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Angry Birds Rio


Rovio Entertainment

Release date(s)

March 22, 2011

Latest version (version history)

2.6.1 [see Version History]




  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac OS X
  • PC
  • Windows Phone
  • Symbian^3
  • HP webOS
  • Kindle Fire
  • Blackberry Tablet OS
  • Roku

Angry Birds Rio is a video game that is part of the Angry Birds series. It was developed by Rovio Entertainment and Fox Digital Entertainment, and published by the former in March 2011 to promote the Rio film. In 2014, it would be updated to promote Rio 2.

As with all remaining Angry Birds games released before Angry Birds Transformers (aside from Angry Birds Friends), Angry Birds Rio was deleted from the App Store and Google Play Store in 2019. In early 2020, the servers from Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars II were closed down.



After the announcement of the Rio movie, Rovio Entertainment Corporation partnered with 20th Fox Studios and Blue Sky Studios to produce a crossover game to promote it. The game was developed by the original team of the first game and was released in March 22nd, 2011, the same day as the Brazilian release of the movie.

The game was updated with new content since then. In 2014, to promote the release of the Rio 2 movie, the game was updated with new episodes based on the movie's story.

Server Shutdown

On February 3, 2020, it was announced that the game would have its servers shut down along with Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars II, it's very likely due to licensing issues. This means you can still play the game, but won't receive advertisements or be able to make in-app purchases.


During a normal day on Piggy Island, the Angry Birds are taking care of the eggs as usual. However, they are suddenly caught by an helicopter and taken to a den in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The bird responsable of the kidnapping, Nigel, shows up and reveals that he had caught the Angry Birds to sell them in exchange of one hundred thousand dollars, as they were part of an "exceptionally rare species".[1] With this and seeing all the other caught birds, including two macaws called Blu and Jewel, the Angry Birds break themselves free from their cage and start to free all the other birds, including Blu and Jewel. It is in this moment when it is revealed that Blu and Jewel are united by handcuffs. Later, the flock, alongside Blu and Jewel, leave the den to go to a jungle nearby. Enraged, Nigel sends his Marmosets to go after them.

Making their way through the jungle and defeating all the Marmosets that try to stop them, the Angry Birds encounter Nigel, although they defeat him. Afterwards, the group is guided by Rafael to a beach on Rio de Janeiro. There, they find Luiz, who takes the handcuffs out of Blu and Jewel, separating them. Suddenly however, Jewel is kidnapped by Nigel, and the remaining birds go after her. Eventually, during a carnival, the Angry Birds find Jewel and other birds hidden under a chicken-like vehicle that is guarded by Mauro, who is defeated by the flock. Before Blu is able to free his friend however, he is caught by Nigel. With the caught birds, Nigel escapes with the vehicle as the Angry Birds go after them.

Eventually arriving at an airport, the Angry Birds free the caged birds and go aboard an airplane, where they free Blu and Jewel. Later, the flock has a final showdown against Nigel. After being defeated, Nigel tries to leave the plane as the freed birds leave. However, he crashes onto one of the plane's propeller, damaging it, and falls to the ocean. However, the Angry Birds manage to control the plane to go back to Piggy Island. There, Foreman Pig and a Minion Pig try to steal the eggs, though they leave in panic when they spot the plane. The Angry Birds leave unscratched, happy that the eggs are safe as the two pigs watch behind a bush.

Some time later, the Angry Birds receive an postcard from Blu and Jewel, inviting them to go to Rio de Janeiro. Accepting to go, the birds put themselves inside a box that is supposed to be sent to the city. Much for their frustration however, they arrive at any location but Rio, even getting to the moon. There, they fall though the earth's atmosphere, ending up in a location near Rio, for their satisfaction.[2] However, they are soon forced to deal with the hordes of Marmosets in the outsides of the city. Ending up in a harbor, the flock frees the caged birds and dolphins, eventually commiting the error of freeing Nigel himself, who was revealed to have survived the past incident, as he laughs maniacally. However, on a river, the birds manage to defeat him and throw him to the waters. Later, the Angry Birds and Blu deal with the remaining Marmosets.


An example of Angry Birds Rio gameplay in Playground, the tutorial episode of the game.

Angry Birds Rio is a puzzle video game with the same gameplay to that from the original Angry Birds game. In the game, the player takes control of a limited group of birds, who can be launched anywhere by the use of a slingshot. All levels have a series of enemies, who can be either caged birds or Marmosets, the player must take down by the use of their characters. These enemies normally appear sheltered inside of structures made of wood, glass, and/or stone, in addition of some additional objects, such as chains and TNT. If the player fails to kill all the enemies in the levels, they will get a Level Failed screen, encouraging them to try again. If they manage to do so however, they will win and pass to the next level. Upon completing each level, the player will receive one, two, or three stars depending on the score received.

As with Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio is composed on several episodes. Each episode can be unlocked after completing the previous one. Following the release of Rio 2, episodes were divided into two different categories: "Rio" and "Rio 2". The episodes in "Rio" have the sprites from Angry Birds Chrome for the birds and have the same mechanics as those from Angry Birds. On the other hand, the episodes in the "Rio 2" category use new sprites, with the birds mantaining their appearances from Angry Birds Toons. These episodes also feature more mechanics, such as rockets and water. In addition, the levels from these episodes also have optional hints for the player if they are stuck. Regardless, gameplay in all episodes remains unchanged. In addition, there is also Playground, a tutorial episode that introduces the player to the most basic mechanics of the game.

Episodes in Angry Birds Rio are composed on several levels, the amount of which varies; the episodes in "Rio" have thirty levels, while the "Rio 2" episodes have twenty levels (though Hidden Harbor has fifteen levels and Treasure Hunt has fourty). In addition, all episodes, except Playground and Hidden Harbor, have six extra, optional bonus levels,[3] which can be unlocked by completing certain tasks or by spending Coins.

Like other Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Rio makes use of power-ups, which are optional booster items the player can use to get a temporal advantage to beat the level with more ease. These power-ups are limited and cannot be used if the player runs out of them; to compense this, Angry Birds Rio also makes use of Coins, the game's currency, which allow the player to buy more power-ups and unlock bonus levels, amongst others. While Coins can be obtained by collecting stars or by watching ads, the player is also encouraged to use real money to buy more Coins to use in gameplay. However, as the game's servers closed down in 2020, watching ads and using real money to perform purchases is now impossible.


Playable characters

Non-playable characters



  1. Nigel (Jungle Escape) (only appearance)
  2. Mauro (Carnival Upheaval) (only appearance)
  3. Nigel (Smugglers' Plane) (only appearance)
  4. Mauro (Market Mayhem) (only appearance)




  • Coins
  • Eggs (x3)
  • Golden Anchor (only appearance)
  • Golden Fruit (only appearance)
  • Golden Gear (only appearance)
  • Golden Rocket (only appearance)
  • Golden Treasure Chest (only appearance)
  • Power-ups
    • Call the Flock (only appearance)
    • Power Potion
    • Samba Burst (only appearance)
    • Sling Scope
    • Super Seeds (formerly)
    • TNT Drop (only appearance)
  • Sardine
  • Slingshot

Gimmicks and obstacles

Opening cutscene

The opening scene for the game begins with a single panel of Red, The Blues, and Chuck watching over their eggs. The panel is replaced by these birds being captured in a cage, then transported to Rio by smugglers, and then they broke out of their cage (angrily), and proceed to release the caged birds, Blu, and Jewel from their cages.

Ending cutscene

When the player finishes the last episode, Smugglers' Plane , the cut-scene would show all the caged birds flying out of the airplane and Nigel unwittingly caught by the propeller of the plane and losing all his feathers. Then the plane's engine busts up, causing the plane to fall down. The cut-scene shows that the birds were going to crash on their island before the Foreman Pig and Medium Pig claim the eggs. So the plane crashed down but didn't hit the pigs, and the birds were surprised and happy to know that their eggs are safe.


Rio, like other Angry Birds games, is available on multiple platforms, including:

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • Nokia Symbian^3
  • Palm/HP webOS
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Kindle Fire
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows PCs
  • Roku
  • Nook Color/Tablet

Also, it is available on Trilogy for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, and Wii U, without most of the cutscenes.


0. Playground - 5 levels; You can practice playing the game using unlimited amounts of power-ups and The Mighty Eagle in this episode. This is similar to Friends (mobile) Power-up Practice Levels.


  1. Smugglers' Den - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; The birds are watching their eggs on their home island when suddenly they've been captured within a cage and taken to Rio where the Birds go into a den with trapped birds in there. The birds become very angry and attempt to free themselves. (Special Item: Golden Cage) (Debuts the Use of Red the Red Bird, Blue Jay, Jake and Jim the Bluebirds, Chuck the Yellow Bird, Caged birds)
  2. Jungle Escape - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; The birds free Blu and Jewel and plan to escape to the jungle. Meanwhile, Nigel the cockatoo sends the marmosets out to stop the birds. (Special Item: Golden Tree) (Debuts the Use of Matilda the White Bird and Jewel with Blu chained together)
  3. Beach Volley - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; Nigel is defeated and the birds go to the beach to find Luiz, who has a chainsaw to remove the chain from Blu and Jewel's feet. (Special Item: Golden Beachball) (Debuts the Use of: Bomb the Black Bird)
  4. Carnival Upheaval - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; the birds see Luiz release the chain from Blu and Jewel until Nigel abducts Jewel. (Special Item: Golden Balloon with Streamers) (Debuts the Use of Blu unchained)
  5. Airfield Chase - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; Mauro, the head of the marmosets is defeated and the birds witness Blu getting captured by Nigel after Blu finds Jewel inside the parade float, causing the Birds to give chase. (Special Item: Golden Suitcase) (Debuts the Use of Terence the Big Brother Bird)
  6. Smugglers' Plane - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; The birds follow Blu, Jewel, and Nigel to the plane, free Blu and Jewel and the remaining Caged Birds, and defeated Nigel once and for all. In the end, the birds leave Rio while on the plane and arrive home on their island, where the pigs see the eggs and were about to eat them until the plane comes down and after the plane crashes, causing the pigs to run and hide. After that, the birds are surprised and happy to see that their eggs are safe. (Special Item: Golden Propeller) (Debuts the Use of Hal the Green Bird and Bubbles the Orange Bird)
  7. Market Mayhem - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; At the last level, the player will face against Mauro in a Boss Fight, just like in Carnival Upheaval. But THIS time, he brought along some of his army of Marmosets during the boss fight. (Special Item: Golden Fruit Stand). There are no cutscenes when the last level is completed.
  8. Golden Beachball - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; Android and iOS: A beach ball should be hit to unlock. PC and Mac: You can only access this chapter with a special code from the Rio DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack. After the 1.7.0 update, the episode is unlocked automatically and it turns into an episode and featuring the new background in sunset form. (Special Item: Golden Dolphin)

Rio 2

  1. Rocket Rumble - 20 levels plus 6 bonus levels (Debuts the Use of Stella the Pink Bird and the Rocket Bird, Chuck)
  2. High Dive - 20 levels (Debuts the Use of Water Physics, Caged Dolphins, newly designed toons characters)
  3. Blossom River - 20 levels (Debuts the Use of Real Floating Boats)
  4. Timber Tumble - 20 levels (plus 6 bonus levels and includes the "Hidden Harbor" as an unlockable)
  5. Hidden Harbor- 15 levels (IncludesMarmosets and Caged Birds in the same episode)
  6. Treasure Hunt - 40 levels with wait times between levels (plus 6 bonus levels)


Image Game Description
Angry Birds Rio Free icon.jpeg Angry Birds Rio Free Only on iOS. A demo version of Angry Birds Rio, with levels 1-2, 1-16, and 1-25 of Smugglers' Den; 2-8, 2-25, and 2-30 of Jungle Escape; 3-1, 3-7, and 3-28 of Beach Volley; 4-7, 4-14, and 4-30 of Carnival Upheaval; and the first fifteen levels of Golden Beachball. After the full game became free in 2013, Angry Birds Rio Free was removed from the App Store.
Angry Birds Rio HD icon.png Angry Birds Rio HD An HD port of Angry Birds Rio, with improved graphics.
ABRioHDFree.png Angry Birds Rio Free HD Only on iOS. An HD port of Angry Birds Rio Free, with improved graphics. It was removed alongside Angry Birds Rio Free in 2013.
Angry Birds Trilogy 1.png Angry Birds Trilogy Released as one of the three games available in 2012. The episodes included are Smugglers' Den to Smugglers' Plane.


  • In the classic title screen, when the music raises higher, Red and Blu start listening to it and move up and down as if they're dancing to the beat.
  • In the Angry Birds Rio Nigel Mashup Video, all the birds except for Bubbles and Stella were caged. Also, in the video, Hal and Matilda were in their original game sprites.
    • Bubbles and Stella were not introduced to the flock when this game was released until Smuggler's Plane and Rocket Rumble respectively.
  • In the first icon, it shows the way Red opens his mouth from Classic and Seasons. But in the actual game, the way Red opens his mouth is the Chrome version.
  • This game was released before Rio was released.
  • Angry Birds Rio is the first Angry Birds iOS game that doesn't use any Pig-related episode titles. The episode titles are similar to Utopia and the Danger Zone on Space and on Angry Birds; Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax, Danger Above and The Big Setup. However, the reason why the Angry Birds Rio episodes didn't have Pig-related names was because the Marmosets and the Caged Birds replaced the Bad Piggies. The only exception would be in the ending cut-scenes in the Angry Birds Rio episode Smuggler's Plane. The Foreman Pig and Medium Pig are about the eat the eggs when all of a sudden, the Birds crash and reunite with the eggs, and the Bad Piggies hide in the shadows. However, Star Wars is now the second game without any pig-related episodes because of the Star Wars license (e.g. Tatooine, Death Star, and Hoth).
  • At the end of Carnival Upheaval, Blu gets captured by Nigel. However, Blu still appears occasionally in subsequent levels.
  • When you complete a level, the words above the stars said Level Completed! instead of Level Cleared!.PNG. This was fixed in the 1.7.0 version, and now says Level Cleared!.PNG, and the new high score format has changed to Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons formats with bolder letters, and now it shows a very happy Red.
  • In Carnival Upheaval, some balloons look like Bad Piggies. When popped, they give you 5000 points and use the original Angry Birds 5000 pig graphics.
  • On December 18, 2012, Angry Birds Rio was updated with four new power-ups. the first is Super Seed. The second is the Sling Scope (see Angry Birds), but with a different icon (has a Marmoset instead of a Pig on the icon). The third is called TNT Drop, similar to the one from the Winter Tournaments. The last is called Samba Burst, exclusive to Rio. This will replace your bird with Red wearing a fruit hat and, once launched and hit an obstacle, will make him dance and destroy more of the structure. Also, 24 new levels were released, along with the Mighty Eagle on Android devices. Some of the levels are unlocked with a certain number of stars on the levels in the episodes each, while others are unlocked by collecting 10 feathers with the Mighty Eagle on each episode.
  • Angry Birds Rio is the first crossover Angry Birds game, as being a crossover with Rio. The second is Angry Birds Star Wars, a crossover with the Star Wars original trilogy, the third is in Angry Birds Star Wars II, a crossover with the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and fourth is Angry Birds Transformers, a crossover with the Transformers series.
  • This game introduces many "firsts". It is the first game where the birds no longer attack pigs. It's the first game to introduce moving bosses. It was also the second game to have the characters in their Toons sprites during their Rio 2 update, with the first being GO!, the third being Epic, and the fourth being Stella.
  • As of the Rio 2 update, all the birds don't seem to do blinking animations in Rio 1 Levels.
  • Angry Birds Rio was the last game to not have a sling scope automatically deployed, as Angry Birds Space would start a trend where the sling scope would automatically be activated in that particular bird's color.
  • Angry Birds Rio is the first game to get Angry Birds Toons birds.
  • In the Rio 2 update theme song, there are indigenous saying names of Brazilian birds and other animals in Brazilian Portuguese (For example Saíra,sanhaço, etc) and singing the Angry Birds theme.
  • For the Rio 2 Toons Design, the slingshot's rubber is pink rather than brown.
  • This is the most consistent crossover a movie and Angry Birds ever had, first because it was made to promote the movie, second because the game updated when the new movie was released, third because Rio sometimes mentions Angry Birds, fourth because there is an episode based off a deleted scene, fifth because there is Angry Birds-styled merchandise of the Rio characters and merchandise like if it was a single game and other factors. The second most consistent crossover is Angry Birds Star Wars.
  • This game and other factors make Brazil the most visited country in Angry Birds history.

Differences from Rio

  • Blu and Jewel were the only Birds in Smugglers' Den who were set free. The rest of the Birds remained in their cages.
    • The film also stated that Blu and Jewel got themselves out of their cage, instead of having someone else free them.
    • In fact, the only time the Birds were originally let out of their cages was during the events of Smugglers' Plane.
  • The Birds never encountered Nigel during the events of Jungle Escape.
  • The Marmosets never appeared on the Beach, nor at Carnival.
    • They didn't appear to confront Blu and Jewel in the Jungle either.
  • Luiz isn't found at Beach Volley, instead, he is found at his workshop.
  • Mauro wears a watch as a belt in the movie, however, it's absent in the game.
  • The smugglers nor Nico andPedro appear in the game, while they are main characters in the movie.

Differences from Rio 2

  • The Marmosets never appeared in the movie, as they were replaced by Squirrel Monkeys. However, the Marmosets do appear in the game.
    • They also make an appearance in Timber Tumble as placeholders for Big Boss and his henchmen from the film.
  • The only caged bird spotted during the events of High Dive was Nigel.
    • Also, no caged Amazon River Dophin is seen in the movie.
  • Nigel's henchmen, Gabi and Charlie do not appear in the game.
    • Gabi appears in some photos.
  • Many bird characters who live in the Amazon in the movie are absent in the game, but make a cameo in Blu's Call The Flock power-up ability.

Angry Birds Rio Shorts

See Angry Birds Rio Trailer
See Return to Angry Birds Rio

Fruit trophies

Main article: Golden Fruits



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  3. Rovio (March 22, 2011). Angry Birds Rio. iOS. Area/Level: Shop. "Mighty Eagle: Cause total destruction to obtain feathers and unlock bonus levels"
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