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Angry Birds Star Wars II features a lot of unused content as seen below.

Unused Characters[]

Blue Squadron[]


Old characters sprite sheet, including rebel pilots

In the sheet for characters, sprites for the Rebel Pilots can be seen. They would probably appear in the game but weren't used. A reason for this is because their power is the same as the Jedi Younglings.


In the files, there is a sprite for Yoffar which would replace the Spies or Rodians in the Pork Side levels of Rebels.


Luke Skywalker (Angry Birds Star Wars)[]

Luke in the new

The original Luke Skywalker in Angry Birds Star Wars II.

In one of the Telepods trailers, it features the same Luke Skywalker that is playable in the original Angry Birds Star Wars. It is likely that he was the placeholder/prototype for Pilot Luke before he was finished.

Unused Objects[]



In the characters sheet, there's a sprite for an atlatl, which could be possibly thrown by Jar Jar Binks as his ability because in the movie, atlatls are thrown by Gungans.

Original Slingshot[]

The same Telepods trailer that featured the scrapped Luke Skywalker also used the normal slingshot. It was cut in favor of the lightsaber slingshots.

Unused Backgrounds[]

Title Screen[]

The initial title screen would include Cloud City at night and with different buildings, but it's now the same as the Rise of the Clones Bird Side background.

Episode Select[]

The initial episode select screen was similar, with just some stars and different button placement.

Beta Designs[]

Battle Droid[]

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Beta Battle Droid

In the Telepods trailer of Angry Birds Star Wars II, the Battle Droids are different with green armor parts instead of skin.



Anakin's Podracer in the gameplay trailer

In the gameplay trailer, Anakin Skywalker Episode I's Podracer has a simplified and longer design.



On the level select sprite-sheet, there are 4 variations of clock sprites. Their purpose is currently unknown, but some believe it was used for the “choose your destiny” section in version 1.8.1 or 1.9.25 of the PC port.


That sprite sheet

Unused Shadow Trooper shop portrait[]

On the sprite-sheet with characters portraits for shop, can be founded shadow trooper alternative portrait in his hologram form.


Prototype Jawa Bird Sounds[]

In the full trailer of angry birds star wars || on 0:48, There were early Jawa Bird sounds used in the prototype. but in the final version, they were removed and replaced with the new sounds of Jawa bird.

ve Unused Content
* - Discontinued, cancelled, or closed
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