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Angry Birds Seasons is the second Angry Birds game to be released and it got a lot of unused content as seen below:

Unused Bird Wear[]

The following Bird Wear items can be found in the INGAME_FUNNY_HATS_1 sprite sheet:


  • Fez Red

The Blues[]

  • Scary Face
  • Devil
  • Witch
  • Christmas Sleigh


  • Tuxedo Chuck
  • Guile Chuck (2 Versions)


  • Horse Hal (Early Version)
  • Hammer Hal
  • Christmas Sock Hal


  • Hipster Terence


  • Scientist Bubbles

Unused Levels[]

Unused Pig Days Level[]

The sprite sheet for the Pig Days level icons contains a singular icon with a penguin, a polar bear, a fish and a bat. Probably was a planned Animal Day level.

Unused Objects[]

Alien Pig Brain[]

Alien Pig Brain

In the files, there are sprites for brain costumes for the pigs:

  • One has its brain fully showing, intended for Foreman Pig.
  • Another has the brain not as visible, intended for Medium Pigs.

They would have appeared in the Ham Dunk Wizards level 3–7.


Before the cannon object was introduced in the v5.0.1 update, its sprites were present in v4.1.0. Probably was left there to be used in a later update (...being 5.0.1. If you can read.)

Gandalf Wig[]

In the files, there is a sprite for a Gandalf wig for the pigs, intended to be used in level 1-17 of the first part of Piggywood Studios. It's based off of you-know-who from The Lord of the Rings.

Unused Graphics[]


A beta version of Moon Festival's update displays a different version of the water used for its theme.

Cherry Blossom Icon[]

Unused Cherry Blossom 3-Star Icon

The 3-Star Icon that is unused.

Ham'o'ween Background[]

Ham'O'Ween World (Beta)

Unused Ham'O'Ween background found in version 1.6.1

Ham Dunk Background[]

Prototype Ham Dunk Background

Beta version of Ham Dunk background

Unused Names[]

Digging through the game's files reveal either placeholder names or unused ones for level packs. Wow.


Screenshot from level data folder of this episode.

Eggs Files[]

Data mining this game reveals that the assets used in Invasion of the Egg Snatchers have the name ''Eggsfiles'', which would have likely been its original name, and is also a reference to ''X-Files'' (no-brainer). Unknown why the original pun was scrapped since the finalized name is lazier.

Bubbles Idle Sounds[]

Sounds for Bubbles he'd make before being shot out of the slingshot were discovered (both in this game and the original), but they would go unused until being eventually implemented into Angry Birds Friends (one of them was also used as his select voice in Rovio Classics: Angry Birds). Presumably scrapped because it'd be too tedious to create original sounds for all of the birds, and it'd be odd to only have Bubbles make unique noises.

Small Scarecrow Pig[]


TheEditor Mode for Angry Birds Seasons contains an unused small variant of the Scarecrow Pig. This version of it was shelved before they even made sprites of him. Poor guy.

Website Levels[]

ABGO MechanicPig2
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Mac OS X[]

Unused Graphics[]

Angry Birds in Ultrabook Adventure Egg Levels[]

As seen in the Android release of Angry Birds Seasons, there appears the Ultrabook Adventure Golden Egg. The graphics for the levels are seen in this version.

PC Trial Graphics[]

Leftover graphics from the PC trial version. There never was a trial version released for the Mac.


Unused Text[]

Leftover text from Angry Birds[]

1. Poached Eggs
2. Mighty Hoax
3. Danger Above 
4. The Big Setup

Presumably present because this game was built off of the original.

Leftover text from the iOS and Android versions[]

Enable vibration? 
Vibra: ON 
Vibra: OFF 

Leftover text from the iOS versions[]

Angry Birds Seasons HD Free
Angry Birds Seasons HD 
Angry Birds Seasons Free

The string of text used for the Edit function, which normally goes unused[]


"Season" Buttons[]

Previously, every few episodes in the game were split into chapters, named 'Seasons'. In version 4.1.0, these buttons were removed as the episode layout changed to separate them via tabs instead. Prior to this, when Arctic Eggspedition first released, they were redesigned for a brief period of time to match the episode card sprites, which were also changed in this update.

Unused Colours for Haunted Hogs[]

Unused Haunted Hogs Episode Card
  • The old version of the Haunted Hogs episode card had a Dark Blue background instead of purple.
  • Before Ham'o'ween, it was grey instead of teal, though the background was red and featured scarecrows.
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