[03:31] <Bp101697> Hi Hearts.
[03:32] <Angry Hearts> Hello, wow I haven't been on this for super long.
[03:32] <Bp101697> I think we should have a discussion like this every month to improve the wiki.
[03:33] <Angry Hearts> I'll try
[03:33] <Bp101697> And any contributor in this wiki can join
[03:34] <Bp101697> 3 days ago I talked with Repeater. I think this wiki grows very slowly right now.
[03:34] <Bp101697> Around 1 activity per day...
[03:35] <Bp101697> At first I think in the past we did not take a risk on Wikia management.
[03:36] <Bp101697> So almost all Angry Birds Fan have gone to Angry Birds Nest.
[03:36] <Bp101697> I think I have to wait every staff ready.
[03:40] <Bp101697> [[User:PrinceGoldenGale]] At first, please add Golden Gale a discussion mod.
[03:40] <Bp101697> This user right can manage article comments and some additional options in forum.
[03:41] <Angry Hearts> Oops, sorry. Ping phrases do not work, btw. 
[03:41] <Angry Hearts> The forums aren't really active though for discussions
[03:42] <Bp101697> About chat hack, I have found enabling chat hack can lead the PM lag.
[03:43] <Bp101697> This is the reason why we should move all the discussions (and promoting users) to forum.
[03:44] <Angry Hearts> No. Forum will be removed soon by Wikia. 
[03:44] <Bp101697> We may use the discussion instead in the future.
[03:45] <Bp101697> In PvZW, at last year there are around 1500-2000 article pages, but now there are 43xx pages, while last year we have around 3100 pages, now there are only 3234.
[03:46] <Angry Hearts> Lots of them are uncategorized and messy, too. I want to add another bot here. 
[03:46] <Bp101697> Yep.
[03:47] <Bp101697> But at first you can use my bot when I am active like now.
[03:47] <Angry Hearts> Only one person can control a bot though, isn't it? 
[03:47] <Bp101697> Yep.
[03:47] <Bp101697> You can ask me to use.
[03:48] <Angry Hearts> Oooh. Could I try it out? 
[03:49] <Bp101697> Yes, tell me what you want to do
[03:50] <Angry Hearts> Categorize the pages with the same topic. Like, a lot of level pages lack the proper category 
[03:51] <Angry Hearts> Remember the Epic Levels? I got rid of at least 100 of the 300 pages by adding them to the Level Navbox.
[03:51] <Bp101697> Yep
[03:52] <Angry Hearts> Should I ask the other admins (if they're coming) if I can create a bot here? I should let others know...
[03:53] <Bp101697> Yep.
[03:55] <Angry Hearts> If they come... 
[03:56] <Angry Hearts> Did Prince ask to be a discussions moderator?
[03:58] <Bp101697> But at first I changed the committee member to have all three moderator rights.
[04:00] <Angry Hearts> What committee member..?
[04:01] <Bp101697> [[Angry Birds Wiki:Committee Group]]
[04:02] <Angry Hearts> I see. But, did Prince ask to be a discussions moderator as well? 
[04:05] <Bp101697> He/She did not but we discussed it to have all three mod rights, and we apply to all promoted users in the future.
[04:06] <Angry Hearts> Just Discussion, right? Not Content..
[04:07] <Bp101697> Nope, Chat, discussion, and content.
[04:07] <Angry Hearts> You can't be a discussiona and Content at the same time. That would be adminship. 
[04:12] <Bp101697> Nope.
[04:13] <Bp101697> Admin can block users while they can't.
[04:13] <Bp101697> I have both rights but I cannot block users.
[04:14] <Bp101697> in Candy Crush Wiki.
[04:14] <Angry Hearts> Oh. Okay, sure. They're pretty responsible. 
[04:16] <Bp101697> Finished editing Epic Infobox.
[04:16] <Bp101697> At first we used the AngryBirds Fone, but now I changed back to normal.
[04:16] <Bp101697> *Font
[04:21] <Bp101697> For using the bot, you need to specify the categories since I cannot create the list with page title.
[04:21] <Bp101697> Example: Please remove difficulty in Angry Birds Epic Levels.
[04:27] <Bp101697> According to Golden Gale's reply, idk if there are more users to join.
[04:27] <Bp101697> [[Thread:71866]]
[04:31] <Angry Hearts> Sorry, use the Ping phrases so I can remember to switch back tabs. (It's my username, AH, or Hearts) 
[04:31] <Angry Hearts> Okay yeah, you might wanna get rid of the difficulty as well.
[04:32] <Bp101697> I already removed it.
[04:32] <Bp101697> Just an example.
[04:32] <Angry Hearts> If it's Angry Birds Seasons, just label the pages as "Levels, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Seasons Levels" 
[04:34] <Bp101697> I think we should do it manually.
[04:34] <Bp101697> We cannot only depend on the bot.
[04:34] <Angry Hearts> Okay.. but there's a lot. 
[04:34] <Bp101697> Bot has the limited ability.
[04:34] <Angry Hearts> I see. 
[04:35] <Bp101697> We can do it.
[04:35] <Bp101697> Because many users in Candy Crush Wiki also use this way to tidy.
[04:35] <Bp101697> Some users get 60xxx edits in 3-4 years of contributions.
[04:35] <Angry Hearts> And then there are those levels that just don't seem to fit under any category at all, so I'd label them "A to Z" 
[04:36] <Angry Hearts> And yes, I'm on a community like those...
[04:36] <Bp101697> Yes.
[04:36] <Bp101697> And we should do it manually.
[04:37] <Bp101697> Did you see my contributions in the past?
[04:40] <Bp101697> Hi Repeater.
[04:40] <Iamarepeater> Hi Bp
[04:42] <Bp101697> You can sww the message in [[Angry Birds Wiki:Chat/Logs/4 February 2017?t=20170204043752]]
[04:42] <Bp101697> *see
[04:42] <Bp101697> *Chat log
[04:42] <Bp101697> I'm recoding the templates
[04:43] <Iamarepeater> Ah
[04:44] <Iamarepeater> I also realise one thing
[04:44] <Iamarepeater> Original, season, rio, space...
[04:45] <Bp101697> Why?
[04:45] <Iamarepeater> They all can use the same introduction template structure
[04:47] <Bp101697> Yep.
[04:47] <Iamarepeater> Was it made though?
[04:47] <Bp101697> I think it is not hard and I removed all the background colors.
[04:47] <Iamarepeater> Yep
[04:48] <Iamarepeater> no point having unnecessary codes
[04:48] <Bp101697> And everyone, I will change the {{Pigs}} to be able to fill the numbers like this: {{Pigs|Small|2|Large|2}}
[04:48] <Bp101697> But all the pages need to be edited.
[04:50] <Angry Hearts> I recently changed the Angry Birds Games Navbox. You can model it from that. ^
[04:57] <Angry Hearts> Bp, you can test stuff out in the [[Angry Birds Wiki:Sandbox|Sandbox if you need it]]
[04:57] <Bp101697> Okay.
[04:58] <Bp101697> But now I am changing templates to sort the pigs.
[04:59] <Iamarepeater> [[Pigiana Jones]]
[04:59] <Angry Hearts> In the Level infoboxes, I presume? 
[04:59] <Iamarepeater> Enough info to be on its own?
[05:00] <Angry Hearts> Might wanna take off all those references, the complete details, at least. 
[05:01] <Angry Hearts> Just keep the Indiana Jones part, cut out the Harrison Ford part and Chuck details as they aren't really part of the article's topic
[05:04] <Iamarepeater> Theme 1, The Big bang and Jungle Escape
[05:04] <Iamarepeater> All these can be classified as what?
[05:04] <Iamarepeater> I know they all hold a number of levels
[05:05] <Angry Hearts> Mind linking the pages? 
[05:07] <Iamarepeater> [[Theme 1]], [[The Big Bang]] and [[Jungle Escape]]
[05:07] <Bp101697> [[Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-1]]
[05:08] <Iamarepeater> Middle link is non-existent
[05:11] <Angry Hearts> Jungle Escape is already categorized though. And, the first link is non existant too 
[05:11] <Iamarepeater> Dang
[05:12] <Iamarepeater> For now, on my new template, i will call it theme
[05:12] <Bp101697> [[Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-4]] Now using templates, coding like this. (Click View Source to see.)
[05:16] <Bp101697> BRB.
[05:16] <Bp101697> Lunch.
[05:16] <Iamarepeater> k
[05:16] <Iamarepeater> [[Template:AngryBirdsIntro]]
[05:16] <Iamarepeater> @angry hearts
[05:17] <Angry Hearts> Nice. 
[05:17] <Iamarepeater> Wait
[05:17] <Iamarepeater> I found one mistake
[05:18] <Iamarepeater> I need to make it such that only one game appears at once
[05:21] <Iamarepeater> Hi goldengale
[05:21] <Iamarepeater> There
[05:21] <Iamarepeater> much better
[05:22] <Iamarepeater> I'm not sure what level Bp is
[05:22] <Iamarepeater> Do you know?
[05:22] <Angry Hearts> What do you mean, level? 
[05:23] <Iamarepeater> Placeholder category for the games
[05:24] <Iamarepeater> Oh wait
[05:24] <Iamarepeater> This category doesn't account for star wars
[05:25] <Angry Hearts> Hm. I'm not sure. 
[05:25] <Angry Hearts> You'll probably have to wait for him to get back
[05:26] <Iamarepeater> yeah...
[05:29] <Angry Hearts> Anyone here have a good suggestion for the poll on the homepage? Like, I wanna change it. 
[05:30] <PrinceGoldenGale> Hi guys
[05:31] <Angry Hearts> Hey Prince, congrats I made you a Content moderator from our discussion earlier
[05:33] <PrinceGoldenGale> I would appreciate it. Thank you.
[05:35] <PrinceGoldenGale> For the poll, I have not many ideas. I will go for "Which bird boost do you like the most?" But the answers will be a long winded list
[05:37] <PrinceGoldenGale> Rock Pop
[05:37] <PrinceGoldenGale> Color Pop
[05:37] <PrinceGoldenGale> Splash Pop
[05:37] <PrinceGoldenGale> Blast Pop
[05:37] <PrinceGoldenGale> Sonic Pop
[05:37] <PrinceGoldenGale> Science Pop
[05:37] <PrinceGoldenGale> Royal Pop
[05:37] <PrinceGoldenGale> Flock Pop
[05:38] <PrinceGoldenGale> Power Pop
[05:38] <PrinceGoldenGale> Line Pop
[05:39] <Angry Hearts> I'm trying to think of some unique ones, not just ones that would give long winded answers like what you mentioned above
[05:43] <Bp101697> Hi Golden Gale.
[05:43] <Bp101697> Back.
[05:44] <Bp101697> Okay.
[05:44] <Bp101697> What do you think if we let anon users to contribute here?
[05:45] <Angry Hearts> No. 
[05:45] <Bp101697> At least we didn't fully protect anon users to contribute here.
[05:45] <Iamarepeater> Bp, [[Template:AngryBirdsIntro]]
[05:45] <Iamarepeater> your thoughts?
[05:45] <Angry Hearts> It's caused wayyyy too many problems here. No offense
[05:45] <Bp101697> Yep.
[05:48] <Bp101697> We did not contact Wikia Staff to block anon users.
[05:48] <Bp101697> I asked to restrict anon users to contribute in Candy Crush Wiki, but nobody supports.
[05:48] <Bp101697> Reasons in this thread.
[05:48] <Bp101697> If we are active regularly this risk is not hard to handle.
[05:49] <Iamarepeater> I'm off for my lunch. BBL
[05:49] <Angry Hearts> Anons were automatically disabled here the time it was already announced, so we don't have to worry about it. The announcement was made in 2013, any wiki older before was switched like that 
[05:50] <Bp101697> I can still edit without signing in.
[05:50] <Angry Hearts> Under an IP address? 
[05:51] <PrinceGoldenGale> yes
[05:52] <Angry Hearts> Huh. That'w weird. Okay, if anyone knows how to do it, I'm all for it.
[05:53] <PrinceGoldenGale> Anon allows editing to the outside public, but what I am feeling right now is that what if there is more than 1 computer of the same IP address?
[05:55] <PrinceGoldenGale> If you block that IP address, the other user will not be able to edit unless if he changes the address, (IP changer, different network router)
[05:56] <Angry Hearts> That's when Wikia Staff or a VTSF has to interfere if they're using it to sockpupprt
[05:57] <PrinceGoldenGale> It will be difficult since if he tries to use IP changer programs such as tor?
[06:00] <Angry Hearts> Never underestimate what a VTSF can do though. 
[06:00] <Angry Hearts> Or a staff member. 
[06:12] <Iamarepeater> back
[06:13] <Angry Hearts> I'm getting rid of the snow everyone, and finding a new header
[06:14] <Iamarepeater> Ah
[06:14] <Iamarepeater> Now I remember, I used theme as a collection of levels
[06:21] <Angry Hearts> Bp, Prince, Iam, I gotta bounce. Check back in with me later if anything else happens. It's late where I live now. 
[06:21] <Iamarepeater> ok
[06:21] <Bp101697> Okay.
[06:21] <Iamarepeater> bye
[06:22] <Angry Hearts> Have a good one, guys
[06:34] <Bp101697> test
[06:35] <Bp101697> [[Thread:71771]]
[06:35] <Bp101697> What do you think about this thread?
[06:35] <Iamarepeater> Why not use badges?
[06:35] <Iamarepeater> That requires him to be active
[06:35] <Iamarepeater> Badges does not
[06:36] <Bp101697> Because users will hunt the badges instead of help.
[06:36] <Bp101697> Wait.
[06:36] <Iamarepeater> well?
[06:38] <Bp101697> [[Thread:41585]]
[06:39] <Bp101697> See this thread.
[06:40] <Bp101697> Badges can cause trouble.
[06:41] <Bp101697> @Gale What do you think about Boomerang's thread?
[06:43] <Iamarepeater> I think we just take the risk
[06:48] <Iamarepeater> [[Poached Eggs 1-1]]
[06:48] <Iamarepeater> The first part I have doubts
[06:49] <Iamarepeater> This part to be exact: Poached Eggs 1-1 (A.K.A. Pig's House)
[06:49] <Iamarepeater> There is no proof that the level was also called that
[06:50] <PrinceGoldenGale> Badges are not encouraged, but I think it should be only be used in the fanon.
[06:50] <PrinceGoldenGale> Badges have no effects for me
[06:50] <Iamarepeater> But the other suggestion where Boomerang keeps track of the score is just as flawed
[06:51] <Iamarepeater> He just announced he retired, hence he won't be coming back
[06:51] <PrinceGoldenGale> Better not have it
[06:51] <Iamarepeater> And then who is going to keep track of the scores?
[06:52] <Iamarepeater> Goldengale, where is the proof that Poached Eggs 1-1 was called Pig's House?
[06:52] <Iamarepeater> No proof = instant removal
[06:52] <PrinceGoldenGale> I am not very sure. Since there are lack of contributors.
[06:52] <PrinceGoldenGale> Nope
[06:52] <Iamarepeater> but it's fanon content
[06:52] <PrinceGoldenGale> Rovio does not name their levels
[06:52] <Iamarepeater> Knew it
[06:58] <Bp101697> I think fanbased contents can be stayed in wiki if there are consencus in the comments, but now I think it should be removed without the source in Angry Birds Nest.
[06:58] <Iamarepeater> Yep
[06:58] <Iamarepeater> Also Bp, once I click publish, can you review the change?
[06:59] <PrinceGoldenGale> yes
[06:59] <Bp101697> No, your change will be published immediately.
[06:59] <Iamarepeater> [[Poached Eggs 1-1]]
[06:59] <Iamarepeater> Like check to see if the previous or the current edit is ok
[06:59] <PrinceGoldenGale> ABNest is official fanbase site
[07:00] <Bp101697> And I changed the templates of birds and pigs, so you need to type like this: |birds= {{Original Birds|Red Bird|Red Bird|Red Bird}} 
[07:00] <Bp101697> |pigs= {{Pig|Small Pig|1}}
[07:00] <Iamarepeater> Yep
[07:01] <Iamarepeater> I guess it terms of the looks, it can apply to AB2
[07:01] <Bp101697> Sometimes being only an informative site will make it deserted.
[07:01] <Bp101697> I think it may not foe birds, but pigs, the rooms should not be random like this.
[07:01] <Bp101697> *for
[07:01] <Iamarepeater> We should have something like this:
[07:06] <Iamarepeater> Also, I think the level number should be restricted to each theme
[07:06] <Iamarepeater> Why? I could be playing Level 1-2 then suddenly play 5-1
[07:07] <Iamarepeater> Also, Episode would be much better than theme
[07:08] <PrinceGoldenGale> I agree with Episode
[07:08] <Iamarepeater> small e
[07:10] <PrinceGoldenGale> I am removing the aka names
[07:10] <Iamarepeater> Thanks
[07:12] <Bp101697> [[List of Angry Birds Levels?oldid=95774]] What do you think about naming level pages like this?
[07:13] <Iamarepeater> World?
[07:13] <Bp101697> Yep.
[07:13] <Bp101697> Like that.
[07:13] <Bp101697> I think it is terrible.
[07:13] <Iamarepeater> Yeah
[07:14] <Iamarepeater> They are all set in the same world
[07:14] <Iamarepeater> Episode is much better suited IMO
[07:14] <Bp101697> Yep, so later Theme 1-1 is changed to Poached Eggs 1-1.
[07:14] <Bp101697> And Theme H1-1 is changed to Trick or Treat 1-1.
[07:14] <Iamarepeater> Yep
[07:15] <Iamarepeater> For now, my template is ok
[07:15] <Bp101697> If one game per wiki, I say we can name "Level 1-1"
[07:15] <Bp101697> But For Seasons, stay at Trick or Treat 1-1.
[07:15] <Iamarepeater> Yep
[07:16] <Iamarepeater> Not sure if I need to edit the template again
[07:18] <Iamarepeater> btw Bp, where are you at Blast!?
[07:18] <Bp101697> Around 9x.
[07:18] <Iamarepeater> I'm around 131
[07:18] <Bp101697> Getting bored.
[07:19] <Iamarepeater> I have to do this to unlock every single level first
[07:19] <Iamarepeater> Then I can tell the 3 star score
[07:21] <Bp101697> Okay.
[07:21] <Iamarepeater> As for why I'm removing the description on how the stage looks like, the picture already on the page tells me how it looks like
[07:22] <Iamarepeater> There is no need to retype it
[07:24] <Iamarepeater>
[07:24] <Iamarepeater> Should they be deleted?
[07:33] <Iamarepeater> hi
[07:34] <Chuck790> whats going on
[07:34] <Iamarepeater> It's dead chat
[07:36] <Bp101697> ็Hi.
[07:42] <Bp101697> I gtg.
[07:42] <Bp101697> Playing PvZ.
[07:42] <Iamarepeater> bye
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