Angry Birds Star Wars features a lot of unused content and they are:

Unused Episodes

Jabba's Palace

In the files, there's a sprite for a Coming Soon icon for Jabba's Palace, it probably would be a set of bonus levels, a
Palace Jabba Level Coming Soon
bonus episode on Cloud City or an episode before Moon Of Endor. It probably would feature the Moon Of Endor beginning cutscenes and Jabba as a boss, however, it was removed but Jabba still appears on Cutscenes.

Unused Upgrades

Path Of The Jedi

In the sheet for upgrades, green updrades of Obi-Wan-Kenobi, Han Solo and Chewbacca can be seen, which were intended to be given for the characters after completing some levels. It was cut because it couldn't fit into the episode.

ve Unused Content
* - Discontinued, cancelled, or closed
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