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Clan Leader: AquaChoco1997

For more information about the Angry Birds 2's clan in general, go to Rovio's Support page


  • Make sure to be active!
    • If you haven't active in the clan more than 7 or 14 days without reasoning in Chat (whenever there's a broken lightbulb symbol), you'll be removed from the Angry Birds Wiki's clan.
    • You have go to Chat for reasoning before you go inactive.
      • Example: I won't play Angry Birds 2 for days because I'm busy with other things, I'll be back soon!
  • No cheaters and hackers allowed, period. It's unacceptable and it ruins the meaning of fun in the game, that's a result for removing you from Angry Birds Wiki clan.


Like on Rovio's terms and conditions, there are rules in the chat that you expect.

  • Please respect others.
  • No hate speech.
  • Attempt to harassment, abuse, or harm of another person and Rovio employees are never okay. That results in removing you from Angry Birds Wiki clan.
  • No spamming.


  1. Can I promote a Co-Leader in your clan?
  • Clans in Angry Birds 2 have 50 members total in one clan. The Angry Birds Wiki has a limit for anyone to be a Co-Leader in the clan, which is 5. Co-leaders have to manage the members, kick bad clan members (except other Co-Leaders), and can promote other members to be Co-Leader (but not demote, only the Clan Leader can).
    • Please, make sure to follow the rules and use your Co-Leader power carefully.
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