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This article contains information about an abandoned project.

The content of the article or this section may have been scrapped during development from the game, or other Angry Birds medias.

Angry Birds VR is an unreleased game. Not much is known about it yet, except that it was tested out at the "Rock in Rio" event.


While most Angry Birds games consist of trying to pop all pigs with the birds given, the VR game consists of Red going through floating hoops. While this is all the gameplay will be is unknown.

It is also played in an Oculus-Rift and Samsung Gear VR, but it is unknown if you will have to buy the device to play the game.

It also re-uses models from Angry Birds GO!.

In February 2016, Rovio showed off another Angry Birds VR demo that takes you on a comet ride around the solar system, it's called Angry Birds Space VR.

From VRScout news article:

The roughly 2-minute long space journey places you atop a giant comet – riding behind Red who sits in an oversized slingshot. As you soar in space, the comet follows a path through the solar system, letting you look around in all directions.

Exploring all the planets, you must keep a close eye out for any astronaut pigs floating around the solar system – they are not your friends. Utilizing the touchpad on the Gear VR, you can aim and shoot the pigs out of their space suits.

Developed by Brazil-based VR studio IMGNATION, Angry Birds Space VR is being privately demoed at a few events in the U.S. and Brazil. For the initial launch, the team had 40 days to get the demo up and running for a July reveal at NASA headquarters for a New Horizons event, a historic celebration for the first-ever flyby of Pluto, according to Orlando Fonseca Jr., Founder at IMGNATION Studios. Both the ISS and New Horizons spacecraft are depicted in the VR demo.

Subsequently, Angry Birds Space VR was demoed in October at the Brasil Game Show, a yearly South American video game convention, as well as last month at Campus Party, a week long technology festival in São Paulo, Brazil.

Angry Birds Space VR improves upon the first VR experience that was created for the Rock in Rio festival. The Rock in Rio VR demo placed you behind Red as you navigated him through glowing rings, all while using your head to steer him straight through. There was one drawback – it was difficult to look around and admire the surrounding 360° environment since your head was so busy acting as a controller.

From the same article asked for the big question, "when will we ever get to try this?"

Rovio responded that “they don’t have plans to make the VR experiences publicly available.”

Both Angry Birds VR experiences will likely not be released unfortunately.



  • While Rovio April-Fooled everyone with an Oculus-Rift (Eggulus Rift) joke in 2014, it turns out that it was legitimate, although not exactly the same.
  • Instead, Rovio makes AB VR: Isle of Pigs who is already out and AB VR: Under Pressure who is coming soon.



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