blast instead. But unlike other canceled Angry Birds games, the game still works (alongside its servers) and the shop still works making it the third canceled Angry Birds game that's is still open with everything.

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