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Angry Birds Slingshot Stories is a short-form animated series released by Rovio. The episodes feature the bird and pig designs used for advertisements and reference various Angry Birds content. A third season was announced, releasing on October 15, 2023. A fourth season is in production as of January 2024.[2]


A new animated series from Angry Birds! Ever wonder how the structures in Angry Birds games get built?


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Main article: Angry Birds Slingshot Stories/Episodes


  • In Episode 4, Pig Popping Explained, many episodes from Piggy Tales are referenced, like Superpork, Dr. Pork, M.D, and The Hole. In the same episode, the music from It's A Wrap plays and brief notes of the Superpork theme song play as the characters pass by.
  • The series (including Angry Birds Bubble Trouble) got released on Netflix in North America on November 1, 2021, however random episodes are split into compilations titled "Slingshot Stories - Part 1", which is around 12 minutes per compilation. There are currently 4 on Netflix as of December 2021.
  • In Episode 21, the title is a reference to the Dragon Ball meme where one of the characters, Vegeta says the infamous line. "[My power is] over 9000", which shows how strong the Slingshot really is.
  • Bomb is occasionally voiced by three voice actors, Alexei Ryan, Osku Ärilä and Pasi Ruohonen.
  • Foreman Pig and Terence are voiced by Antti LJ Pääkkönen and Osku Ärilä in this series, where they are normally voiced by Rauno Ahonen and Heljä Heikkinen. It could possibly be due to the fact that Rauno and Heljä weren't available at the time.
  • Matilda is voiced by Saara Lehtonen instead of Antti LJ Pääkkönen.
  • Season 3 was uploaded to a Finnish streaming service, Ruutu, on October 4, 2023, but was taken down a few days later.[3]
  • The show bares a resemblance to Angry Birds Toons.
    • Most noticeably the use of the classic toon designs, voices, and personalities just in a 3D style.


For gallery, see Angry Birds Slingshot Stories/Gallery.


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Season three[]



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