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This article or section is in the process of an expansion or major restructuring. You are welcome to assist in its construction by editing it as well. If this article or section has not been edited in several days, please remove this template. The reason for this page to be under construction is that there are developer related unused content, an internal project name, and debugging functions, as said here.

This is the list of unused content from the game, Angry Birds Stella.

Early Builds

  • The power-up used to be an Anvil, but it was replaced with a Hammer in the final version.



  • A telepod was supposed to be available in December 2014 to unlock an additional costume for Poppy (Spring Day costume), but it was never released. While the costume art is finished, the related photograph is unfinished. Two other costumes for Luca are unused, such as a black beanie and a yellow afro wig. These can be found in the game files.
  • There are also some telepods that have prototypes but do not have sprites in-game. These were seen in a display case in Toyfair 2014. 

Chapter 3 (Caves) and Circus level

  • After the release of Angry Birds Stella, a third, unnamed cave episode was teased at the end of the game's second episode that says "Coming Soon", same goes to Circus level in v1.1.1 update. But unfortunately, both of them were scrapped as the game was discontinued, and it was possibly sure that the Cave chapter might be inspired from Mine and Dine, and the Circus level might be inspired by Abra-Ca-Bacon.

Unused Game Graphics


Pigs and Blocks

  • Some Pigs are never used in the game such as Dino Pig, Ghost Pig, Chewing Gum Pig, Snail Pig, and Diva Pig. As well as some blocks which were never used.


  • Unused app icon.
  • An unused photo of Stella.
  • There are some Lost and Found items are unused and unfinished (such as the Hanglider that later appeared in Own The Sky, Stella's headset, a Pig Mask from the Ham'o'ween Short Movie, Luca's Toys, a Record Player, Dahlia's Science Kit, Posters that were removed due to copyright infringement, Whoopy Cushion, etc.).
  • Unused tutorial sprites of Stella and her friends.
  • Unfinished cutscene for Chapter 2 with unseen panel on the top right corner.
ve Unused Content
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