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Here is a list of blockers in the game. The usefulness will determine whether the blockers helps the player to progress in the gameplay or not. Hitting non-useful ite will count as an invalid move (unless the bubble is the some colour as others next to the item) & will cause streak to break & reset to x0. Hitting useful it won't count as an invalid move.

Blocker name Image Usage Effect Description
Glass ABP Blocker Glass Circle Not useful ABPop Tutorial 24 Glass is fragile, hit it once to break it.
Wood ABP Blocker Wooden Circle 01 Not useful ABPop Tutorial 6 Tougher than glass. Takes two hits to break.
Stone ABP Blocker Stone Circle Not useful ABPop Tutorial 7 Stone is impossible to destroy it. However, it can be done by using Red's Rock Pop, Bomb's Blast Pop, Fireball or Crusher.
Blitzfruit Crusher Icon BlitzBubble Useful ABPop Tutorial 15 Destroys a horizontal row of bubble and drops objects below it.
Smoke Cloud/Cloudy Bubble Crusher Icon CloudyBubble Not useful (Unless the bubble under the Smoke Cloud matches with the bubble that hit it) ABPop Tutorial 16 It hides the bubbles and hit it reveals underneath the bubble.
Splash Fruit Crusher Icon ColourSplash Useful ABPop Tutorial 28 The bubbles around it are changed to the color of the next bubble
Bomb Fruit Crusher Icon Fruit Bomb Useful ABPop Tutorial 27 Clears surrounding area of bubbles.
Honeycomb Crusher Icon Honeycomb Not useful ABPop Tutorial 29 It blocks the bubbles from making a match. It will reveal the bubble underneath if was matched near it.
Lava Bubble Crusher Icon Lava Not useful ABPop Tutorial 38 It sprays ash bubbles.
Ash Bubble Crusher Icon LavaAsh Not useful Coming Soon Hit it twice to break it.
+3 Bubble/Bubble Pod Crusher Icon Plus3Bubble Useful ABPop Tutorial 35 It will give you 3 more bubbles (+3) when hit.
-3 Bubble/Picker Pod Crusher Icon Minus3Bubble Not useful ABPop Tutorial 36 It will take away 3 bubbles (-3) if hit.
Boomshroom Crusher Icon Mushroom Not useful ABPop Tutorial 32 It will spread spores that block your way when hit
Spores Crusher Icon MushroomSpore Not useful ABPop Tutorial 32 Remove them by hitting them with a bubble
Pop Fruit Crusher Icon PopFruit Useful ABPop Tutorial 48 Clears all the bubbles of a same color on the screen once hit
Power Flower Crusher Icon PowerFlower ABPop Tutorial 41 Charges every time a move is made, and eventually shoots out goods
Sandstorm Crusher Icon Sandstorm Not useful ABPop Tutorial 34 Bubbles covered in sand storms can't be matched. They will move away once a match has been made next to them and has to me matched multiple times to get destroyed
Spike Crusher Icon SpikeyBubble Not useful ABPop Tutorial 22 Destroys your bubble
Splash Flower Crusher Icon SplashFlower Useful ABPop Tutorial 44 Launches a Pop Fruit to a random direction.
Drum ABP Blocker Stone Triangle Unknown since bubbles don't stick to them ABPop Tutorial 26 Bounces bubbles in another direction
Fizz Fruit Fizz fruit Useful ABPop Tutorial 57 Pops a vertical line of bubbles.
Spin Fruit Spinfruit11 Useful ABPop Tutorial 58 After each shot, this bubble will spin randomly and when hit, it will change all bubbles in that direction to the color of the next bubble
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