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King Pig has stolen the Eggs, and there's no way to retrieve them, ever!'

This article contains information about an abandoned project.
The content of the article or this section may have been scrapped during development from the game, or other Angry Birds medias.

Angry Birds Social (also known as Bad Piggies: Create your own Angry Birds Levels!) is a cancelled webgame meant to release in 2011 by Rovio Entertainment, however unlike Angry Birds Flash and Angry Birds Opera, this game was never mentioned or announced by the company and was left in mystery until a website ( was found recently, however it's data was already deleted from the server thus it wouldn't load, however a eariler version of the game ( was found that actually worked, "you need to have Adobe Flash though for it to load"

The game consisted of creating your own Angry Birds levels as well as playing others levels and share it around the world via Facebook or you could also embed them for the public to play outside the website

The birds and pigs included in the game are Red, Chuck, Bomb, The Blues, Matilda, Hal, Terence, Corporal Pig, Foreman Pig and King Pig

There were also some test levels leftover from the build including a snow themed one, a forest themed one, a garden themed one and a volcanic one (similar to the one from Angry Birds Flash)

Alongside the game, a avatar maker was also found that predates the Bird-O-Matic from the Facebook version of Angry Birds Friends, however unlike that game, this avatar maker allowed you to share them to not only Facebook but also Twitter (for a nice profile picture)


  • Unlike other cancelled games, this game was never announced or confirmed by Rovio, instead it was found in early 2021 via an Appspot link by the Angry Birds community alongside it's succesor Bad Piggies Build (based on Bad Piggies)
  • This was the first glimpse of an Angry Birds level creator before it's succesor or Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs were created
  • Unlike the other Angry Birds webgames created in Adobe Flash, this game was based on the engine itself due to it having bonky physics and graphics, it's probably because at that time, the team was working on the first webgame Angry Birds Chrome and the AB engine wasn't probably finalized during early 2011
  • The Birds and Pigs sounds are low-pitched in the game probably to fit Adobe Flash's engine better