The Angry Birds Transformers Comic-Con Trailer was released on July 24, 2014 during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. 


The story starts with a jet flying and we see two Minion Pigs looking at the jet, and as the jet back door opens, we see Red as Optimus Prime squealing his wheels, and starting up, but suddenly, the two Minion Pigs were shooting green lasers at him, so Red starts to dodge them. Then, he starts to stand up and run, as they shoot green lasers at him again. Suddenly, he starts to dodge them again, and shoot blue lasers at them. As he kills all three pigs, he breaks through the box, but suddenly, he looks at the world's biggest, and crankiest, yet evil, Minion Pig of them all! Then, he starts to look at Red and shoots yellow balls of fire on him, but Red dodges them, and shoots back. But nonetheless, Red is useless until Megatron is teleported to work together to beat the largest pig. They shoot at the largest pig, and suddenly, he is defeaten.



  • Chuck as Bumblebee, Hal as Grimlock, and Starscream Pig never appear in this trailer, but they will in the Angry Birds Transformers Cinematic Trailer.
  • This trailer is not actual gameplay, according to the disclaimer on the bottom right of the screen.
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Angry Birds Transformers Comic-Con trailer

Angry Birds Transformers Comic-Con trailer