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Angry Birds Valentine Egg no Maki (バレンタイン・EGGの巻) is a four-episode comic in Japanese, illustrated by Aya Tsutsumi (津々巳あや) and written by Paul Tobin, commissioned by Rovio especially for Japanese fans for Valentine's Day 2012.


After eavesdropping on a conversation between two ordinary pigs talking about chocolate eggs for Valentine's, King Pig comes up with a plan to steal the Birds' eggs to be made into chocolate eggs for the occasion.

Meanwhile, the Birds are also busy preparing for the big day, especially Matilda  who is thrilled to usher Valentine's Day so much that it irritates Bomb , and he even dared to write Valentine's cards to the pigs, much to the chagrin of Red.

Suddenly, the Pigs storm into the birds' territory with a wooden automaton with a cut-out pig's head, limbs made of planks, roller-skate feet and a signboard that reads in English, "We love Valentine's Day & Birds & Eggs", as a torso. The automaton managed to scare away the three birds who were present at the scene as they were being watched by the King gleefully.

When the pigs were so close to lay their hooves on the Birds' eggs, at last, the day was saved when Chuck and The Blues barge in right on time to wreck the automaton and ward off the porcine invaders, and thus yet another of King Pig's schemes is ruined right in front of his eyes.


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