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Angry Birds Seasons is the second Angry Birds game to be released and it got a lot of unused content as seen below:

Unused Bird Wear

The following Bird Wear can be found in the INGAME_FUNNY_HATS_1 sprite sheet:


  • Fez Red

The Blues

  • Scary Face
  • Devil
  • Witch
  • Christmas Sleigh


  • Tuxedo Chuck
  • Guile Chuck (2 Versions)


  • Horse Hal (Early Version)
  • Hammer Hal
  • Christmas Sock Hal


  • Hipster Terence


  • Scientist Bubbles

Unused Episodes and Levels

Year Of The Goat

In the files, there is a sprite for a button of the episode Year Of The Goat that is not used in the game and it would've possibly be released in the start of 2015. While not used in the game, a Chinese Version of Angry Birds Classic features this episode fully playable.

Animals Pig Days Level

In the files for the Pig Days level icons, there is an icon of a penguin, a polar bear, a fish and a bat which could be for either World Animal Day, or any other environment day.

Unused Objects

Alien Pig Brain

Alien Pig Brain.png

In the files, there are sprites for brain costumes for the pigs:

  • One has its brain fully showing intended for Foreman Pig.
  • Another has the brain almost visible, intended for Medium Pigs.

They would appear in the Ham Dunk Wizards level 3-7.


In the files 4.1.0, The cannon was not used before the v5.0.1 update

Gandalf Wig

In the files, there is a sprite for a Gandalf wig for the pigs, intended to be used in level 1-17 of the first part of Piggywood Studios, that is based on Gandalf from The Lord of The Rings.

Unused Names

There are some names that weren't used and are either different or placeholder names that the developers made.

Screenshot from level data folder of this episode.

Eggs Files

In the files, different from other episodes that have their theme as the name, the assets for Invasion of the Egg Snatchers have the name ''Eggsfiles'', an initial name for the episode that uses a pun on ''X-Files'', but they probably didn't use this name because it doesn't make much sense.

Bubbles Idle Sounds

Sounds for Bubbles when he waits to be flung on the slingshot were found in the files, but went unused until being eventually used in Angry Birds Friends

Small Scarecrow Pig


In the Editor Mode For Angry Birds Seasons, there is an unusual small version of the Scarecrow Pig. It can be placed in a level, but it has no Sprites.

Mac OS X

Unused Graphics

Angry Birds in Ultrabook Adventure Egg Levels

As seen In the Android Version of Angry Birds Seasons, there is the Angry Birds in Ultrabook Adventure egg. The graphics for the levels are seen in this version.

PC Trial Graphics

Leftover graphics from the PC trial version. There never was a trial version released for the Mac.


Unused Text

Leftover text from Angry Birds:

  1. Poached Eggs
  2. Mighty Hoax
  3. Danger Above
  4. The Big Setup

Leftover text from the iOS and Android versions:

  • Enable vibration?
  • Vibra: ON
  • Vibra: OFF
  • Vibra

Leftover text from the iOS versions:

  • Angry Birds Seasons HD Free
  • Angry Birds Seasons HD
  • Angry Birds Seasons Free

Remnants of an internal level editor?

  • Edit

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