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King Pig has stolen the Eggs, and there's no way to retrieve them, ever!'

This article contains information about an abandoned project.
The content of the article or this section may have been scrapped during development from the game, or other Angry Birds medias.

Angry Birds POP Blast (formerly known as Angry Birds POP 2) was a bubble shooter puzzle game in the Angry Birds series and a spin-off of Angry Birds POP!.

The game was first soft-launched to select countries on March 30, 2019, then released to others on April 12, 2019. It was later released in the United States on May 24, 2019. As one of the very few games where Birds and Pigs are working together, the game is set after the events of The Angry Birds Movie 2, where the Birds and Pigs put their newly formed alliance to use after the end of the Great Egg War and Zeta's Invasion, combatting an unseen, mysterious threat.

POP Blast was only supported for several months before Rovio made the difficult decision to cease support for it in early 2020.


AB POP Blast Gameplay.jpg

Angry Birds POP Blast was, like the predecessor, a bubble shooter; however, it plays slightly differently. Players take control of both one Bird and one Pig, as they work together to accomplish the level goal. The Bird has a special bubble-destroying ability that is only available once its rage meter completely fills as red feather bubbles are popped. The Pig also has a supportive ability that is ready to use whenever his skill bar is filled completely by popping green snout bubbles.

Completing levels awards tokens that can be traded in for piñatas modeled off of Billy the Sign, which are then destroyed to obtain character cards, power-ups or extra lives. Character cards are used to unlock and level up characters, boosting one of their stats every time they level up. Players earn up to 3 stars for a level based on score, and there is also a special piñata that can be opened after a total of 30 stars are earned.

If the player runs out of ammunition before the objective is completed, the player can pay a sum of Gems to get some extra bubbles to continue. If that is not possible, a life is lost. Lives each take 30 minutes to regenerate, and once all lives are lost, the gameplay is halted for some time until lives are regained or purchased.


The following Birds are playable with their rage abilities. Red is the first bird available on playing the game for the first time.

  • Red: When fully enraged, he can shoot an explosive fireball that deals area of effect damage around the point of impact.
  • Chuck: When fully enraged, he can shoot a lightning ball that destroys a chain of bubbles at a certain angle.
  • Bomb: When fully enraged, he can lob an explosive charge that jumps over one obstacle. It has a smaller spread than Red's rage ability.
  • Matilda: When fully enraged, she shoots a fireball that destroys all bubbles on the same row as the point of impact, damaging anything else in that row.
  • The Blues: When fully enraged, they unleash a scattershot that damages obstacles.
  • Stella: When fully enraged, she can shoot a bubble that bounces around, encasing bubbles hit in bubblegum. Gummed bubbles can then be destroyed with a bubble of any color.
  • Terence: When fully enraged, he can shoot a ball that destroys a chain of bubbles at a certain angle at a stronger range.
  • Silver: When her skill is ready, she can loop.

The following Pigs are available to support the Birds with their skills. The Minion Pig is the first pig available on playing the game for the first time.

  • Minion Pig: When his skill is ready, he can toss TNT barrels at random places in the current camera view that will explode and deal AOE damage when hit or dropped.
  • Chef Pig: When his skill is ready, he can throw cake slices at random places in the current camera view that will enrage the current Bird when hit or dropped.
  • Corporal Pig: When his skill is ready, he can shoot some rockets that replace some bubbles closest to the launcher that can fire upward when struck or dropped.
  • Foreman Pig: When his skill is ready, he can throw small wrecking balls that demolish random obstacles.
  • Big Pig: When his skill is ready, he can attack enemies at random.
  • Mechanic Pig: When his skill is ready, he can convert the current ball at the launcher into an explosive one.
  • Lumberjack Pig: When his skill is ready, he launches an axe that clears obstacles in its way.
  • Leonard: It's currently unknown what his skill is when it's ready.


Those are the following blockers:

  • Glass: Weakest of them.
  • Wooden: Second weakest of them.
  • Stone: Strongest of them.
  • TNT: Explodes on contact.
  • Alien: Moves to spaces when available every move. Defeated by popping bubbles above them or by hitting.
  • Winged Alien: Flies to spaces, same thing as the normal Aliens.


For the gallery, see Angry Birds POP Blast/Gallery.


After Rovio decided to end support for Angry Birds POP Blast in early 2020, the game was removed from digital distribution and in-app purchases were disabled in March, and online features were disabled in June. The game is still playable to those who have downloaded it before it was removed from online storefronts, although it will play a little differently because it is no longer supported.

  • There will only be 500 levels to play, since the game will not be updated to add any more.
  • The player can get some extra ammo for free the first time they run out of bubbles per play session (which ends upon exiting the game).
  • There are no online events, such as the Space Race or explosive bubble win streaks.
  • In-app purchases are no longer available.




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