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Bird Ability Name Special Pop Effect Description
Stella Power Pop ABPop Power Pop ABPop Tutorial 17 Pops bubbles and obstacles except rocks around an area.
Dahlia Science Pop (formerly Color Pop) ABPop Dahlia Science Pop ABPop Tutorial 37 Before v2.3.0: Pops all bubbles of the color that is hit.

v2.3.0 onwards: Her ability is the same as Chuck's when he is available for a limited time. This pop is called the Science Pop.

Willow Splash Pop ABPop Splash Pop New ABPop Tutorial 47 Colors bubbles in an area the same color as the next bubble. She is now no longer playable and converted into a limited time bird in v2.34.
Poppy Line Pop AB Pop Poppy Line Pop ABPop Tutorial 43 Pop rows of bubbles. It allows the player to complete in less time. She is now no longer playable and converted into a limited time bird in v2.34.
Red Rock Pop ABPop Rock Pop ABPop Tutorial 30 Pops up to 4 bubbles, including obstacles.
The Blues Triple Threat (Triple Pop) ABPop Triple Pop ABPop Tutorial 33 Pops bubbles around three areas.
Chuck Color Pop (formerly Flash Pop) ABPop Color Pop ABPop Tutorial 18 Before v2.3.0: Flash Pop pops all bubbles in a column. (Including rocks, making his ability very useful)

v.2.3.0 onwards: His ability is the same as Dahlia when she was available permanently. This pop is called color pop.

Shakira Bird Love Pop ABPop Shakira Bird Pop ABPop Tutorial 39 Adds all the bubbles it hits (excluding special ones) into your bubble count, providing extra moves. It does not increase the timer in Poppy levels. She is no longer playable and removed permanently including on the map as she is an exclusive character.
Bomb Blast Pop Bomb Blast Pop ABPop Tutorial 20 Before v2.34: Pops all bubbles and blocks in a row. However, this only clears 3 items to each side.

v2.34 onwards: He is now permanently playable and his blast pop is the same as Poppy.

Luca Sonic Pop ABPop Luca Sonic Pop ABPop Tutorial 45 Drops bubbles. However, it does not add into your bubble count, unlike Shakira bird. Does not increase timer in Poppy levels.
Matilda Splash Pop (formerly Flock Pop) Matilda Splash Pop ABPop Tutorial 19 Before v2.34: The same as Shakira's Love Pop except it does increase timer in Poppy levels.

v2.34 onwards: She is now permanently playable and her ability is the same as Willow. Her special pop is now Splash Pop.

Hatchlings Prize Pop AB Pop Hatchlings Pop ABPop Tutorial 49 The same as Matilda except it transforms bubbles to prize bubbles.
Gale Royal Pop Royal Pop (Transparent) ABPop Tutorial 52 The same as Matilda except it transform bubbles into royal bubbles. Hit it with any colored bubble.
Phantom Bird Opera Pop ABPop Phantom Opera Pop ABPop Tutorial 53 The same as Red's ability.
Super Red (iOS exclusive) Super Rock Pop ABPop Super Red Special Bubble ABPop Tutorial 54 The same as Red's ability.
Christmas Red Rock Pop ABPop Rock Pop ABPop Tutorial 30 The same as Red's ability.
Terence Smash Pop ABPop Terence Smash Pop ABPop Tutorial 59 Similar to Stella, however pop bubbles at a bigger radius.
Piggy McCool Plunder Pop ABPop Plunder Pop Tutorial69 Steals popped bubbles
Silver Star Pop Star Pop Tutorial70 Use The Star Pop to clear a star shaped area in the pack
Zeta Freeze Pop Freeze Pop Tutorial71 Freeze Pop transforms a row of bubbles to Frosted Bubbles that match with any color
ve Power-Ups/Spells/Boosters
Angry Birds New Logo Alt/8F05B365-A383-43F8-8EC9-FBDF5C90E391
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Power PotionSling ScopeHoming BirdAllaka-BAMDouble Score*TeleBirdShockwaveState Farm Shockwave
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Power PotionSling ScopeTNT DropSamba BurstDouble Score*Call the Flock
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Super GlueTurboChargeMagnetSuper Mechanic PigNight-Vision Goggles
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King SlingState FarmKart RepairBoostLeaf BlowerTarget® KartTurbo Kart
Bird Boost (ABPop Power PopABPop Dahlia Science PopABPop Splash Pop NewAB Pop Poppy Line PopABPop Rock PopABPop Phantom Opera PopABPop Super Red Special BubbleABPop Triple PopABPop Color PopABPop Shakira Bird PopBomb Blast PopABPop Luca Sonic PopMatilda Splash PopAB Pop Hatchlings PopRoyal Pop (Transparent)ABPop Terence Smash PopABPop Plunder PopStar PopFreeze Pop) • Rainbow BubbleSuper RainbowMighty Eye SightFireballSuper FireballCrusherInstant Bird BoostRainbow Bubble OldMystery Boost
AngryBirds2Logo Second
Golden Duck (Sponsored Spells) • BlizzardChiliPig InflatorMighty Eagle
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Beach BallFreeze Power-UpTelescopeSticky DrinkGhost Power Up
BombExtra 3 movesScrambleSlingshotScramble
Extra 5 movesHammerDisco BallBomb
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Chilling WindDuckling RainFlower Sprouts
Other Egg Bomb** • Bag of CheetosHeikki PowerTazos PowerRage ChiliBundle
Key * - Exclusive to Chinese versions
** - Unused
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Protagonists Red (Super RedChristmas RedPhantom Bird) • The BluesChuckMatildaStellaBombTerenceHatchlings (SamanthaVincentZoe) • SilverPiggy McCoolZetaShakiraDahliaLucaGaleWillowPoppyCritters (Bee)
Antagonists King Pig (Former: Gale) • Minion PigsZeta (Former) • Pilot PigBilly The PigletMad Hog MccreeHams GrubberCaptain Cold CutThe JesterOink the Odious
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Blockers Bird Boost (Power PopScience PopSplash PopLine PopRock PopTriple ThreatColor PopLove PopBlast PopSonic PopSplash PopPrize PopRoyal PopSmash PopPlunder PopStar PopFreeze Pop) • Rainbow BubbleMighty Eye SightFireballCrusherInstant Bird BoostColor CrushMystery Boost
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