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Angry Birds Mystery Island is an animated series exclusive to Prime Video and Amazon Kids+.[3] The first eight episodes were released on May 21, 2024, with the remaining sixteen to follow.[4]


Angry Birds Mystery Island introduces three new Hatchling characters—”Mia,” “Rosie,” and “Buddy”—and a foreign-exchange piglet named “Hamylton.” These rambunctious tweens receive an all-expenses-paid (and completely un-asked-for) island getaway, when they are mistakenly catapulted onto an uncharted island. Left to explore the exotic sights, smells, and unexplained phenomena of their new environment without any adults around, the ragtag bunch quickly learns that, in order to survive and make it back home, they will need to unlock the mysteries of the island together.[5]


On May 4, 2023, a post on instagram was made teasing a new Angry Birds animated series.[6] The post has since been deleted for unknown reasons.[7]

In January 2024, the show was teased through a Toy World magazine, which mentioned it releasing for the 15th anniversary of the series.[8] In April, concept art was released on Daemion George's portfolio,[9] however it and posts sharing the concepts were taken down by Rovio.[10] Later in the month, it was revealed the series will be airing in May.[11] The series was made officially public by Rovio on April 25 through a new channel on the Rovio Gaming Discord server.[12] The series was also advertised in Times Square.[13] On May 7, the official trailer was posted to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.[14][15]


Birds Pigs


  • Red (cameo appearance)
  • Stella [16] (cameo appearance)


Main article: Angry Birds Mystery Island/Episodes


  • Kim Helminen and Anne Dahlgren originally pitched a show that involved Hatchlings, with the first story draft being the premise of Mystery Island.[17]
  • This is the first Angry Birds series to not feature any established characters as the main characters, as only Red makes a handful of cameos on a poster. (Small cameo in episode 5)
  • While Red retains his appearance from the Angry Birds film series, this series is set in a different universe apart from the main movie continuity. [18]


For gallery, see Angry Birds Mystery Island/Gallery.



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