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This page contains unused content found in Angry Birds Space.


Unused Birds and Sprites[]

In the sprite sheets for the birds, there are several facial expressions that went unused. Some of them include cheering/happy faces, looking to the side, and Bomb's collision face.

In December 2023, a user in the Angry Birds Modding Community Discord server leaked a prototype build of Angry Birds Space that included three unused birds (Drill Bird, Blackhole Bird,[1] Snowball Bird[2]) and an early design of Lazer Bird.[3] The sprites of the original birds (Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, and Terence) can also be seen there, even Bomb's unused corpse sprite (win-win!!). It's unknown exactly how these sprites were meant to be used.

The aforementioned unused three birds's abilities are as follows:

  • Snowball Bird's ability would be similar to Ice Bird, though it could be an early version of that character.
  • Blackhole Bird's ability would be to create black holes, which was later implemented into the Space Egg.
  • Drill Bird's ability would be to drill through blocks using its beak. (It is said to be Hal's Space counterpart, though it may be false due to lack of similarities.)

Race UFO[]

In the files, there is a sprite for an icon of a racing UFO that would have been featured in an unused "Space Race" feature.[4] It's a normal UFO, but dark blue and with a black and white finish line checkerboard pattern around a round glass dome and a small flag with the same pattern sticking out of it.

Different Versions[]

Honey and Chocolate[]

There are sprites for dipping chocolate and honey that were meant to be used in the Waffle Walls. Syrup was used instead.

Top Hat[]

There are sprites for top hats for Hektor Porko, which were unused and replaced with a round top hat. There are purple and black versions.


From the "TestFlight Teraleaks", fans discovered that Danger Zone was originally going to be called, "Far Out" and Cold Cuts was previously "Ice is Nice".[5][6]

Unused Accessories And Objects[]

There are sprites for a Snowman that isn't in the game, some dark purple sunglasses, a compact fiery asteroid, a crystal flower, a raspberry, some antennas, a tin foil hat, an ice star, and some blocks of snow. In another sheet, a diamond in a rock for Red Planet can be seen.

Beta Designs[]

Early Utopia Level Icons[]


In earlier versions of Utopia, the level icons were dark pink recolors of the asteroids from Pig Bang, this was changed in the Pig Dipper update to the cookies seen today.

Early Cutscenes[]

On December 17, 2023, the "TestFlight Teraleak" occurred and with it unreleased cutscenes for Angry Birds Space were discovered, which were clearly just the original cutscenes but more detailed.[7][8]

Space Race[]

In the files for the version 2.0.0 of Angry Birds Space on PC, there are sprites for an unused Weekly Challenge/Time Attack mode known as "Space Race." It seems to be the Space equivalent of Mighty League or Pig Challenge, although it predates both of those.[9]

Just like what the Mighty League did, this seemingly would have had collectable stickers. It's also very likely this mode may have had different ways to play outside of Time Attack judging by some of these stickers.[10]


There are several audio files that were not used in the game. They are called AB_space_level_menu, AB_space_stars_03_example, Planet Pursuit[11] (formerly known as bosstest), spaceAmbient01, spaceAmbient02 and World_1_Ambient. Interstellar Interlude[12] (formerly known as AB_space_level_menu) is a theme that could've been used as a theme for level selecting, hence the name of the file. bosstest could've been the original theme for the boss theme levels, or used as a placeholding theme. spaceAmbient01, spaceAmbient02 and World_1_Ambient are unused ambient themes that could've been originally planned to use for a scrapped or already existing planet. AB_space_stars_03_example is an audio that sounds very much like getting three stars on a level, but slightly different.

Planet Pursuit (bosstest)[]



Interstellar Interlude (AB_space_level_menu)[]

Sound Effects[]

Blackhole Bird had his sound effects left in the files of the final game before he was discovered, which were originally in speculation of who they belonged to.

There is also an unused sound for Firebomb called BombLaunch, which is his regular sound effect but with the voice in a lower pitch. His in-game launching file is called launchBomb.


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