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King Pig has stolen the Eggs, and there's no way to retrieve them, ever!'
This article contains information about an abandoned project.
The content of the article or this section may have been discontinued or scrapped during development from the game, or other Angry Birds medias.


Angry Birds Star Wars (previously known as Angry Birds Black in development[4]) was the sixth entry of the mainline Angry Birds series. It serves as an adaptation of the original trilogy of the Star Wars series. It was developed by Rovio Entertainment and LucasArts, and published by the former in November 2012. A prequel, Angry Birds Star Wars II, would be released in October 2013.

As with all remaining Angry Birds games released before Angry Birds Transformers (aside from Angry Birds Friends), Angry Birds Star Wars was deleted from the App Store and Google Play Store in 2019.

It is possible, though unlikely that Angry Birds Star Wars will return along with other games like Seasons after Rovio said in a reply that it "will be a long shot due to the license".


On February 3, 2020, along with Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars II, it was announced that the servers for Angry Birds Star Wars were closed down due to licensing issues. However, the game can still be played as normal, but the player cannot make in-app purchases, or receive advertisements. This also means that episodes such as Path of the Jedi and Boba Fett Missions cannot be unlocked instantly by purchasing them, and can only be unlocked 3-starring all episodes and collecting all the jetpacks respectively.

ABStarWars ShutDown

On April 8, 2024, the leaderboard servers for the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game went permanently offline as a result of the Nintendo Network shut down.[5]


Having finished the construction of the Death Star, Darth Vader kidnaps Princess Leia, who is left in a room with R2-D2. She installs the plans of the Death Star in the robot's memory, and the latter uses an escape pod to escape with his friend C-3PO. Later, Darth Vader pressures Leia into telling him the location of "The Egg", an object that Vader wants to find to be promoted to Emperor, although she refuses. In the meantime, C-3PO and R2-D2 land on Tatooine, where they are found by some Jawa Birds, who put them in sale hoping to get some money.[6]

Some time later, Luke Skywalker goes to buy some supplies for his farm, only to come across the Jawa Birds, who offer him R2-D2 and C-3PO. He decides to buy them and the Jawa Birds leave satisfied. The robots tell Luke about the Death Star and Leia captive.[6] Later, Luke makes his way through Tatooine, coming across some Tusken Raiders, who manage to knock him down. Fortunately however, Obi-Wan Kenobi comes in and saves him. Afterward, the duo goes to a cantina, where they meet Han Solo and Chewbacca. Then, Greedork appears after being sent by Jabba the Hutt to hunt down the heroes.[6] However, Han spots him and shoots a laser shot at him. The group later uses the Mighty Falcon to leave Tatooine and go to space. There, they track the location of the Death Star and go to it. They are supported by the Blue Squadron as well.

After going on board the Death Star, the group has a battle against Darth Vader, which gives both the villain and Obi Wan more power of the Force. The heroes later have another battle against Vader, the latter driving his TIE fighter. Despite the odds, the group defeats Darth Vader and manages to destroy the main reactor of the Death Star, which triggers a chain reaction that causes it to explode.

Later, the Bird Rebels go to Hoth and build a secret headquarters there, the Echo Base. Learning about the base, Darth Vader and his troops go to Hoth and start a battle against the Rebels there.[6] With no other option but to escape, the heroes end up in one of the asteroids of the planet. Ending up in a cave full of hostile Mynhogs, the group makes their way, eventually defeating the Giant Mynhog and leaving.

Some time after these events, the Bird Rebels go to Cloud City, a floating city on planet Gaspin, to visit Han Solo's old friend, Lando Birdissian. However, the group is unaware that Darth Vader already knows about this and has forced Lando to give him all the details about the Rebels' hostage.[6] Later, Darth Vader and Boba Fett manage to kidnap Solo and freeze him in carbonite. Regretting having aided Vader, Lando teams up with the Rebels to take down the villain. Eventually, Luke has a duel against Darth Vader, who admits to him that he is his father. However, Luke still manages to defeat him. The Bird Rebels later leave.

Time later, Luke and R2-D2 use the X-wing Birdfighter ship to travel to Dagobah so that Yoda can train Luke. Accidentally landing on Dragonsnake Bog, causing the ship to sink in the water, the two meet Yoda, who trains Luke to be a Jedi Master. Luke and R2-D2 would later leave Dagobah. In the meantime, on Tatooine, Leia frees Han from the carbonite he was trapped in, only for the two to be kidnapped by Jabba the Hutt. However, Luke comes in and saves his friends. The three heroes later leave after choking Jabba to death. On a moon of planet Endor, the Bird Rebels meet the Ewok Birds and destroy one of Darth Vader's bases.

Angry Birds Star Wars The End

The ending screen of Angry Birds Star Wars.

Meanwhile, in space, Vader and his minions have finished the building of the Death Star 2, which is powerful enough to pulverize entire battle ships instantly. However, the Bird Rebels and Lando manage to weaken the defense systems of the ship, thus making them able to get aboard it. There, the Bird Rebels have a final showdown against Darth Vader and his master, Emperor Palpatine. However, Vader has a sudden change of heart and strikes down Palpatine, though this leaves him very injured. A grieved Luke then opens Vader's armor, allowing him to see his face for the first time. However, the heroes are later forced to leave the Death Star 2 after a chain reaction is triggered, causing it to explode. The Bird Rebels later celebrate their victory with C-3PO, R2-D2 and some Ewok Birds as Obi Wan, Vader, and Yoda, as Jedi spirits, watch them.


Angry Birds Star Wars is a puzzle video game with similar gameplay to that from previous Angry Birds games. In the game, the player takes control of a limited group of birds, who can be launched anywhere by the use of a slingshot. All levels have a series of enemies the player must take down by the use of their characters. These enemies normally appear sheltered inside of structures made of wood, glass, and/or metal, in addition of some additional objects, such as chains and TNT. If the player fails to kill all the enemies in the levels, they will get a Level Failed screen, encouraging them to try again. If they manage to do so however, they will win and pass to the next level. Upon completing each level, the player will receive one, two, or three stars depending on the score received.



Gimmicks and obstacles


Playable characters

Non-playable characters



  1. Darth Vader's TIE fighter (Death Star) (only appearance)
  2. Giant Mynhog (Hoth) (only appearance)
  3. Darth Vader (Cloud City)
  4. Moon of Endor boss (Moon of Endor) (only appearance)
  5. Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine (Death Star 2) (only appearance)

Possible portrayals


  1. Tatooine
  2. Death Star
  3. Hoth
  4. Cloud City
  5. Moon of Endor
  6. Death Star II


Image Game Description
Star Wars HD Angry Birds Star Wars HD A HD port of Angry Birds Star Wars, with improved graphics and sound.
AngryBirdsStarWarsFreeAppIcon Angry Birds Star Wars Free Only on iOS. Includes the first four levels of Tatooine, Death Star, and Hoth.
Star Wars Free HD Angry Birds Star Wars HD Free/Angry Birds Star Wars Free HD Only on iOS. An HD port of Angry Birds Star Wars Free, with improved graphics and sound.
Angry-Birds-Star-Wars-Facebook-120-640x487 Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook A Facebook version of Angry Birds Star Wars which was the version which included power-ups to the game. It also had an exclusive Weekly Tournament feature.
Star Wars Xbox Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows Phone An Xbox-supported Windows Phone port of Angry Birds Star Wars.
AB Star Wars Console Angry Birds Star Wars (Console) A console port of Angry Birds Star Wars, with improved graphics, sound, exclusive levels and a multiplayer mode.


When the game released in 2012, many casual and experienced players were thrilled with the new crossover, saying that the refined gameplay (even without the crossover) made the game better compared to the original game.[7]

The console ports of the game however had some minor issues. A common complaint with the console versions was the price, which varied between $30-$50 USD on launch in 2013.[8][9] On the Wii U version, players thought that the implementation with the game pad was a good touch, but the game retailed for US$50.[10] For users on the PlayStation Vita version of the game, they complained that the touch controls are difficult to use when holding the device.[11] On the Xbox 360 version, players thought the story could've had more cinematic moments like other Star Wars games and that features like Kinect support and multiplayer were "just merely there".[12] For players on the PlayStation 3, players felt that the game was "out of place" on the console and that the price is more compared to other platforms.[13]

The Prequel

Main article: Angry Birds Star Wars II
ABSW2 loading

The loading screen of Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Angry Birds Star Wars II, or Angry Birds Star Wars 2, was a video game that is part of the Angry Birds series. A prequel of Angry Birds Star Wars, it was developed by Rovio Entertainment and LucasArts, and released in late 2013.

The primary feature of Angry Birds Star Wars II is the ability to side with either the Bird or the Pork Side, each with their own sets of playable characters and chapters.[14] The game also features the use of "Telepods", plastic stands that enable players to import special character toys into the game, which the character then be used in-game.[15]

As with all remaining Angry Birds games released before Angry Birds Transformers (aside from Angry Birds Friends), Angry Birds Star Wars II was deleted from the App Store and Google Play Store in 2019. In early 2020, the game was officially discontinued and the servers for Angry Birds Star Wars II, Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Rio were closed down. However, the game can still be played as normal except the microtransactions and advertisements being disabled.


For the gallery, see Angry Birds Star Wars/Gallery.


Differences from the movies

ABGO MechanicPig2
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Either to tone down the content for younger audiences or because of the character limitations, many scenes in the movies were altered or removed in the game.

  • Luke seems to be living alone in Tatooine, without any mention of Owen and Beru Lars.
  • In the cinematic trailer, Obi-Wan Kenobi cuts off a pickle from Ponda Baba's mouth instead of his arm.
  • Princess Leia keeps the same hair style from A New Hope throughout the game, except when she was captured by Jabba the Hutt in a cutscene in Moon of Endor.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi is still playable in levels even after his duel with Darth Vader in the Death Star. However, his Force ghost appears after completing the game.
  • Darth Vader chops off a few of Luke's feathers with his lightsaber instead of his hand.
  • Luke gets his green lightsaber in Dagobah in Path of the Jedi, whereas in the films, he gets his after he loses his blue one after the duel with Darth Vader.
  • In the final cutscenes for the game, it is Luke who casts Emperor Palpatine down the shaft, instead of Darth Vader himself.


  • The game idea was suggested by an unknown Twitter user in December 2010, which the Angry Birds Twitter replied with confirmation.[16]
  • For unknown reasons, the main theme of Angry Birds Star Wars was removed in the 1.5.12 update, leaving the title screen silent when the game starts.
  • This game reuses many game mechanics, sound effects, and assets from Angry Birds Space.
  • Despite being discontinued the game is still listed on the Star Wars website.[17]
  • Greedo's blaster can be seen smoking after Han shoots him, referencing the 1997 Special Edition change in A New Hope.
    • Anakin's Force ghost in the ending cutscene is based on the 2004 Special Edition of Return of the Jedi.
  • The game was featured in Nintendo's eShop sale news on February 17, 2015.[18]


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