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Angry birds rio.jpeg|Promotional picture of Blu, protagonist of ''Rio'', being launched from a slingshot
Angry birds rio.jpeg|Promotional picture of Blu, protagonist of ''Rio'', being launched from a slingshot
Angry birds rio plush toys.jpg|''Rio'' Plush Toys
Angry birds rio plush toys.jpg|''Rio'' Plush Toys
Flock---Rio-Corpses.jpg|The corpses in the game
Flock---Rio-Corpses.jpg|The new corpses as seen in the game
IMG 0343.png
IMG 0343.png
IMG 0342.png
IMG 0342.png
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Rioicon.png|The new ''Angry Birds Rio'' icon.
Rioicon.png|The new ''Angry Birds Rio'' icon.
rio wild.jpg
rio wild.jpg
rrer.png|red in animation
rrer.png|Red in the Back to Rio! animation

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Template:Game InfoboxAngry Birds Rio is a special edition of Angry Birds, released as a tie-in with the 2011 animated film Rio. Angry Birds Rio includes 7 episodes, each with 30 levels and a bonus episode consisting of 30 levels. Each are set in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The tablet version is called Angry Birds Rio HD, and features a higher resolution.


The game's storyline is loosely based off of the film Rio. The plot focuses on the signature Bird characters (including Blu and Jewel), who are captured from their world by evil poachers and taken to Rio de Janeiro (located in Brazil), placed in a room alongside other captured birds from the Rio universe. The Angry Birds birds then get mad (despite the title), break out of their cage and proceed to rescue the other birds, plus Blue and Jewel, the protagonists from Rio, while returning to their homeland.

The game itself is also different from the signature Angry Birds titles, as the graphics of the Birds and the blocks are enhanced. The initial Glass, Wood, and Stone blocks appear, alongside new Crates and "Iron Crates".

The Pigs are not involved in the game. Instead, the prime enemies and targets are birds locked in cages, Marmosets and Nigel, whom the latter also serves as Rio's main antagonist. However, the pigs make a cameo in Carnival Upheaval as balloons and in the ending scene where they find the eggs.


Main article: Rio Characters

Opening Cut-scene

The opening scene for the game begins with a single panel of RedBlue Jay, and Chuck watching over their eggs. The panel is replaced by these birds being captured in a cage, then transported to Rio by smugglers, and then they broke out of their cage (angrily), and proceed to release the caged birds, Blu and Jewel from their cages.

Ending Cut-scene

When the player finishes all of the episodes and levels, the cut-scene would show all the caged birds flying out of the airplane and Nigel unwittingly caught by the propeller of the plane and turning into a corpse. Then the plane's engine busts up, causing the plane to fall down. The cut-scene shows that the birds were going to crash on their island before the Foreman Pig and Medium Pig claim the eggs. So the plane crashed down, but didn't hit the pigs, and the birds were surprised and happy to know that their eggs are safe. However, on the Market Mayhem update, it is possible that the birds realized that the marmosets were still in Rio, and that they would travel back to Rio, although there wasn't any cut-scenes that clear evidence.


Angry Birds Rio Trailer

Angry Birds Rio Trailer

Official Cinematic Trailer

Rio, like other Angry Birds games, is available on multiple platforms, including:
  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • Nokia Symbian^3
  • Palm/HP webOS
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Kindle Fire
  • Return to Angry Birds Rio!

    Return to Angry Birds Rio!

    A promotional animation where the Birds are going back to Rio.

    Mac OS X
  • Windows PCs
  • Roku
  • Nook Color/Tablet 

Also, it is available on Angry Birds Trilogy for PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS Wii and Wii U, without most of the cut-scenes.


0. Playground - 5 levels; You can practice playing the game using unlimited amounts of power-ups and The Mighty Eagle in this episode. This is similar to Angry Birds Friends (mobile) Power-up Practice Levels.


  1. Smuggler's Den - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; The birds are watching their eggs on their home island when suddenly they've been captured within a cage and taken to Rio where the Birds go into a den with trapped birds in there. The birds become VERY ANGRY and attempt to free themselves. (Special Item: Golden Cage) (Debuts the Use of: Red the Red Bird, Blue Jay, Jake and Jim the Bluebirds, Chuck the Yellow Bird, Caged birds)
  2. Jungle Escape - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; The birds free Blu and Jewel and plan to escape to the jungle. Meanwhile, Nigel the cockatoo sends the marmosets out to stop the birds. (Special Item: Golden Tree) (Debuts the Use of: Matilda the White Bird and Jewel with Blu chained together)
  3. Beach Volley - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; Nigel is defeated and the birds go to the beach to find Luiz, who has a chainsaw to remove the chain from Blu and Jewel's feet. (Special Item: Golden Beachball) (Debuts the Use of: Bomb the Black Bird)
  4. Carnival Upheaval - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels ; the birds see Luiz release the chain from Blu and Jewel, until Nigel abducts Jewel. (Special Item: Golden Balloon with Streamers) (Debuts the Use of: Blu unchained)
  5. Airfield Chase - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; Mauro, the head of the marmosets is defeated and the birds witness Blu getting captured by Nigel after Blu finds Jewel inside the parade float, causing the Birds to give chase. (Special Item: Golden Suitcase) (Debuts the Use of: Terence the Big Brother Bird)
  6. Smuggler's Plane - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; The birds follow Blu, Jewel and Nigel to the plane, free Blu and Jewel and the remaining Caged Birds, and defeated Nigel once and for all. In the end, the birds leave Rio while on the plane and arrive home on their island, where the pigs see the eggs and were about to eat them until the plane comes down and after the plane crashes, causing the pigs to run and hide. After that, the birds are surprised and happy to see that their eggs are safe. (Special Item: Golden Propeller) (Debuts the Use of: Hal the Green Bird and Bubbles the Orange Bird)
  7. Market Mayhem - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; At the last level, the player will face against Mauro in a Boss Fight, just like in Carnival Upheaval. But THIS time, he brought along some of his army of Marmosets during the boss fight. (Special Item: Golden Fruit Stand). There are no cutscenes when the last level is completed.
  8. Golden Beachball - 30 levels plus 6 bonus levels; Android and iOS: A beach ball should be hit to unlock. PC and Mac: You can only access this chapter with a special code from the Rio DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack. After the 1.7.0 update, the episode is unlocked automatically and it turns into an episode and featuring the new background in sunset form. (Special Item: Golden Dolphin)

Rio 2

  1. Rocket Rumble - 20 levels plus 6 bonus levels (Debuts the Use of: Stella the Pink Bird and the Rocket Bird, Chuck)
  2. High Dive - 20 levels (Debuts the Use of: Water Physics, Caged Dolphins, newly designed toons characters)
  3. Blossom River - 20 levels (Debuts the Use of: Real Floating Boats) 
  4. Timber Tumble - 20 levels (plus 6 bonus levels and includes the "Hidden Harbor" as an unlockable)
  • Bonus: Awards Room  - 18 levels (Plays a similar role to Golden Eggs except use of Mighty Eagle is available). The levels can be unlocked by completing episodes and collecting golden pineapples, bananas, watermelons, papayas, apples, mangoes, strawberries and cherries. However, from the 1.7.0 update, the Awards Room is no longer present, showing its levels in their respective episodes. 


  • On the title screen, when the music raises higher, Red and Blu start listening to it and move up and down as if they're dancing to the beat.
  • In the Angry Birds Rio Nigel Mashup Video, all the birds except for Bubbles and Stella were caged. Also, in the video, Al and Matilda were in their original game sprites.
    • Bubbles and Stella were not introduced to the flock when this game was released until Smuggler's Plane and Rocket Rumble.
  • On the icon, it shows the way Red opens his mouth from Classic and Seasons. But in the actual game, the way Red opens his mouth is the Chrome version.
  • Angry Birds Rio is the first Angry Birds iOS game that doesn't use any Pig-related episode titles. The episode titles are similar to Utopia and the Danger Zone on Angry Birds Space and on Angry Birds; Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax, Danger Above and The Big Setup. However, the reason why the Angry Birds Rio episodes didn't have Pig-related names was because the Marmosets and the Caged Birds replaced the Bad Piggies. The only exception would be in the ending cut-scenes in the Angry Birds Rio episode Smuggler's Plane. The Foreman Pig and Medium Pig are about the eat the eggs when all of a sudden, the Birds crash and reunite with the eggs, and the Bad Piggies hide in the shadows. However, Angry Birds Star Wars is now the second game without any pig-related episodes because of the Star Wars licence (e.g. Tatooine, Death Star and Hoth).
  • After Smuggler's Plane, it is said by Rovio that it is not the end of Angry Birds Rio. Rovio mentioned that new levels based on deleted scenes and extras from the Rio movie will someday be created.
  • At the end of Carnival Upheaval, Blu gets captured by Nigel. However, Blu still appears occasionally in subsequent levels.
  • When you complete a level, the words above the stars said Level Completed! instead of Level Cleared!. This was fixed in the 1.7.0 version, and now says Level Cleared!, and the New Highscore format has changed to Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons formats with bolder letters, and now it shows a very happy Red Bird.
  • In Carnival Upheaval, some balloons look like Bad Piggies. When popped, they give you 5000 points and use the original Angry Birds 5000 point graphics.
  • On December 18th, 2012, Angry Birds Rio was updated with four new power-ups. the first is Super Seed. The second is the Sling Scope (see Angry Birds), but with a different icon (has a Marmoset instead of a Pig on the icon). The third is called TNT Drop, similar to the one from the Winter Tournaments. The last is called Samba Burst, exclusive to Rio. This will replace your bird with a Red Bird wearing a fruit hat and, once launched and hit an obstacle, will make it dance and destroy more of the structure. Also, 24 new levels were released, along with the Mighty Eagle on Android devices. Some of the levels are unlocked with a certain number of stars on the levels in the episodes each, while others are unlocked by collecting 10 feathers with the Mighty Eagle on each episode.
  • Angry Birds Rio is the first crossover Angry Birds game, as being a crossover with Rio. The second is Angry Birds Star Wars, a crossover with Star Wars, and with the third being Angry Birds Transformers, a crossover with the Transformers series.
  • After the 1.7.0 update, the game is now free, and Angry Birds Rio Free and Angry Birds Rio Free HD had been removed from the app store.
    • The same went for Angry Birds Star Wars II after the "Master Your Destiny" update.
  • This game introduces many "firsts". It is the first game where the birds no longer attack pigs. It's the first game to introduce moving bosses. It was also the second game to have the characters in their Angry Birds Toons sprites during their Rio 2 update, with the first being Angry Birds GO!, the third being Angry Birds Epic, and the fourth being Angry Birds Stella.

Fruit Trophies

Main article: Golden Fruits




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