Angry Birds POP!
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Length (in levels): 2005
Rovio Entertainment, Outplay Entertainment

Rovio Entertainment
Released: December 22, 2014 (Canada; soft launch)
March 12, 2015 (Worldwide)
October 29, 2015 (Facebook)
Platforms: Android, iOS, PC
Ratings: ESRB: Everyone
Genre: Tile-matching
Version(s): IOS: 3.31.0
Android: 3.31.0
Facebook: 1.18.1 (Discontinued)
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Main Menu Music

Angry Birds POP! (originally known as Angry Birds Stella POP!) is a bubble shooter of the Angry Birds series, and formerly, the second game of the Angry Birds Stella series. The game released on December 22, 2014 in the Canada App Store and released worldwide on March 12, 2015. On October 29, 2015, the game was added to Facebook.


Playable Birds

  • ABPop Red Character Red (formerly playable for a limited time, but now available in the "Drop the Pigs" levels and "Defeat King Pig" levels)
  • ABPop Chuck Character Chuck (formerly playable for a limited time, but now available in the "Piggy in the Middle" levels)
  • ABPop Stella Character Stella (only "Pop the Top", used to be playable in "Drop the Pigs" and "Defeat Gale" )
  • ABPop Matilda Character Matilda (formerly playable for a limited time, but now available in the "Free the Hatchlings" levels)
  • ABPop Bomb Character Bomb (formerly playable for a limited time, but now available in the "Beat the Clock" levels)
  • THE BLUES TOONS copy Jay, Jake and Jim (formerly playable for a limited time, but now available in the any levels)
  • AB2 Terence Terence (formerly unplayable, but now available to play as in Pop-a-Pig mode at the bottom right corner on the map)

Limited Time Birds

For a list of limited time birds, see Angry Birds POP!/Limited Time Birds.



  • ABPop Critters 1 Critters
  • Bee Critters (ABPop Bee) (Every successful pop will bring in one bee into the playing field up to 3 bees. Missing one will lose one, and changes color every 3 successful pop. Drop onto it will bounce to score points, color changes in order (ABPop Bee Green ABPop Bee Orange ABPop Bee Peach)


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Map Music

The game features the slingshot lined up in the bottom center, the player flings the bubble to pop bubbles at the top with a combination of three or more bubbles with the same color. Each level will be given a limited number of bubbles indicated beside the slingshot known as the bubble count. Sometimes, there are some obstacles and special blocks appears at the top along with the bubbles. This game features a common live system starts with 5 x AB Pop Heart Live. Each level attempt must have at least a live in order to play. When you run out of bubbles, there will be an option to continue by purchasing 12 x ABPop Gold in exchange for 5 x ABPop Bubble and 1 x ABPop Booster 1 each time or to give up. When you give up, will lose one of the lives. Afterwards, you may retry or if available watch an advertisement video to earn free boost at the beginning of the next attempt. If you lost all the lives, you must get lives from friends (AB Pop Heart Live Letter) or purchase with 10 x ABPop Gold to continue playing. The game will feature the five characters that appears in Angry Birds Stella formerly, and after the Hamhock Holmes update, 5 characters from The Angry Birds Movie (including Stella as she is remained). Each character will have a special power that can be used when the Pop Meter is full to unlock powerful boosts from their powers like Stella's Power Pop, Bomb's Blast Pop and many more. To fill the Pop Meter (AB Pop Streak Meter), you have to get ABPop Red Streak X6 Streaks, that means popping 6 times in a row without a single miss. The levels are in different modes and each of them marked as an icon and the level number (ABPop Level 1233). Each kind of levels have a music in the game that distinguish different types of gameplay. When the level is completed, the number of stars (AB Pop Single Star) and if Golden Feather (ABPop Golden Feather 2) was achieved it will be shown on the map (refer to gallery). Here we will show you a list of the kinds of levels that has been known:

Type Type Image 1 Type Image 2 Icon (Locked) Icon (Unlocked) Music Description
Drop the Pigs Drop the Pigs New ABPop Tutorial 2
ABPop Drop the Pigs Icon
ABPop Drop the Pigs Icon 2
Mus popthepigs HQ
Help Red (formerly Stella) to pop bubbles and drop all the pigs to win the level!
Pop the Top ABStellaPOPStellaLevel Two ABPop Tutorial 5
ABPop Pop the Top Icon
ABPop Pop the Top Icon 2
Mus popthetop HQ
Help Stella pop any 6 top row bubbles to complete the level!
Piggy in the Middle Piggy in the Middle New ABPop Tutorial 4
ABPop Piggy in the Middle Icon
ABPop Piggy in the Middle Icon 2
Mus piggyinthemiddle HQ
Help Chuck (formerly Dahlia) drop the pig by popping everything around him!
Free the Hatchlings ABPop Free The Hatchlings New ABPop Tutorial 14
ABPop Free the Innocents
ABPop Free the Innocents 2
Mus freethecritters HQ
Help Matilda (formerly Willow) drop the bubbles with Hatchlings inside to free them!
Beat the Clock ABPop Beat the Clock New ABPop Tutorial 12
ABPop Beat the Clock Icon 2
ABPop Beat the Clock Icon 3
Mus beattheclock HQ
Help Bomb (formerly Poppy) to pop or drop all the bubbles before he runs out of time.
Defeat King Pig ABPop Defeat King Pig ABPop Tutorial 10
ABPop Defeat the Boss
ABPop Defeat the Boss 2
Mus showdown HQ
King Pig (formerly Gale) and the minion pigs will try to stop you from clearing the level.

Bird Boost

Each bird has a special pop when their streak meter is full.

Be careful when using a special pop against a powerup(s) as it will trigger the effects.

For each bird's abilities, see Bird Boost.

ABPop Boosters Three Boosters

Boosters are powerful powerups that can be obtained by completing daily quest or by watching an advertisement video. They can be used on demand in the gameplay.

For a list of boosters and how to use them, see Boosters.


For a list of blockers, see Blockers

ABPop Map Area Cloud Areas

For a list of areas, see Areas.

ABPop Daily Task 2 Daily tasks

Since version 2.15, players are given 3 tasks to complete for 3 reward items such as boosters and gold. (Y denotes the number value).

  • Pop Y ABPop Pop Bubbles
  • Bounce ABPop Bubbles Three times
  • Complete Y levels
  • Spend Y ABPop Gold
  • Play as character Y times
  • Use ABPop Boosters Three Y times
  • Drop Y ABPop Bubbles Three
  • Earn Y ABPop Golden Feather 2
  • Send Y AB Pop Heart Live Letter
  • Swap ABPop Bubbles Three times
  • Hit Y obstacle times

ABPop Daily Task

A quest will be shown while the task is in progression.

ABPop Scores 2

Collect rewards for each of the completed task. One booster for the first 2 tasks, and the last task will be a mystery boost reward either 2x or 3x of a boost.

ABPop Lives Infinite 2 Infinite Lives

By purchasing any bundle containing an infinite lives timer, or getting it for free, the player will have unlimited lives and will not consume one when failed to complete the level. The expiry timer is shown on the lives left meter.

ABPop Lives Infinite


For a list of events, see Angry Birds POP!/Events


  • This has the second largest number of levels in all of the Angry Birds games, the third is Angry Birds Seasons and the first is Angry Birds 2.
  • This is the fifth Angry Birds game or spinoff without the use of birds on a slingshot.
  • This is the 1st time Red formerly appeared in an Angry Birds game or spinoff (see teaser).
  • Angry Birds Seasons, the second Angry Birds game, came 2 years after the first Angry Birds game. However, Angry Birds Stella POP! was announced 2 months after Angry Birds Stella was released.
  • This is the first Angry Birds game played in portrait orientation.
  • This is the first time a character who is playable before appearing but is not playable.
  • There is a lives system in this game. It works similar to Candy Crush Saga as failing a level costs 1 live and recharging for 30 minutes each.
  • This is the first Angry Birds video game that does not have its own Toons.TV video app, formerly, and now it has its own.
  • Red was the first bird to appear as a guest star twice.
  • This game is one of the two Angry Birds games that are available on Facebook. The other is Angry Birds Friends.
  • It is possible to get zero stars on levels, which means you fail the level. This makes the first Angry Birds game to do this. (Angry Birds Epic does not count because the game only gets zero stars on equipment.)
  • Some of the Time-Limited Birds appeared on mobile, and are not available on the Facebook version.
  • When losing in Drop the Pigs levels on the Facebook version, Red's voice sounds like Poppy.
  • In the Facebook version, if there is an error with the game, such as internet being disconnected or synchronization errors, you will lose a live if you are playing a level.

Update Trivia


  • In the 1.4.30 update, the player can choose between the bird required for the main level or Red when he was available for a limited time (from March 21st 2015 to June 3rd 2015).
    • Red is also the first playable male from this game.
    • Also, when playing with Red, you see a feather along with the stars. In order to get the feather, the player must complete the level with Red. The game actually says that "the feathers might be valuable"
    • Red has been removed as of June 4th 2015, but the collected feathers still stay in the game.
    • Even if removed, he still appears in the map while playing a guitar.*The Blues appeared in the 1.7.2 update as playable birds in the same manner as Red(avaliable from July 6th to July 20th). However, they require blue feathers.
    • Blue feathers are earned in the same way as Red: by beating a certain score and completing the level.
    • Just like Red, The Blues stay for 2 weeks straight, and after they're not going to be playable after the timer is out.
    • Chuck also appears in the game.
  • Since v1.8.0 update, the Stella name was removed from the app store's title and the new name is Angry Birds POP!. It was probably due the Stella game was discontinued.
    • Even as v2.3.0 update, Red and Chuck are now permanent playable birds. Dahlia was a limited time bird at that time.
  • Before the v2.3.0 update, the limited time birds have their respective feathers. As of the said update, all of their feathers are now as of one- golden feathers.
  • In version 2.15, daily tasks were added. However, in this update, during the level gameplay, player may activate the bird boost instantly with coins on x3 to x5 streak.
  • In v2.11.2 mobile update, UI menus have changed.
  • The Hatchlings introduced in v2.12.0 was to promote the upcoming The Angry Birds Movie.
  • The Blues were available on the June 23, 2016 for the second time as a part of summer treats for a limited time.
  • This is the second time the Hatchlings appear as the guest star twice. When the Hatchlings was first introduced, the player has to collect treats for a reward. In the second appearance of the Hatchlings, the player has to complete 3 daily tasks the same manner as Terence's Tasks to earn one part of the movie poster and a booster. Collect all 4 parts to complete a poster.
  • In version 3 onwards, the game assets can be accessed by extracting its archive.
  • Some files in the assets folder are named as Gale_XX in the Defeat King Pig.
  • The episode ''Area 51'' is based on an actual highly classified top-secret government site.
  • ''Unidentified Flying Pigs'', ''Baconheart'', ''FreeeedHam!'' ''A Song of Eggs and Bacon'', and ''King Pig's Landing'' are based on ''UFO (unidentified flying object[s])'', Lionheart (Richard the Lionheart), Freedom, A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of novels by George R.R. Martin which inspired the Game of Thrones series, and King's Landing which is a location from Game of Thrones.


  • In v1.3.0 Facebook update, Time Limited Birds were added.
  • On Facebook v 1.10.1, daily tasks were added, alongside with the movie posters. It was given 14 days instead of 30 in mobile.
  • Some of the level numbers shown on the map was cut-off by the objects overlapping on it.
  • Shakira Bird is still on the map however, she does not animate.


On September 17, 2016, it was announced that the game on Facebook will be officially discontinued to continue with the mobile version of Angry Birds POP!. This game on Facebook closed on December 21, 2016. It was extended to January 2, 2017 stated on the Facebook page.


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For the soundtrack version, see Angry Birds POP! Soundtrack.

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