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Angry Birds POP! Level 16 is the 1st level in Waterfall and the 1st Beat the Clock level in Angry Birds POP!. To pass this level, you must clear the board in 200 seconds seconds or fewer and score at least 25,000 points. When you complete the level, remaining time will reward you with points.

This is a tutorial level that will teach you how to play Beat the Clock levels.

This level layout consists of the connected diamonds.


ABPOP 1 star.png: 25,000 points

ABPOP 2 stars.png: 80,000 points

ABPOP 3 stars.png: 125,000 points

ABPopGoldenFeather.png: ? points


Aim for the highest matching long chain of bubbles after gaining your streak.

Bomb's blast pop was changed to pop all bubbles in a row.

Walkthrough video


For a list of versions, see Angry Birds POP! Level 16/Versions

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