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Planet Block

Angry Birds Space Game - Planet Block Version is an Angry Birds game developed by Mattel. It includes planet bases which you can put the pieces into and a different launcher.


  • Space Bird Launcher
  • The Incredible Terence
  • Lightning Bird
  • 3 Large Pigs
  • 2 Satellite Helmets
  • 2 Planet Bases (1 large, 1 small)
  • 2 Large Stone Girders
  • 1 Short Stone Girder
  • 1 Short Wood Girder
  • 3 Large Wood Girders
  • 2 Stone Cubes
  • 2 Wood Triangles 
  • 32 Mission Cards
  • 8 Points Cards
  • Instructions


  • On the back of the box, there are 4 pigs, although the game only has 3.
  • This is the first Angry Birds game to have Stone Blocks.
  • Even though Mustache Pig appears on the box, he isn't in the game.
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