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The Angry Birds Wiki is the first and largest source of information for Angry Birds on the internet.


Ever since May 27, 2010, the Angry Birds Wiki's goal is to document everything about Angry Birds such as games, characters, and even merchandise. One day, we hope to have pages on everything in the Angry Birds series. The Angry Birds Wiki is a trusted source by content creators and fans alike to reminisce on the series' legacy and media.


The Angry Birds Wiki is hosted for free on Fandom which is a for-profit wiki hosting service with ads on articles, though they can be removed on all articles when signed into an account. An option to turn ads back on is also available to support the longevity of the service.



In 2010, when the popularly of Angry Birds was rising, this wiki was founded by RYANWILLIAMS2465 on Wikia (now called Fandom).


In 2011, Superjustinbros. and Shrev64 became bureaucrats while Qazqaz555 became an admin and the wiki was starting to improve. The wiki also reached 200 articles in October of that year.


In 2012, Qazqaz555 became a bureaucrat and the wiki was starting to rise with some users which later became/were admins such as Link The Hero of Time, PrinceGoldenGale, Angry Hearts, The Boomerang and AquaChoco1997 joined that year. Qazqaz during this time suggested the idea of expanding the staff team with three new positions. The wiki was spotlighted in September 2012 to celebrate the release of Angry Birds Trilogy on the Wikia (now Fandom) Network.


In 2013, AngryHearts had the idea of having Featured Polls on the wiki to engage with the community.


In 2014, QazQaz stepped down and Bp101697 became a bureaucrat and the wiki was popular with Angry Birds fans with new games such as Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Stella and Angry Birds Transformers releasing on iOS and Android while Piggy Tales and Angry Birds Stella Toons were released on Toons.TV. The wiki also reached 1600 articles in March of that year.


In 2015, AquaChoco1997 became a bureaucrat and with Angry Birds 2 releasing that year which was the sequel to the original game, the wiki had a big year overall.


In 2016, the wiki was re-themed to match the (at the time) upcoming release of The Angry Birds Movie.


In 2017, The Boomerang announced a character page cleanup project which was to add game and media appearances to the pages but unfortunately, the main infoboxes were removed even though they were planned to be there.


In 2018, the wiki's official Discord server was created by Aquachoco.


In 2019, a bad thing happened involving the removal of Angry Birds games from 2009-2013 except for Friends, which made fans upset and angry. However, Bad Piggies was later added back to the app stores. The Boomerang announced a a new character page format that year which removed the need for pages such as Star Wars Characters and Rio Characters. The wiki was also re-themed for the release of The Angry Birds Movie 2.

Some good news was that this wiki was recognized by Rovio Entertainment Corporation in a slide for the Angry Birds 10th Anniversary by Stephen Porter![1]


In 2020, Guilherme Santos1 and Yasermeddour20 became content moderators that year and in July, Aquachoco released her third part of “ WIP with the AB Wiki”.

With the licenses for Rio, Star Wars and it's sequel expiring and with not many games releasing in that time, it was a small year for Angry Birds.


In 2021, ChickenLover21 became a moderator then an admin that year and with Angry Birds Reloaded and season 2 of Angry Birds Slingshot Stories releasing that year and Angry Birds Double Crossed, Angry Birds Launch It! and Bad Piggies 2 being announced that year. The wiki also reached the milestone of 5,000 articles. It was a big year for Angry Birds and the wiki overall. Guilherme Santos1 however got demoted because of a tweet and then got banned after causing edit wars with JaydonKing4K on the Angry Birds Seasons and Infobox Game pages. He was later unbanned after a month, but was temporarily reblocked by AquaChoco1997.


In 2022, ChickenLover21 became a bureaucrat while PalkiaHere and Reece2oo9 became content moderators that year. The wiki was then spotlighted in April 2022 to celebrate the release of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds on the explore page. AquaChoco1997 unfortunately resigned her bureaucrat rights and retired that year after being on the wiki for nearly ten years. During some forum drama in March and April, JaydonKing4K and NightSkyChoco were demoted and SplitPea1 resigned from his position. After the conflict, Mosquitosquisher7 & Reece2oo9 received moderator positions and Yasermeddour20 was promoted to admin. During June, ChickenLover21 updated the wiki’s dark theme and made other internal upgrades to the site. In July, GeeGolden was promoted to thread moderator. On September 4th, the wiki was given its first ever Wiki Representative TimeShade.[2] In November, Leonard de abibis was promoted to content moderator with Reece2oo9 being globally banned for violating the Terms of Use and policy on duplicate wikis.[3][4][5]


In 2023, the Angry Birds Wiki and r/angrybirds Discord server was merged with the Angry Birds Community server as a result of a restructuring plan in March. In May, ChickenLover21 announced he will be less active on the wiki starting in August and lasting until late December. In June, the English and the Russian AB wikis collaborated to expand each other’s comic articles. In July, a new social media template was revealed as a result of API embed issues and the wiki's staff team made an announcement stating we will not move wiki hosts in the near future. In November, this wiki enabled the "Thanks extension", which allows editors to easily thank a user for their individual contributions to an article.


In 2024, User:OinkyOinkers was promoted to content moderator. In March, the wiki started to move individual Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Transformers character articles to Angryverse articles as a result of a community poll. In May, all "History and appearances" subpages were merged with their respective Angryverse counterparts.

More coming soon...


  • was the first user on the wiki to be blocked and Alfei.arocha is the first user to receive an indefinite ban.
  • Angry Hearts was the first female staff member on the wiki.
  • Guilherme Santos1 was the first staff member to be demoted from their position.
  • AquaChoco1997 was the first user to reach 20,000 edits on the wiki.
  • In 2021, an admin of the "Angry Birds Universe Wiki" was caught stealing articles from the Angry Birds Wiki and was undetected until the wiki was deleted by Fandom for topic duplication.
  • CluckBot was the first bot account on the wiki to pass 20,000 edits in July of 2023.
  • ChickenLover21 was the first user to reach 30,000 edits on the wiki.


Main Page variants throughout the years

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Main article: Angry Birds Wiki:Wordmark Designs & Backgrounds



The Angry Birds Wiki has also been featured in YouTube videos as a source of Angry Birds information, whether it be obscure or common.


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