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These are the glitches that occur in Angry Birds Seasons.

Blues Glitch

Split Blue Jay, and only he will be corpsed immediately. The others, Jake & Jim, will not be corpsed at all. The original and lite AB games had this glitch too, but the original's glitch was fixed since the Birdday Party update.

Go Green Get Lucky Golden Egg Glitch

In the Go Green, Get Lucky three star golden egg, Red will slowly turn until he is upside down because he is wearing a hat, which has more mass than Red himself.

Bubbles Disappearing Glitch

Go to Angry Birds Seasons 2-13 (Ham 'O' Ween), wherein the front, there is an indestructible spiral, shoot Bubbles there, and when he expands, he will disappear.

Piglantis Glitch

Got to Piglantis level 2-1. Waste Bubbles and Bomb. Fire the first Chuck into the water. Then wait a few seconds and he will go to his corpse without touching anything while underwater.

Stella Glitch

1. Go to Back to School level 1-5. Throw the first Stella at the apple in front of the structure and use her ability once you get near it. Throw the second Stella at the apple while using the ability, and Stella will spin inside the bubble.

2. Do the same thing again but go lower. Using this, Stella will use her ability but won't be in the bubble for a second.

Summer Pignic Glitch

Get three stars on Summer Pignic and go to the Golden Basket.

First, throw the first Bomb to the lower part of the fruit pile. Second, throw the next Bomb into the little strip of fruit on the bottom. Wait a little bit and then the rest of the fruit will wiggle and go away. This can get you insanely high scores.

Invisible Glitch

Go to Pig Days level 3-11, throw Bomb at the Oink Industries blimp, and use his explosion to destroy the blimp. After a second, the level will lag severely and then everything will be destroyed, the birds will become invisible and the points will be set back to 0. The only object to survive this is the slingshot. Since there are no pigs, the game will think you have completed the level. The three stars screen will also not be shown despite functioning correctly.

Another way to activate the glitch is to go to Wreck the Halls level 1-23, and launch Matilda at the TNT in front of the level. Like with Bomb in Pig Days 3-11 activating the glitch, Matilda and the TNT will lag the game for 3 minutes, in which during that time, all the objects and the ground will be destroyed, but unlike Pig Days 3-11, the points will not reset to 0.

This glitch can also cause all your progress to get corrupted or lost.

Two other levels that are confirmed to have the glitch are Summer Pignic level 1-10 and the Ham Dunk Big Ring level.

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