Angry Birds Space Origins is a special promo for Angry Birds Space, aired on Nicktoons as part of Nickelodeon Extra on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. It currently cannot be viewed on Toons.TV, but you can still watch it on YouTube.
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The Angry Birds are minding their own business when suddenly a space vortex rips open a hole in the sky, and the mysterious Ice Bird flies through from outer space! What are the Space Pigs up to?


On a peaceful day, while most of the Flock are watching over their Eggs, a giant wormhole opens up in the sky. Ice Bird, clutching an eggsteroid, falls from it and lands on the ground with an icy explosion. Red checks this new visitor, pecking him awake. The Ice Bird then rushed to its eggsteroid to try to protect it, not knowing who the Flock are.

Just then, a giant mechanical claw emerges form the wormhole, plants itself into the ground and steals a large hunk of earth. As it retracts back through the wormhole, Ice Bird realizes his eggsteroid is on the hunk of earth and flings himself back into the wormhole using The Flock's slingshot. Awestruck for a few seconds, the Flock realize the claw stole their eggs, too. They get very angry and follow Ice Bird's lead by using the slingshot to fire themselves into the wormhole.

In the wormhole, each bird is bombarded with energy that changes them into their superhero Space versions. Emerging from the wormhole, they immediately follow the trail of Ice Bird, in hot pursuit of the Space King's UFO; its mechanical claw still clutching the hunk of Earth with the eggsteroid and the Flock's three eggs.

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  • This is the first time Terence has appeared in an Angry Birds animated short alongside Chuck.
  • Hal, Matilda, Bubbles and Stella do not appear in the film origin of the game, but Bubbles is in the game now.
  • This is also the first time the Pigs don't appear in an Angry Birds animated short, but the Pigs are in the game.
  • Plus, this is the first short to have a scene fully animated in CGI.
  • This is the first animation where Terence makes a face. In this case, if you look closely at him during the video, you'll notice that when the birds realize their eggs were stolen, his eyebrows raise in a shocked gesture and shows his teeth instead of opening his mouth.
  • This is the first and only time Terence as been seen moving voluntarily. In the Toons episode Run Chuck Run, Terence is not seen moving, but appears on random places. In Catch Of The Day, he is being pulled by a giant plunger.
  • Toons design is used in this video for the first time.


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