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Hello, and welcome to the Angry Birds Wiki! A place where you could find or share information about the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies series. Before editing, take note of the following:

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  • Per our image policy, any non-official or non-Angry Birds/Bad Piggies images must be added to said user's profile page, or else they may be deleted. If you are the artist yourself, you must select the "I created this image myself" ( {{Self}} template ) option when uploading.
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The Angry Birds Wiki is happy to welcome you to the community and happy editing!


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Here are some key pointers to look out for in editing mainspace articles, no matter what type of information you are editing.

  • Never have anything below a trivia section except for navigation templates, external references, "Gallery" section, "See More" section and categories.
  • If possible, check to see if there is a introduction template for the article.
  • Always use present tense unless the information is no longer valid.
  • If possible, keep the grammar of the page consistence.
  • Always try to be as formal (neutral) as possible when writing or expanding articles (do not add opinionated information).
  • Try to avoid capitalizing every beginning letter in a sentence (unless it's a person, place or event).
  • When you upload files, upload them in this format: File:(name of item)(game).(image extension) or (game)(game of item).(image extension). If you want to use this image as for other purposes such as your blog or wall, please name it as (user name)(appropriate name).(image extension). Spam file names will be deleted.
  • Use American English on mainspace articles (e.g. Traveler not Traveller, Behavior not Behaviour)
  • Date format should be in month, followed by day and lastly, year. (Sample: February 1, 2017)
  • Use the name of the item/character as it appears in that game/animation.
  • NEVER directly copy information from other wiki sites, such as Wikipedia. Instead, use verifiable sources such as well-known gaming news sites and first person accounts from former Rovio employees.
    • If the former is the case, then insert a template such as this onto the bottom of the article (ex: with articles on a well-known actor).


Formatting is an important part in wiki editing. As a wiki, our job is to give information about the Angry Birds series in the neatest and most appealing way possible. To do that, we must follow a set formatting guide for new articles. Articles that already have a set-format are of games, levels, characters, game episode, TV episode, movie, book, comics, music, album and year articles.

If you find an issue with the current format of an article type, please make a detailed message to an active admin or content moderator about your concerns so staff can have an active vote on the issue.


General templates

  • If there are templates created, please use it for its intended purpose. Do not use the template in any way, such as spam. Please create your own template tester page to test your template.


Use the appropriate infobox template. ("Template:Infobox ___")

  • If it is a main game article, use the game template.
  • If it is a level walkthrough, create a template if it is new, or use the existing base template in the previous levels and create new data.
  • If it is an animated series, use the template such as an example in Chuck Time.
  • If it is a character article, use the character template.
    • If it is a character only seen in Angry Birds Evolution, add on the (Evolution Birds) or (Evolution Pigs) line to the end of the template
    • If it is a character article, use the following image tabber styles in order: Classic -> Proto/Beta (if any) -> Toons -> Movie

Templates name format

  • Some templates have named with letter cases with or without spaces
  • Some templates have named without letter cases, this is only for any templates that were made for the design code, like Template:Epic stats table for example.
  • Renamed & moved most of the templates as sub-templates for better organize.
    • It's easier when you're going to add the template with this search automatic system. Highly recommended to use "Source Editor".
  • The "Icons" templates ---> "Template:_____Icon"
  • The "Progressions" templates ---> "Template:_____P"
  • The "Level Tabs" templates ---> "Template:_____LevelTabs"
  • The "Level Intros" templates ---> "Template:_____LevelIntro"
  • The "Navboxes" templates ---> "Template:_____Nav"
  • The "Userboxes" templates ---> "Template:User_____"

Other Media pages

This is more for pages covering the other medias of Angry Birds such as Angry Birds Toons and Piggy Tales.

  • Never say the plot word-for-word.
  • Remember the major key points. Other minor parts of the plot is are not needed and may considered inserting thrash into it.
  • Use past tense for the plot.
  • Always put the plot in between the show's description and the Gallery.
  • Uploading gallery images should highlight the plot of the episode and shouldn't need many.

Walkthrough articles

  • Remember what is needed such as the level number, objectives, etc.
  • Use the level quote template to save your time and reduce the bandwidth consumed and easier as you are needing to input the data required in the blanks. Do not make a level name unless it is approved by Rovio.
  • Objective images.
  • Obstacles (or blockers) and their images.
  • Miscellaneous images.
  • Some fixed special power-up spawn location should be highlighted in different colors.
  • Images. Provide a screenshot to the walkthrough articles.
  • Provide a walkthrough video.
  • Make a separate page like this ((name of level)/version history) and do not mark it with the archived template.
  • Leave any navigation templates in scraped levels.

Trivia Sections

Trivia sections should be filled with "fun fact" information that is not generally known about the article's subject.

Ex: Trivia - This is the only episode in which...

This is a generally accepted kind of Trivia point, depending on what it is pointing out. Say that it said "the only episode to feature a kind of bird" would be a valid and solid point. However, something like "This is the only episode in which Matilda gets mad with a thunderstorm looming in the background" is not acceptable. It is irrelevant, and not noteworthy enough to be placed in a Trivia section.

Ex: Trivia - This is the first episode in which...

Usually, as with the above, depends on the information it is detailing. Saying something such as, "This is the first episode to feature Bomb" might not be trivia-esque, but is noteworthy, and as an alternative could be placed at the top/under appearances/infobox of the page.

Ex: Trivia - This is the third/fourth/fifth time in which...etc.

This is stretching it. If its something very uncommon, such as a change in director, then maybe. Something like "This is the fourth appearance of the pigs" is completely unacceptable. It should be placed in appearance. It becomes junk trivia at that point because it repeats the casting character.

Ex: Trivia - This episode proves that the Blues are born daredevils

Unacceptable. The viewer can discern from either reading the summary on the article or watching the episode themselves what the Blues are like. Anything that is already explicitly shown, especially a major event in an episode, does not need to be restated in a Trivia section.

Ex: Trivia - Toys were released with this game

Very unacceptable. The information about the merchandise can ether be put on the main page or other pages such as the plush toys page.


Uploading files

When you are uploading files to this wiki, keep these points in-mind before finishing:

  • Is my file over 10MB?
  • Is my file already on this wiki?
  • Is my file correctly sourced?
  • Is my file official or fan-made?

After you're done going through the list, you may now upload your file. When uploading, you can either choose two methods, either going to the bar menu and selecting "Upload New File" or going to the "Images" section on the navigation bar. Both methods have the option to include a upload summary and an image license. It is highly recommended that you insert information or a link towards the original uploader/creator of the image, since it will be easier for future readers to know where an image was from if the source website is taken down. For the license, there are multiple options for an upload, but the names should be easy to understand.


If you get an error from the webpage that your file is already on the wiki, do not ignore the warning and upload anyway. Instead, go to the original file's page and see if there's a reason for you to replace that image, such as:

  • Is my file a clearer (higher quality) version of the original file?
  • Is my file larger in size than the original file?
  • Does my file have the same file format as the original file? (ex: .jpeg and .jpg)

If any of these points matter in your situation, then you may replace the original file with your larger or higher quality version. If your file is a different format than the original file, then you can manually change the format of your file or use a file converter website, such as

ABWIKI UploadNewImage Example

The correct way to replace an older file:


ABWIKI Fan-content Example

How a fan-content file should be formatted:

If you decide to upload fan art or a fan recreation of a character to this wiki, then that's completely fine. However, you must add the {{Self}} ("I created this image myself") license to the file when or after uploading. Failure to do so will result in the file being removed from the wiki.

These files can only be used on user profiles. If these images are found being added to gallery or mainspace articles, the edit will be reverted and the editor will be warned.

Comments & Discuss page

Use comments to discuss within the page's subject or voice out any opinions. Do not use comment section to insert gibberish or excessive caps.