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For the glitches that occur in the free versions, see Angry Birds Rio Free/Glitches.
These are the glitches that occur in Angry Birds Rio.

Golden Beachball Glitch[]

Go to the Golden Beachball episode. Fail a level with the caged birds. You will hear the Marmosets laughing instead of the birds crying, but the crying caged bird's face still appears on the level failed screen. (Note: It doesn't matter which "Golden Beachball" level you are on, but it still has to be a level with the caged birds.) This glitch also works in Angry Birds Trilogy.

Bubbles Disappearing Glitch[]

Go to Angry Birds Rio 12-3 (Smugglers' Plane). In the level, shoot Hal at the spiral to destroy the front of it, so Bubbles can shoot into the thin gap and make sure he gets to the bottom so when he expands, he will also disappear. This is because Bubbles' inflated sprite is too big for a small gap.

Mighty Bubbles Glitch[]

Go to Angry Birds Rio 12-3 (Smugglers' Plane) and fire Bubbles upwards. As soon as you launch him, press the Eagle Button, which makes all the birds disappear including the Bubbles you shot, and the sardines will appear in the slingshot. Fire the sardines and wait. Instead of the Mighty Eagle appearing, the sardines changes into Bubbles' inflated sprite, and then deflates and disappears, ultimately failing the level since there are no birds left. The reason why this happens is because the game thinks the sardines you shot is Bubbles. This is no longer possible because the servers for the game were shut down, preventing the Mighty Eagle from being purchased.

Beach Volley Chuck Glitch[]

Go to Angry Birds Rio 6–12, and fire Chuck between the 6th and 7th umbrella. If successful, Chuck will be stuck bouncing between the two umbrellas forever. There are 2 ways to fix this. The easy way to fix this is to restart the level. You can try to hit chuck with another bird, however, it is challenging.

Smuggler´s den lamp glitch[]

Go to a level in Smuggler's den with the floating lamps and hit them. There's a possibility that the lamps either teleport to another place (like from left to right as an example) or get your bird stuck on them for a few seconds (best if you do it with chuck). The video is the glitch on level 18.

Level Failed Glitch[]

If you sling all the birds in the opposite direction to the structures, then the image that will appear on the fail screen will be the next episode's one instead of its own. All of the known ones are:

  • Smuggler's Den with the Marmoset image from Jungle Escape
  • Jungle Escape with the Marmoset image from Beach Volley
  • Beach Volley with the Marmoset image from Carnival Upheaval
  • Carnival Upheaval with the Caged Bird image from Smuggler's Den/Airfield Chase/Smuggler's Plane
  • Smuggler's Plane with the image of Mauro's head from Carnival Upheaval/Market Mayhem
  • Market Mayhem with the Caged Bird image from Smuggler's Den/Airfield Chase/Smuggler's Plane
  • Golden Beachball with the Marmoset image from Rocket Rumble/Blossom River/Timber Tumble/Hidden Harbor/Treasure Hunt (only applies to the levels with the Caged Birds; vice versa would not happen)
  • Rocket Rumble with the Caged Dolphin image from High Dive
  • High Dive and Hidden Harbour (maybe) with the Marmoset image from Rocket Rumble/Blossom River/Timber Tumble/Hidden Harbor/Treasure Hunt (only applies to the levels with the Caged Birds and Dolphins; vice versa would not happen)

Strangely, this doesn't occur on the boss levels with Nigel. If possible, it may show the image of Mauro's head from Carnival Upheaval/Market Mayhem.

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