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"Matching with Hatchlings!"

Angry Birds Match (also called Angry Birds Match 3) is a match-3 game in the Angry Birds series involving the hatchlings and characters from Angry Birds Blues, where the player matches items to accomplish missions on behalf of the Hatchlings, which include gathering food, retrieving stolen toys, and defeating pigs.


This game was released soft launched on November 11, 2016, in select countries.

Nine months later after soft-launch release, Angry Birds Match came out worldwide on August 31, 2017, to promote a recently launched show, Angry Birds Blues.


The game is a variation of "match 3" games, mostly Nibblers (or known as, Fruit Nibblers). Each level has a different shaped grid filled with various objects from the movie and sometimes obstacles (more known as blockers). The basic move of the game consists of swapping two object's positions to align sets of three of the same object, whereupon they disappear, causing objects above them to collapse into the space left behind, often resulting in chain reactions. Moves and alignments must be horizontal/vertical. The level's objectives must be met before the player runs out of moves. If you match 4 or more items, you bring the three main Angry Birds characters - Red , Chuck, and Bomb - which perform a special ability to help the player complete the level. The objectives are:

  • Rescue Ducks: Rescue a determined number of ducks.
  • Collect Food: Collect a determined number of food on the board, such as popsicles, cakes, and donuts.
  • Collect Cupcakes: Collect a determined number of cupcakes on the board that are inside the present boxes. Collect them either matching next to them or launching birds at them.
  • Destroy Objects: Destroy a determined number of objects, such destroying material spheres, mushrooms, and iron wooden blocks.
  • Defeat Pigs: Defeat a determined number of pigs.
  • Launch Birds: Launch a determined number of birds.
  • Defeat the King Pig: Defeat Leonard the King Pig by launching birds at him.
  • Collect Clutches: Collect a determined number of clutches.


Playable characters

Characters Description
Angry Birds Match Red


Destroys one column or row when selected.  Created by matching four pieces in a straight line.
Chuck (Match)


Spreads out in four directions, destroying a row/column in each direction when selected.  Created by matching five pieces in a T shape, an L shape, or a + shape.
Bomb (Match)


Destroys three columns or rows when selected. Created by matching five pieces in a straight line.
Silver % 28Match% 29


Destroys a single block when four pieces are put in a square. Was in the game for a bit but was removed due to the Silver's Gateaway event. She will be added back in a future update though.[citation needed]

Non-playable characters

Characters Description
HD Blues

The Blues

Supporting and unlockable main characters.
ABMovie Hatchlings


Main and unlockable characters (see the unlockable hatchlings page for a list).
ABMovie MatildaSassy


Supporting character, seen in the Mystery Chests shop.
ABMovie Mighty Eagle

Mighty Eagle

Minor character, makes cameos in the game.


Characters Description
ABMovie Minion Pig

Minion Pigs

Basic pigs which move one space every time the player makes a move. Can be popped by making two matches next to them, launching a bird at them, or by making them fall into water and drown.
Image Not Available

Scuba Pig

Sits in a muddy tile. If the player makes a match next to him, he'll dive beneath the mud and pop up on a new muddy tile. Can only be popped with a bird.
Image Not Available

Barrel Pig

A Minion Pig using a barrel as armor. Takes five matches to be popped, and can float in water without drowning.
Image Not Available


A Minion Pig that sometimes throws a stick of dynamite after the player makes a move. The dynamite destroys/damages whatever it hits.
Image Not Available

Glue Pig

A Minion Pig that sometimes shoots a glob of glue after the player makes a move. The glue turns a normal object into a glue block.
Image Not Available

Diver Pig

Similar to a Scuba Pig, but sits in water tiles instead of muddy tiles.
Image Not Available

Helmet Pig

A Minion Pig using a metal barrel as armor. Takes five matches to be popped. Can be popped with a bird, but instead of passing through him, birds disappear after colliding with him.
Image Not Available

Boomerang Pig

A Minion Pig that sometimes throws a boomerang after the player makes a move. If any birds are nearby, the boomerang will hit and pop a bird; otherwise, the boomerang won't do anything when thrown.
Image Not Available

Turtle Pig

A Minion Pig that hides himself in a shell, making it harder to defeat him.
Leonard the King Pig in AB Match


Leonard uses his magic staff to summon Minion Pigs on the board. Launch some birds at him to defeat him.

Game Elements

  • Toy: A standard object that can be destroyed by making matches using three or more of the same kind of toy; making matches of more than three creates one of the three main Angry Birds. Comes in five variants: Beach ball, Star, Bucket, Party hat, and Spinner.
  • Food: Same as Toys, but only appears in levels where you have to collect a certain amount of food to win.  Comes in three variants: Donut, Cake, and Popsicle.
  • Duck: An object that must be rescued by moving it to either to the bottom of the board or a Water Tile.  Only appears in levels where you have to rescue all the Ducks in the level to win.
  • Caged Duck: Same as a Duck, but is stuck in a cage. Can't be rescued until the cage is destroyed either by making a match next to it or by launching a bird at it.
  • Treat Box: A gift-wrapped box that acts as an obstacle and contains an extra-fancy cupcake inside, which is collected once the Treat Box is opened.  Takes two hits to open.  Only appears in levels where you have to open all the Treat Boxes to win.
  • Water Tile: A tile filed with water; always appears in large groups which sometimes have currents that move objects around.  Birds, Toys, Food, Wooden objects, and Glue objects can float in the water, but most Bad Piggies sink in it.
  • Muddy Tile: A tile covered in mud, which can be cleaned by making matches on it.  It can have up to three layers of mud on it; each match cleans one layer.  Only appears in levels where you have to clean up all the mud in the level to win.
  • Mud Block: Acts as an obstacle. Takes one hit to destroy; can be destroyed by making matches next to it or by launching a bird at it.  Reveals a Muddy Tile when destroyed.  Only appears in levels where you have to clean up all the mud in the level to win.
  • Glass Marble: Acts as an obstacle and is affected by gravity.  Takes one hit to destroy; can be destroyed by making matches next to it or by launching a bird at it.
  • Glass Block: Acts as an obstacle. Takes one hit to destroy; can be destroyed by making matches next to it or by launching a bird at it.
  • Glue Block: Acts as an obstacle.  Takes one hit to destroy; can only be destroyed by launching a bird at it.
  • Glued Toy/Food: A Toy or Food stuck inside a Glue Block. Takes one hit to destroy; can be destroyed by making a match with it or by launching a bird at it.
  • Wooden Block: Acts as an obstacle.  Takes two hits to destroy; can be destroyed by making matches next to it or by launching birds at it.
  • Iron Wooden Block: Same as a Wooden Block, but has a metal frame around it.
  • Stone Block: Acts as an obstacle. Takes three hits to destroy; can be destroyed by making matches next to it or by launching birds at it.
  • TNT Block: Explodes and destroys/damages everything around it when triggered.
  • Mushroom: Acts as an obstacle and spreads to a new tile after you make a move, unless you destroy a Mushroom by either making a match next to it or launching a bird at it.
  • Metal Block: Acts as an obstacle. Launching a bird at it will not destroy it.
  • Clutch: There are 5 colored eggs in the nest. Making colored matches next to it or launching birds at it to hatch out a baby Bomb. When all five eggs are hatched, the baby bombs in nest are to explode themselves, causing to clear the board and birds launching themselves.


Boosters Description
In-Game Power-Ups for Angry Birds Match
Hammer: Drag and drop a hammer to smash an object on the board

Disco Ball: Drag and drop the disco ball to remove all the colored toys/food on the board

Bomb: Drag and drop Bomb to crush an object and add him to the board

Screenshot 20221108-082812 AB Match
Red and Chuck Booster: Start a level using Red and Chuck

Red and Bomb Booster: Start a level using Red and Bomb

All Birds Booster: Start a level using Red, Chuck, and Bomb


For this subject's image gallery, see Angry Birds Match/Gallery.


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