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This article contains information about an abandoned project.

The content of the article or this section may have been scrapped during development from the game, or other Angry Birds medias.

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Angry Birds Telepizza was a web game that was released on May 25, 2012.

The game was linked at:, however, due to the game being shut down, this link directs to Facebook's "Angry Birds Friends".


  • The language of the game is Spanish.
  • This is the only game that there are not level boxes but pizza slices representing the levels.

    Main Menu

  • When the level is finished, it's Stars but it's pepperoni slices awarded.
  • The TNT Crates are now Jalapeño Boxes.
  • Tomatoes are 1000 points.
  • When you complete a level, there is a slice of pizza representing the slices rewarded.



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