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"It's pig popping season"

Angry Birds Seasons, formerly known as Angry Birds Halloween before the Season's Greedings update, is a video game that is part of the Angry Birds series. It was developed and published by Rovio Entertainment.


Angry Birds Seasons was initially released as Angry Birds Halloween on October 20, 2010. The name was changed on December 1st 2010 to Angry Birds Seasons with the Christmas episode Season's Greedings. Updates have continued since, and are listed below.

In August 23, 2011, The Mighty Eagle was released for the game on iOS devices.

Seasons was formerly updated on a semi-monthly basis, each update adding a themed episode stylized by an upcoming holiday and usually two Golden Eggs. (The exceptions: Easter Eggs has 11 Golden Eggs (10 in PC and Mac), Summer Pignic has 3, Wreck the Halls has 3, Winter Wonderham has 3 (7 in the Intel golden egg on android devices, that got removed on December 1st 2016), Arctic Eggspedition has 4, South Hamerica has 3, Ham Dunk has 3, Tropigal Paradise also has 3 and Pig Daysdoesn't have any) Angry Birds Seasons is split into seven Seasons: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Since version 3.2.0, Power-ups were added in gameplay.

In April 2019, the game was unlisted in the app stores but came back and received a new update. Afterwards, it was then unlisted again in July 2019. Rovio Entertainment Corporation stated that they had removed the games for testing purposes, but never explained what the test was. Later, the statement was changed to say that the game was removed because Rovio did not want to keep updating the game, now it is only available to download in Zimbabwe.

In June 2021, it was announced by Rovio on Twitter that efforts were going to be made to bring some of the original Angry Birds games back to online stores sometime in the future.


An example of Angry Birds Seasons gameplay in Trick or Treat, the first episode added to the game.

Angry Birds Seasons is a puzzle video game with similar gameplay to that from previous Angry Birds games. In the game, the player takes control of a limited group of birds, who can be launched anywhere by the use of a slingshot. All levels have a series of pigs the player must pop by the use of their characters. These pigs normally appear sheltered inside of structures made of wood, glass, and/or stone, in addition of some additional objects, such as TNT. If the player fails to pop all the pigs in the levels, they will get a Level Failed screen, encouraging them to try again. If they manage to do so however, they will win and pass to the next level. Upon completing each level, the player will receive one, two, or three stars depending on the score received.

As with other Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Seasons is composed on several episodes; in this game, episodes are based on different holidays celebrated throughout the world. The Android version also has a "Continue Playing!" option in the main menu which takes the player to the last level they played. Most episodes have exclusive features used to celebrate the holidays they are based off; for example, Go Green, Get Lucky makes use of cauldrons filled with money, while Halloween-themed episodes often have jack-o-lanterns. Nevertheless, some episodes may have elements that were taken from past episodes, such as Ski or Squeal and Ragnahog making use of Tony, a character that first appeared in On Finn Ice.

Like other Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Seasons makes use of powerups, which are optional booster items the player can use to get a temporal advantage to beat the level with more ease. These powerups are limited and cannot be used if the player runs out of them; to compensate this, Angry Birds Seasons also makes use of Bird Coins, the game's currency, which allow the player to buy more powerups and unlock extra episodes. While Bird Coins can be obtained by collecting stars or by watching ads, the player is also encouraged to use real money to buy more Bird Coins with real money to use in gameplay.



Gimmicks and obstacles


Playable characters

Non-playable characters



Season 2010

Season 2011

Season 2012

Season 2013

Season 2014

Season 2015

Season 2016



Angry Birds Seasons Shop 1.jpg

The Shop allows the player to buy powerups and Powerbirds with the use of Bird Coins to use in gameplay. It is divided on four categories.

The products that appear in the Shop are as follows:

Name Cost (in Bird Coins) Description[note 1]
All in one! 200 Find your favourite! Grab the bundle of each powerup and Powerbird!
Icon Powerbird Costs (in Bird Coins) Description[note 1]
x2 x10 x40
Shockwave Power-Up (Seasons).png Shockwave 180 750 2400 Need an extra bird? Use a black bird with shockwave to demolish the level!
TeleBird Power-Up.png Telebird Need an extra bird? Teleport to your target by vortexing nearby objects!
Icon Power-up Costs (in Bird Coins) Description[note 1]
x2 x10 x40
PowerPotion.png Power Potion 70 300 1000 Juice up your bird for more damage!
Sling Scope Power-Up.png Sling Scope Laser Targeting for pinpoint precision!
HomingBird.png Homing Bird Heads for the first pig to enter his radar!
Allaka-BAM Power-Up.png Allaka-BAM Conjures three crates of explosive magic!
Name Cost (in real money) Description
The Mighty Eagle ? Stuck on a tricky level? Out of levels to play? Bring in the Mighty Eagle.
Pay once. Unlimited use.


The Hats menu.

Hats allows the player to give their birds Bird Hats to use in the levels. These do not affect gameplay however.


The Quests menu.

Quests gives the player certain tasks to get rewards. Its modes are the follows:


Quests tasks the player with finding certain objects in the levels. They can watch an ad to be taken to that level to find the object, or dismiss the task and get another one after thirty minutes. Once they find the object, they will have to wait fifteen hours (or pay with Bird Coins) to get another quest where they will have to find another object. When the player finds three objects, they will unlock a Bird Hat.


Challenges gives the player tasks that can only be completed by playing The Pig Challenge. Once a challenge is completed, the player will get eggs wearing crows.


Episodes is similar to Challenges, except that the tasks are completed by playing main levels.


In Progress, the player can claim rewards by collecting eggs in Challenges and Episodes. The rewards are the following:

Rank Eggs required Reward
Novice Flinger 5 50 Bird Coins
Promising Flinger 25 10 Power Potions
Experienced Flinger 50 Bird Hat for Red
Pig Popper 100 100 Bird Coins
Notable Flinger 150 20 Allaka-BAMs
Veteran Flinger 200 Bird Hat for Hal
Seasonal Expert 250 250 Bird Coins
Egg Recovery Expert 300 10 Shockwaves
Castle Smasher 350 500 Bird Coins
Master Flinger 400 Bird Hat for Matilda
Seasoned Expert 450 10 Telebirds
Bane of All Pigs 500 Bird Hat for Chuck
Grandmaster Flinger 550 1000 Bird Coins
A Master Of All Seasons 600 Bird Hat for Stella


Angry Birds Seasons was released as a paid app exclusively for iOS in October 2010 as Angry Birds Halloween. In December 2010, the game would be updated as Angry Birds Seasons due to the adding of another episode, Season's Greedings, though the Halloween levels were kept in an episode called Trick or Treat. Angry Birds Seasons would also receive a free release on Android and Symbian devices, though with ads included in it. The game would continue receiving updates with new episodes that celebrated the seasons and festivities of the years, until 2016 with the addition of Ragnahog, an episode made to celebrate Christmas, set in a Nordic theme.


Main article: Angry Birds Seasons (Original Game Soundtrack)

Cover of Angry Birds Seasons (Original Game Soundtrack).

In 2018, all music tracks from Angry Birds Seasons would be released in the form of Angry Birds Seasons (Original Game Soundtrack).

Angry Birds Seasons is the first Angry Birds game to have songs in its soundtrack. There are a total of four songs released for the game: "Peace Song 2011", "Peace Song 2012: Fly Me Home Tonight", "Peace Song 2013: Ode to Snow", and "Peace Song 2014: Santamental Me".


Both Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Halloween received generally positive reviews both by critics and fan alike. In Metacritic, it holds an user score of 6.9 for the iOS version based on twenty-two ratings;[1] a 4.3 score for the HD version of the game released on the same platform based on nineteen ratings;[2] and a score of 7.8 based on twenty-two ratings for the PC version.[3]

Reviewing the Halloween version of the game, one reviewer at Slide to Play said that the game was hard, and that they "wondered why the game was not an in-app purchase for the original game". When the game was updated to Angry Birds Seasons in December, he said that he liked the idea of the Season's Greetings levels being like an advent calendar, with one level being added per day. He concluded saying that the game was a "Must Have" and that people who liked the original Angry Birds will be "pleased with Angry Birds Seasons".[4] Similarly, Chris Buffa from Modojo rated the game 5/5 and wrote that "Angry Birds Seasons is both addictive and challenging, and you'd be crazy not to pony up the cash and download it ASAP".[5]


Image Game Description
Ragnahog Icon HD.jpeg Angry Birds Seasons HD An HD port of Angry Birds Seasons, with improved graphics. It was removed alongside Angry Birds Seasons in 2019, though the servers are still partially active.
641429 larger.png Angry Birds Seasons Free Only available for iOS. A demo version of Angry Birds Seasons, with levels from Trick or Treat to Easter Eggs. As the game was outdated and the full game became free in 2013, Angry Birds Seasons Free was removed from the App Store.
ABseasons Free HD.png Angry Birds Seasons HD Free An HD port of Angry Birds Seasons Free, with improved graphics. It was removed alongside Angry Birds Seasons Free in 2014.
Another Ham Dunk icon(Chinese version).jpg Angry Birds Seasons (Chinese version) A Chinese port of Angry Birds Seasons. Contains most of the content from the original game from Trick or Treat to Ham Dunk, in addition to some exclusive content. However, the episodes are ordered in a different way.
Angry Birds Trilogy 1.png Angry Birds Trilogy Released as one of the three games available in 2012. The episodes included are Trick or Treat to Moon Festival, though other episodes were released as DLCs.


  • Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day are the only three holidays to be represented in Angry Birds Seasons more than once. The summer holiday has appeared more than once, but it is in completely different settings from a picnic to Atlantis, to a continent, a volcano island and then a camp, while Spring events also differ (Go Green, Get Lucky, Easter Eggs, Cherry Blossom, Abra-ca-Bacon and finally Marie Hamtoinette).
  • Season 2013 is the shortest season that has 2 episodes, Abra-Ca-Bacon and Arctic Eggspedition.
  • Since Haunted Hogs, every "Level Failed" screen has a different screen. The only exceptions are South Hamerica (with Ham Dunk's) and Fairy Hogmother (with Marie Hamtoinette's). Pig Days' Level Failed screen shares the same one as the level's backgorund the level has.
  • The Ham Dunk update was the last version to have an icon featuring the classic designs. Starting with On Finn Ice, the designs from Angry Birds Toons would be used instead.
    • However, Marie Hamtoinette, Summer Camp and the two Piggywood Studios updates would have the designs from the Angry Birds Movie on the app icons.
  • The Arctic Eggspedition update was the last one to feature the characters in their classic style on the loading screens. Starting with South Hamerica, they would have their designs from Angry Birds Toons on the loading screens, however only Marie Hamtoinette, Summer Camp and the Piggywood Studios updates would use the designs from The Angry Birds Movie.
  • Seasons was formerly updated on a semi-monthly basis, each update adding a themed episode stylized by an upcoming holiday and usually two Golden Eggs. (The exceptions: Easter Eggs has 11 Golden Eggs (10 in PC and Mac), Summer Pignic has 3, Wreck the Halls has 3, Winter Wonderham has 3 (7 in the Intel golden egg on android devices, that got removed on December 1st 2016), Arctic Eggspedition has 4, South Hamerica has 3, Ham Dunk has 3, Tropigal Paradise also has 3 and Pig Days doesn't have any) Angry Birds


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The description of the product does not appear in the "Shop" option. It only appears when the player goes to the Shop in The Pig Challenge.


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