This is the list of unused content from the game, Angry Birds Stella.

Early Builds

  • The power-up used to be an Anvil, but it was replaced with a Hammer in the final version.



  • A telepod was supposed to be available in December 2014 to unlock an additional costume for Poppy (Spring Day costume), but it was never released. While the costume art is finished, the related photograph is unfinished. Two other costumes for Luca are unused, such as a black beanie and a yellow afro wig. These can be found in the game files.

Chapter 3 and Circus level

  • After the release of Angry Birds Stella, a third, unnamed episode was teased at the end of the game's second episode that says "Coming Soon", same goes to Circus level in v1.1.1 update. But unfortunately, both of them were scrapped as the game was discontinued.

Unused Game Graphics


Pigs and Blocks

  • Some Pigs are never use in the game such as Dino Pig, Ghost Pig, Chewing Gum Pig, Snail Pig, Classy Pig, Diva Pig, and more. As well as the blocks, they were never used.


  • Unused app icon.
  • An unused photo of Stella.
  • There are some Lost and Found items are unused and unfinished.
  • Unused tutorial sprites of Stella and her friends.
  • Unfinished cutscene for Chapter 2 with unseen panel on the top right corner.