The cinematic trailer for Angry Birds Transformers was released on August 29, 2014.


The opening scene of the trailer depicts the Allspark (dubbed the Eggspark) falling from space to Earth, while The Flock races against the Bad Piggies to retrieve The Eggs. The Allspark makes planetfall, turning both Birds and Piggies into robots. In addition, The Eggs are changed into Eggbots, shooting at objects and turning them into robots that attack both sides. The Birds (as the Autobirds) and the Piggies (as the Deceptihogs) decide to join forces and fight the Eggbot incursion together. The trailer ends with the Autobirds in their vehicle modes pursuing the fleeing Eggbots.



  • The trailer is done in the style of the original (Generation 1) Transformers cartoon series. It goes so far as to include the Rovio logo in the opening, done in traditional cel animation. Even the music and animation style is reminiscent of 1980's cartoons, being low frame rate for cheap mass produced animated shows of that era.
    • Several references to the Transformers G1 opening theme include the Birds and Pigs running through a canyon like the Autobots and Decepticons before fighting each other, and the title appearing from behind a mountain.
  • The trailer is denoted as a "VHS Rip", as it was made to look (and sound) like it was made on a VHS tape in the mid 1980's. It includes VHS tracking lines at the bottom of the video, and even low-quality monaural audio.
  • At the start of video, Bomb, The Blues, and Various Pigs appear. However, after the Allspark falls, they disappear.
  • The trailer also serves as the game's prologue when it is played for the very first time. In more recent updates, The game's prologue was removed.


Angry Birds! Transformers!

Birds disguised as robots in disguise!

Angry Birds! Transformers!


Angry Birds Transformers Cinematic Trailer (VHS-Rip)

Angry Birds Transformers Cinematic Trailer (VHS-Rip)


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Angry Birds Transformers Cinematic Trailer (VHS-Rip) on YouTube

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