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This is the list of unused content from the game Angry Birds POP!.

Old Name[]


In the files of the game, the game is still called Stella Pop.

Pig Gate[]

Pig Gate was first introduced in the worldwide release of the game and was no longer needed after the Red vs the Undead Update. It was similar to the Candy Crush Saga.

To open the gate, it requires the player to request 3 Facebook friends to help open the pig gate. To otherwise unlock it instantly, it requires 12 ABPop Gold.

ABPop Pig Gate


ABPop Critters 1

The critters were present until the Hatchlings update, then they were permanently removed from the game. They do appear on the map which is seen near the Waterfall area and formerly Willow had to free them. They were then converted into Hatchlings.

Stella star sounds[]

The Stella star sound plays along with the star animation on the scores screen. However, the sound is no longer available in the mobile version.


Angry Birds POP! Stars

Willow's Paint Bucket[]

In very early versions of the game, the bucket was used as the score for bubbles to drop into. However, it was removed and replaced with Piggy in the middle.

Dahlia's Laboratory Equipment[]

In early versions of the game, the laboratory equipment was used as the score for bubbles to drop into. However, it was removed and replaced with the current one.

Poppy Level Icon[]

Poppy was removed in v2.34 and replaced by Bomb.

ABPop Beat the Clock Poppy Icon

Invite Friends Icon[]

It appeared in version v1.18.0. However, it was replaced with the current icon.

ABPop Friends Icon

Game type transparencies[]

Unused Daily Guest Star Birds[]

Mighty Eagle[]

Activities x4 2

In recent versions, a sprite of Mighty Eagle was added, meaning that he can appear, but he doesn't appear in the game yet. He was finally added in the “July 4 Mega Event” in the June 25, 2024 update, albeit still non-playable.

Unused Levels[]

Mighty Eagle's Level[]

Map x2 2

In recent versions, a sprite of Mighty Eagle's level was added, meaning that it can work, but it does not yet work in recent versions.


Main Theme (Old Version)[]

Sounds similar to the Angry Birds Stella main theme.

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* - Discontinued, cancelled, or closed
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