Angry Birds MakerSpace

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Genre: Comedy
Created by: Rovio Entertainment
Voices of: Unknown
Composer(s): Douglas Black Heaton
No. of Seasons: 1 (only season)
No. of Episodes: 20
Running time: Unknown
Executive producers: Unknown
Producers: Unknown
Production companies: Unknown
Distributor: Rovio Entertainment
Original release: June 1st, 2019 - January 4th, 2020
Original network: Unknown

Angry Birds MakerSpace is an animated series that is currently airing in the Angry Birds YouTube channel. The trailer for this show was released on May 25th, 2019. The series officially began on  June 1st, 2019 with the first episode Drone FAIL!. The series started 2 days after the final episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street, Pigs Can Fly and nearly 1 month after the final episode of Angry Birds on the Run, The Final Showdown. This series is based on 2D Animation. 


Welcome to Angry Birds MakerSpace, a shared workspace complete with a warehouse, sound stages and tech labs where birds and pigs can experience and experiment with all of the latest gadgets and trends in media and technology! But can they do it without attacking each other at all times?



Season 1

  1. Drone FAIL!
  2. VR 2000
  3. Not So Smart Speaker
  4. Step Tracker Challenge!
  5. Express Delivery
  6. Will's Secret Formula
  7. Live Stream Shutdown
  8. Exploring the MakerSpace
  9. Ultimate Unboxing Surprise
  10. Hide and Seek
  11. Scary Hatchling Halloween
  12. Will's Spider Bot Build
  13. Hoverboard Showdown!
  14. Selfie Stick Challenge!
  15. All the Way to the Top
  16. Vlogging With Zoe
  17. Race to the finish!
  18. K-Pop, meet A-Pop!
  19. Door Cam Disaster
  20. Ultimate Beauty Mask Tutorial




  • This series follows the classic episode pattern like Angry Birds Toons. For example, the first episode of the series, Drone FAIL!, is a Pig-focused episode, while the next episode, VR 2000, is bird-focused.
  • Different from the other Angry Birds series, the title of these episodes are literally what happens in the episode.

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