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Angry Birds Journey (previously known as Angry Birds Casual) is a slingshot puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment. It is the twenty-fourth game in the expanded mainline series, and the eleventh mobile game to use the slingshot gameplay style. Despite this, the game's mechanics base itself on the more recent tile-matching games, such as Angry Birds Match and Angry Birds Dream Blast. The birds act more like moves to the player, with the characters being provided in a random sequence. In addition to pigs, the birds' goal was originally to only free encaged hatchlings, who sometimes have missions tied to them (getting their containers to the bottom of the stage or to the top), but when rebranded to Journey, the main goal changed back to popping Pigs (however some levels still have the goals of freeing hatchlings). Also, the levels are not replayable, thus meaning that the stars are removed.


Journey was soft-launched as Angry Birds Casual in the US, Finland, Poland and Sweden on Apple's App Store in March 2020.[4] It was pulled from the App Store in December of that year, due to the game getting rebranded as Angry Birds Journey with the reason being that Casual was more of an "internal code-name" for its style of gameplay and was changed when the game had "enough shape".[5] The game would later release in the same set of regions, along with Denmark and Canada, on January 14, 2021.[6] The new version of the game was set in a different, more tribal location, featured more pigs in the levels, and introduced the plot of a Minion Pig stealing an ancient egg that Red had found. On December 9, 2021, it was confirmed on the official Angry Birds Facebook pages that the game would be made available worldwide soon.


The game is a slingshot game, in which the players have to drag the rubber of the slingshot with the bird and aim it at the target, which are Caged Hatchlings. There are various unlockable characters and are again in "cute" style, based on a lot of Angry Birds Dream Blast features and graphics. Some of the birds have changed abilities from previous games. Also, these abilities are activated upon the birds' impact on blocks.

There is an Anger Meter that fills up by breaking blocks. Once it fills up, you can activate it to make the next bird bigger and stronger. Furthermore, if you win levels on a streak, you get additional power ups at the beginning of each level (One bird after the first and second win; two birds after the third and fourth win; three birds after the fifth win and onward).

Angry Birds Journey level status indicator

The level status indicator.

There are sections for each level just like in Angry Birds 2, now called "checkpoints". Each level has quests, like the Match games, such as freeing Hatchlings on jam, popping pigs, etc.

Each level has a predefined amount of birds you can launch. For each launch you are given one random bird. To win the game, you have to clear all the checkpoints before you run out of birds. You have to pay 950 coins if you run out of birds; otherwise you lose the level.

There is the Sun Bar, where you fill it with Sun Tokens to get the Sun chest while your first and second rewards are 40 and 60 coins. The Sun Chest has 140 coins, infinite lives for 30 minutes and a powerup.

The Star Chest is unlocked every time you get 20 stars (pass 20 levels) to open it. It contains a new profile picture, 420 coins and a new puzzle piece to add to the plot image on main screen.


Similar to Angry Birds 2, each level is divided into several stages, now called "checkpoints". Each level consists of three to five checkpoints. At each checkpoint the player has to clear all the goals of that checkpoint in order to proceed to the next checkpoint. The player wins the level after clearing all goals of the final checkpoint.

Each checkpoint has one to three types of goals the player must collect. See the #Goals section below.


There are several types of goals to be collected by players during gameplay:[7]

Goal Description
Angry Birds Journey Ballon
These are collected when they float away from the screen. On some levels, you can also find balloon boxes that will release multiple balloons when hit. Those balloons will be anchored into a block with a rope, so you will need to break the rope by flinging a bird through it.
Angry Birds Journey Cage
These need to be dropped to the ground to break them. If the cage contains a hatchling, it gets collected as soon as the cage breaks. If the cage contains another level goal, such as a Firefly, then the normal collection style for that item applies once it gets freed.
Angry Birds Journey Pig
These need to be popped by causing damage to them. You can pop them instantly by hitting them directly with the birds. You can also cause damage to them by dropping them or dropping blocks on top of them.
Angry Birds Journey Firefly
These lovely fellows come in pairs! Your goal is to break the blocks that are keeping them separate. As soon as the route is clear, they will fly to each other.
Angry Birds Journey Frozen Hatchling
Frozen Hatchling
Angry Birds Journey free the Frozen Hatchling

The hatchling needs to be released from the ice block by using the light source and the mirrors to melt the ice. To allow the light to travel through the mirrors you will need to make sure there are no blocks in the route.

Angry Birds Journey Mystery Box
Mystery Box
(Not an actual goal)

While this item itself is not a level goal, it can however contain one! The boxes can contain different items, ranging from regular building blocks to TNT, extra birds, or level goals.


During gameplay, players may use boosters to aid them complete the levels.

Boosters can be earned from reward chests, from in-level purchases, or from the bundles in the Store.[8]

There are three types of boosters:

Angry Birds Journey Chilling Wind
Chilling Wind
This booster changes all the building blocks into glass.
Angry Birds Journey Ducking Rain
Duckling Rain
This booster causes a rainstorm of small ducklings that damage the blocks.
Angry Birds Journey Flower Sprouts
Flower Sprouts
This booster causes a plethora of flowers to sprout from the ground, throwing the blocks up and damaging them.


There are total of nine lands in Angry Birds Journey.

  1. Ancient Ruins (2 scenes, levels 1–160)
  2. Crystal Clouds (2 scenes, levels 161–320)
  3. Starry Desert (4 scenes, levels 321–640)
  4. Sleepy Meadows (4 scenes, levels 641–960)
  5. Sacred Springs (4 scenes, levels 961–1280)
  6. Rocky Canyons (4 scenes, levels 1281–1600)
  7. Icy Caverns (4 scenes, levels 1601–1920)
  8. Silent Swamps (4 scenes, levels 1921–2240)
  9. Toadstool Towers (4 scenes, levels 2241-????)

After the main lands, there is a bonus land:


(in order of appearance in the levels)

Birds Pigs Others





  • The "Angry Birds Journey - Stolen Egg" trailer was the Gold Winner for the "Game Advertising & Design – Digital AD (Single)" category at the NYX Game awards in November 2021.[9]
  • In version 2.0 of the APK, in the string path (com.rovio.abcasual\assets) is a text file called "desc.txt", which says the following:

    AK: Do not delete the folder (StreamingAssets) of this file. The folder is required in the Wwise Unity Integration to avoid DirectoryNotFoundException on Unity Editor for Windows when there is no such a folder in the active Unity project.

It is noted that there wasn't a folder called "StreamingAssets" anywhere in the same folder as the text file.

  • If you pre-registered the game before the global launch, you can claim 2 special edition profile photos or Golden Red and Ruby Stella plus 24 hours of infinite lives. However, there was only a 7-day period to collect these items.
  • The voice lines of the birds were originally placeholders until getting re-recorded by professional voice actors for the global launch of Journey.[5]
  • There are different level types in the game, which include "cerebral" (rube goldberg-like) and storytelling.[5]
  • In a Q&A in September 2022, it was hinted that additional chapters and the Mighty Eagle might make an appearance later in the game's life.[5]


For gallery, see Angry Birds Journey/Gallery.



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