Angry Birds Slingshot Stories

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Genre: Unknown
Created by: Unknown
Voices of: Unknown
Composer(s): Unknown
No. of Seasons: 2
No. of Episodes: 10
Running time: Unknown
Executive producers: Unknown
Producers: Unknown
Production companies: Unknown
Distributor: Unknown
Original release: January 18th, 2020 - present
Original network: Angry Birds YouTube Channel

Angry Birds Slingshot Stories is a short-form film series released by Rovio. The episodes feature the bird and pig designs used for advertisements and reference various Angry Birds content.


A new animated series from Angry Birds! Ever wonder how the structures in Angry Birds games get built?



Season 1

  1. First Level Ever!
  2. StarStruck
  3. Cake Party
  4. Pig Popping Explained!
  5. TNT? Not For Me!
  6. Popped
  7. Pigs Will Fly
  8. Space Invaders
  9. DIY Time!
  10. Target Practice

Season 2

  1. Color Crazy



  • In Episode 4, Pig Popping Explained, many episodes from Piggy Tales are referenced, like Superpork, Dr. Pork,M.D, and The Hole. In the same episode, the music from It's A Wrap plays. 
  • In Episode 4, brief notes of the Superpork theme song play as the characters pass by.
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