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Angry Birds Space Origins is a special promo for Angry Birds Space, aired on Nicktoons as part of Nickelodeon Extra on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. It currently cannot be viewed on Toons.TV, but you can still watch it on YouTube.

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Toons.TV Description

The Angry Birds are minding their own business when suddenly a space vortex rips open a hole in the sky, and the mysterious Ice Bird flies through from outer space! What are the Space Pigs up to?


The Flock had never been so happy. It was a glorious summer's day, and the birds were taking a well-earned break. Smiling, Red slapped a cap on each of the egg's shells (just to protect them from the sun, you understand. The last thing he wanted was hard-boiled eggs.) There were no pigs to be seen and Red thought the nest was safe. He was wrong. High above their heads a huge, purple, swirling wormhole opened in the sky. Even Terence looked surprised. Well, he raised one eyebrow slightly, which was more movement than usual. Something came shooting out of the center of the space anomaly - something square. Something blue. Something not from Piggy Island. It was Ice Bird, a strange space creature who just wanted to protect his rare eggsteroid. At first Ice Bird gave the Flock a cool glare, thinking they wanted his unusual egg, but just as Red explained they were friends, an evil booming laugh came from the direction of the wormhole. Laughter wasn't all that came out of the rift in time and space. As the birds stared, slack-beaked, a giant mechanical claw whirled down from above. Opening its pincer wide, the robot arm slammed into the ground, yanking up the chunk of earth where the eggsteroid had landed. In a second it had gone back through the wormhole. Ice Bird didn't wait around. Loading himself into the Angry Birds' slingshot he fired himself back through the wormhole to rescue his eggsteroid. That's when Red noticed three caps floating down from the sky. The claw had snatched the Flock's eggs too! Feathers flying with fury, the Angry Birds launched themselves through the wormhole after the stolen eggs. When they'd made it through, after travelling halfway across the galaxy, the Angry Birds found that their space odyssey had changed them. They were still angry, but now they had amazing new superpowers. And the claw? Well, it was operated by a colony of pesky porkers, the Space Pigs. The Space Pigs should have been afraid of their new guests. Very afraid.

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  • This is the first time Terence has appeared in an Angry Birds animated short alongside Chuck.
  • Hal, Matilda, Bubbles, and Stella do not appear in the film origin of the game, but Bubbles is in the game now.
  • This is also the first time the Pigs don't appear in an Angry Birds animated short, but the Pigs are in the game.
  • Plus, this is the first short to have a scene fully animated in CGI.
  • This is the first animation where Terence makes a face. In this case, if you look closely at him during the video, you'll notice that when the birds realize their eggs were stolen, his eyebrows raise in a shocked gesture and shows his teeth instead of opening his mouth.
  • Toons design is used in this video for the first time.
  • When the birds notice their egg hats had fallen,Chuck appears to be happy.



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