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Short Version

If you have been blocked, please fill out this form.

Long Version

When editing on public wikis for the first time, there might be a chance that a block will be given to you if you're not following the specific rules or inserting unreferenced and/or incorrect information. If this has happened to you recently, stay calm and continue reading.

Different Types of Blocks


If a block notice that looks like this example is below your contributions tab, then please fill out the linked form in the block reason or click here.

Fandom Wiki Local Ban


However if the block notice looks something to this nature, then there's not much our local staff team can do about the block. One of the only ways to appeal when facing this version is to submit a ban appeal here.

Fandom Wiki Global Ban

Example #1

Fandom Wiki Global Ban V2

Example #2

How to Prevent Blocks

One of the best ways to prevent the chance of a block on an account is to catch up on our Policies, Manual of Style and the Important Notices on the Main Page of the wiki.

Types of Blocks

On the wiki there are 2 categories for blocks, those being for normal members and staff members. Each category has different steps in the process.


  1. Warning[note 1]
  2. Block (1 week)
  3. Block (2 weeks)
  4. Block (3 months)
  5. Block (1 year)
  6. Block (∞)


  1. Warning #1
  2. Warning #2
  3. Warning #3
  4. Demotion
  5. Block


  1. This is the case unless the user has purposefully created vandalism or is a sockpuppet account. In that case, ignore the warning and move to #2 for the vandal/troll and to #6 for sockpuppets unless a convincing appeal form has been submitted by the user in both cases.