Level 26
ABPop Level 26 (Mobile).png
Episode 1
Level type Pop the Top
Bubbles on screen 78
Bubbles Available to Shoot 24 (26 on mobile)
Target score 5,200 points
Obstacles ABPopSmoke.png
Previous Current Next
ABStellaPOPStellaLevel Two.png Piggy in the Middle New.png
Level 25 Level 26 Level 27

Angry Birds POP! Level 26 is the 26th level in Waterfall and the 8th Pop the Top level in Angry Birds POP!. To pass this level, you must clear the six bubbles at the top row and score at least 5,200 points in 24 (26 on mobile) bubbles or fewer. When you complete the level, remaining bubbles and obstacles will reward you additional points.

This is the tutorial level that will teach you how a smoke cloud works.


ABPOP 1 star.png: 5,100 points

ABPOP 2 stars.png: 8,000 points

ABPOP 3 stars.png: 12,200 points

ABPopGoldenFeather.png: ? points


Shoot in between the respective bubble color. Any bubbles uncovered with smoke cloud shoot at it to gain full streak. Use your power pop to clear bubbles with the smoke cloud.

Walkthrough video

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