Angry Birds Stella is a 3D motion animated series based on the game of the same name. It's the first series in Toons.TV to focus on one single story.

The first season premiered on November 1, 2014 on Toons.TV. The second season premiered on the Toons.TV app on October 9, 2015. 

List of Episodes

See List of Angry Birds Stella episodes for Season 1.

See List of Angry Birds Stella Season 2 episodes for Season 2.

Voice cast

Actor Characters
Heljä Heikkinen: Stella
Paula Vesala Gale
Sari Mällinen Dahlia
Annituuli Kasurinen Willow
Saara Lehtonen Luca, Gale
Antti Pääkkönen: Minion Pigs, Artist Pig

Shaman Pig

Antti LJ Pääkkönen: Handsome Pig
Ilona Kyykoski: Critters
Ida Koivisto Critters



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