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Here we will show you a list of achievements in Angry Birds Space. You can choose another edition of Angry Birds by clicking one of the editions on the board at the end of this page.

Space Eagle[]

Image Title Requirements Points
Fowl Delivery Space Eagles bought 10
Cosmic Feather Space Eagle feather earned 10
Feather Picker 50 feathers earned 10

Pig Boss Levels Completed[]

Image Title Requirements Points
Vegetables of Vengeance Boss 1 defeated 10
Handy Man Boss 2 defeated 10
Birds of Courage Danger Zone finished 10
The Big Burp Boss 4 defeated 10
Curiosity Killed the Pig Boss 5 defeated 10
Sub Pig Boss 6 defeated 10
Shattered Dreams Boss 7 defeated 10

Levels Purchasement[]

Image Title Requirements Points
Where No Birds Have Gone Before Danger Zone bought 10

Total Destructions[]

Image Title Requirements Points
Episode 1 - Total Destruction Episode 1: Three stars in all levels 30
Episode 2 - Total Destruction Episode 2: Three stars in all levels 30
Danger Zone - Total Destruction Danger Zone: Three stars in all levels 30
Episode 4 - Total Destruction Episode 4: Three stars in all levels 30
Episode 5 - Total Destruction Episode 5: Three stars in all levels 30
Episode 6 - Total Destruction Episode 6: Three stars in all levels 30
Episode 7 - Total Destruction Episode 7: Three stars in all levels 30
Episode 8 - Total Destruction Part 1 Episode 8 Part 1: Three stars in all levels 30
Episode 8 - Total Destruction Part 2 Episode 8 Part 2: Three stars in all levels 30
Episode 9 - Total Destruction Episode 9: Three stars in all levels 20

Score Addict[]

Image Title Requirements Points
Episode 1 - Score Addict Episode 1: Get 2,200,000 points 30
Episode 2 - Score Addict Episode 2: Get 2,660,000 points 30
Danger Zone - Score Addict Danger Zone: Get 3,130,000 points 30
Episode 4 - Score Addict Episode 4: Get 3,450,000 points 30
Episode 5 - Score Addict Episode 5: Get 3,690,000 points 30
Episode 6 - Score Addict Episode 6: Get 2,910,000 points 30
Episode 7 - Score Addict Episode 7: Get 2,810,000 points 30
Episode 8 - Score Addict Part 1 Episode 8 Part 1: Get 1,734,480 points 30
Episode 8 - Score Addict Part 2 Episode 8 Part 2: Get 1,935,360 points 30
Episode 9 - Score Addict Episode 9: Get 2,780,000 points 20


Image Title Requirements Points
Cosmic Discovery 1 Eggsteroid found 10
Eggsteroid Hunter 5 Eggsteroids found 10

Credit Achievements[]

Image Title Requirements Points
Name Popper All bubbles popped in credits 10

Gameplay Achievements[]

Image Title Requirements Points
Centripetal Force Bird shot into a lagrangian point (Hint: Go to Pig Bang 1-5 and shoot a Red Bird above the first planet so that he passes through the overlapping gravitational fields) 10
Woodpecker 5,000 wooden blocks smashed 10
Stonecutter 5,000 stone blocks smashed 10
Icepicker 5,000 ice blocks smashed 10
Pig Popper 1,000 pigs smashed 10
Bubble Popper 1,000 bubbles popped 10
Block Smasher 50,000 blocks smashed 20
Smash Maniac 500,000 blocks smashed 30
Bird Launcher 5,000 birds launched 10
Pigsicle 500 pigs frozen 10
Three Hog Night 3 pigs frozen with 1 ice bird (Hint: For example, go to Cold Cuts 2-21, shoot the ice bird above the Large Pig at the left of the structure and he should falls and break the closest wooden blocks then freeze three pigs at once) 10
Gravitational Escape 100 birds exited atmosphere 10
Big Spook 6 pigs made scared with 1 green bird (Hint: As an example, go to Cold Cuts 2-17 or Utopia 4-17. Fire Terence toward the pigs and tap the screen when he close to the pigs to scare them all) 10
Banging Heads Pig popped with another pig 10
Professional Level Three starred a level 10
Absolute Zero King Pig frozen (Hint: Go to Cold Cuts 2-30 and fire the Red bird into some of the TNT on the planet, sending asteroids flying across the level. Ideally this should do a small amount of damage to King Pig. Then, waste the Lazer bird unless no damage has been done to King Pig. Wait until King Pig approaches the slingshot, then fire the Ice bird just above the dome of his pod. When the Ice bird is directly above the dome, trigger the Ice bird's freezing ability. This is not an easy shot, but if done close enough, the King Pig should be frozen inside of his pod.) 10
Popcorn Popper 750 popcorn seeds popped 10
Great Balls of Fire 100 fire asteroids exploded 10
Waterfowl 100 birds jumped from water 10
Throw crystals to the pigs 100 crystal planets exploded 10

Playing time[]

Image Title Requirements Points
Space Bird Fan Angry Birds Space played for 5 hours 10
True Space Bird Fan Angry Birds Space played for 15 hours 10
Space Bird Addict Angry Birds Space played for 30 hours 10


Image Title Requirements Points
Starman 250 stars earned 10

Secret Achievements[]

These achievements will not be shown in the Game Center until they're achieved.

Image Title Requirements Points
Menu Popper 100 pigs popped in the menus. 10
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