The Angry Birds Wiki Article Improvers is a Committee Sub-Group of the Angry Birds Wiki Staff directly underneath the Committee Group. Article Improvers are trusted with rollback rights and fill in vacant or stub articles with more detailed information.

The Article Improver Supervisor is a Committee Member responsible for overseeing activity within the group, and helping users who are having difficulty.

Article Improvers will have this on their userpage:

White Bird This user is an Article Improver of Angry Birds Wiki.

Current Members

There are currently no members. We are currently looking for at least 3 users for this position.

Responsibilities of the Article Improvers

  • Undo vandalism
  • Fill in vacant or stub articles with much more detailed information in a professional manner regarding the wiki's policies.
  • Improve pages with this stub template:
This page is a stub article.
This article, Article Improvers, is a stub. You can help Angry Birds Wiki by expanding it and adding more information as soon as possible, then removing the {{[[Template:|<stub>}} tag.

Requirements to be a Member

  • Be a daily, if not, weekly active user for 3 months
  • Improve articles regularly.
  • At least 300 edits

Applying to be a member

Use this talk page to request to become an Article Improver. You will need to have done all previous requirements before applying.

This page can also be used to nominate other users to become members.

The Article Improver Supervisor, along with the rest of the group vote on whether an applicant is ready to join the group. If there is no Article Improver Supervisor, then the Committee Group Supervisor will replace that position until one is found.


Use "Header 2" or "== ==" in source mode to write your username. Under it, explain why you are applying to become an Article Improver and why you think you are qualified to become one.

Response: Say either, "Support" or "Decline" when explaining your reasons on why the applicant is or is not qualified.

  • A good reason: Decline - You have been uncooperative and unproductive
  • A bad reason: Decline - I don't like you

Example:Random user

I would like to become a article improver because (reason) (signature)


  • Member #1: Decline - (reason) (signature)
  • Member #2: Decline - (reason) (signature)
  • Member #3: Support - (reason) (signature)
  • Group Supervisor #1: Decline - (reason) (signature)

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