Angry Birds Tennis
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Length (in levels): Various Levels.
Rovio Entertainment
Rovio Entertainment
Released: February 11, 2019 (soft-launch; selected countries)
Platforms: IOS, ANDROID
Ratings: PG
Genre: Tennis
Version(s): 0.2 - 0.2.5860

Angry Birds Tennis is a new Angry Birds game. It was soft-launched in February 2020 in the App Stores to people in North America and Mexico. It was later discontinued in September 2020.


As said above, the game is played like tennis and is literally tennis. The player needs to win a match of the game in the levels with characters, that are the following: RedChuckBomb, Silver, Ross, Foreman Pig, GarryCourtney or Leonard  and on various locations such as Cobalt Plateaus, Bird Island , etc. There are various game modes and the player can play against another player.

The tennis is played in rectangular area with a net that divides two parts: the player and the other player's part. Each character is equipped with a slingshot racket, the player has to pull back to perform a front launch and swipe to the sides to make a side diagonal launch. If the player doesn't hit a ball, the character loses health. 

In the newer build of the game, you have to swipe foward to hit the ball. When serving, tap the screen, then after some time swipe foward to finish the serve.Tap the certian sides of the court to move. (swiping to the sides doesn't work anymore.)

After hitting the ball for a certian amount of time, a character will activate its super, which it can shoot a fire ball that can be launched from a slingshot, making it harder for the opponent to get to it on time. 

The pigs also return in order to play tennis with the birds. The player can grind for ( "Coins" and "Tokens" (which are the same item), which can be aquired in bags and by winning matches. There are also green gems, they are possibly aquired from "Mega Bags", ranking up, and moving up leagues.

The game also had a few different bugs in it. Most notabily the bug where you can serve the ball on the character selection screen, which gives the server a point because the person you're facing can't hit it back. 
ANGRY BIRDS TENNIS - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 iOS - Red Bomb Chuck Unlocked

ANGRY BIRDS TENNIS - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 iOS - Red Bomb Chuck Unlocked

Cut Content

As stated above, there were major differences in the beta version compared to the "final" version. For example: In the old version, you had the option to swap out different players after a round, there were different game modes, like Hot Potato and Tag Team to name a few, there was a section in the character's bio stating what type of court they liked the most (Basically all of them liked the rocky court), had a unique song when searching for an opponent, the character pfp's were different (Red being the only one with a custom image, the rest with images from the Angry Birds Movie 2 ), the characters had their own special abilities, like bomb with an explosive one, chuck with a lightning type, and the pigs with some type of mud ability that slowed down the opponent. The matches only lasted 5 rounds at most. The updated version implimented some much needed character model upgrades, removed basically everything that is mentioned above, and shut down a month after.


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