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Hello, and welcome to the Angry Birds Wiki! A place where you could find or share information about the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies series. Before editing, take note of the following:

  • You can go to our Community Portal to get a quick start about us and what you can do to help!
  • Please read our Rules and Edit Manual before you begin editing.
  • Please read our Forum guidelines before you begin posting.
  • Per our image policy, any non-official or non-Angry Birds/Bad Piggies images must be added to said user's profile page, or else they may be deleted. If you are the artist yourself, you must select the "I created this image myself" ( {{Self}} template ) option when uploading.
  • Please make sure you do not post fanon material in our mainspace articles. For more info, go here.
  • Click here to create your userpage. Add some Userboxes to tell everyone about yourself!
  • Got any questions? Feel free to contact an administrator or a moderator for help.
  • Click here to learn more about the wiki's history.

The Angry Birds Wiki is happy to welcome you to the community and happy editing!


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Angry Birds Wiki
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Short version

  1. Only users above the age of 13 (or 16 in most European countries) are allowed to edit this wiki.
  2. Be bold! If you have any information about any Angry Birds game is lacking at that page, spelling or grammar mistakes? Go right ahead!
  3. Do not cause vandalism or start edit wars.
  4. Do not upload fan made content without either stating who the artist is or adding a URL in the upload summary.
  5. Always use references for edits that could potentially include easily-falsified information, so the reader has the option to confirm for themselves.
  6. Do not feed the trolls.
  7. Do not use external bot software/code to make mass-edits (edit farming) on the wiki (contact a bot owner for edit requests).
  8. Give your fullest basic respect towards other users and this wiki.
  9. Any questions? Leave your question in any user's message wall.
  10. Have fun!

Detailed policies

Angry Birds Wiki is an informative site for all things Angry Birds. Please follow these rules for the benefit of this wiki and its community within other users. These rules apply to making pages, editing the wiki and everything in between. Violating the rules below will very likely get you banned for a period of time or infinitely, depending on the severity of the action, or past violations done by the suspected user.

Rules and Regulations

  • In accordance to COPPA, users under the age of 13 are not allowed to be editors on the wiki.
    • If a user is revealed to be underage, please calmly report it with evidence to an administrator.
  • Do not argue, insult, threaten, harass, purposefully offend, or disrespect anyone or their opinions.
  • Do not fight or argue with the staff when they ask you to stop doing something harmful or disruptive.
  • All users, regardless of whether have the rights or feeling in distress are required to show the utmost respect to others at all times. No slander, harassment or insults will be tolerated at any time.
  • Do not insult or make fun of the ones who do not use proper grammar for not being that good at English. Not everybody is fluent in English.
  • No minimodding. Minimodding occurs when a user oversteps the boundaries of their authority. (Such as warning another user about a policy violation). If there is a user violating the wiki’s policy, please report it to an active staff member through their message wall.
    • In short, if you do not have the user rights to act onto users, do not warn them of their actions leading into that act.

We encourage users to make others aware of our policies, but actual warnings are the responsibility of the Wiki staff. (The sole exception to this is any content that insults or slanders a user personally) If you see any policy violations, please bring it up to a member of the Wiki staff.

It is not okay to...

  • Vandalize any articles. Vandalism can come in many forms, ranging from deleting a portion of the page without proper reason to adding gibberish or foul language. If someone becomes a vandal, the administrators have the right to block the person for an indefinite amount of time depending on the severity of the act.
  • Cyber bully or Insult/Harass other users. It is the right of any user to remove, or request the removal of, any comment, blog, forum, or message wall post that is insulting or slanderous to them personally. Harassing users in this way will result in blocks.
    • This includes insulting or making fun of the ones who do not use proper grammar for not being fluent in English.
  • Discussion or sharing any forms of sexually explicit, or any mature content including references to it.
  • Hate speech, ethnic slurs, or any other form of discrimination or racism.
  • Spamming into articles or user's page.
  • Trolling users.
  • Using inappropriate language, kids may visit this website. Doing that will result in an extended block.
    • However, to prevent from getting blocked for using inappropriate language, using censored swearing (****) is allowed.
  • Be xenophobic (aka, Removing/changing information about a certain country) because your government's beliefs and ideologies don't recognize a country due to their role in ancient history
    • (Ex: Not believing that Israel, Qatar, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ukraine, and more during that specific time in the article are legitimate countries)


  • Sockpuppeting is when users create a (or multiple) account(s) to vandalize this Wiki's property such as inserting spam or misinformation into articles and posting inappropriate messages/replies in the Discussions.
  • Using another account to circumvent a ban or block, is not permitted. If it becomes known that a user is sockpuppeting, their sockpuppet will be blocked/banned, and the ban/block on the original account will be extended. You cannot create another account under any circumstance when you are blocked, whether you are sorry or not.


  • Do not change the format or rename pages to your own preferences. Keep the original formatting.
  • Do not post links leading to any dangerous websites, including pornography, drug and alcohol use, and other inappropriate websites.
  • Do not copy/port articles/blog posts from this wiki and insert it into another. If you are a staff member, you MUST discuss the idea and have a vote with other active staff.

Uploading files

  • Do not upload copyrighted file(s) unless it is created by yourself or you have the rights to use the media from the original author to do so into this wiki.
    • This will result in an immediate deletion and a warning.
  • Remember if the file you have uploaded is licensed under Creative Commons, be sure to provide a proper credit to the original creator of the file.
  • Try to avoid images from DeviantArt at all times, since fanon images from there can be possibly mistaken for official content.
  • You can upload SFW (safe for work) memes/non Angry Birds-related images and use them on your User Profile, but do not insert them into any mainspace articles. If done multiple times, this will lead to a warning or a temporary block due to either trolling and/or vandalism.
  • Copyright files should include a copyright template provided in this wiki to inform the copyright use in the about file (summary) page.
  • When uploading files, be aware of some Metadatas which contains sensitive information can be seen by others (such as GPS data), do note to remove them beforehand, as this cannot be done after the upload.
  • When uploading any files for archive purposes such as concept arts, etc. please add the original link source to know where you found the file originally from.
  • Note: Do not upload non-Angry Birds related images/videos and insert them in article pages. This can lead to a temporary wiki ban. (Inserting them in user pages is ok, but if they aren't in a user page after 2 days of uploading the image, it will be removed from the wiki)


  • Fanon means posting any content without (a) valid supporting source(s). This includes self-user made content.
  • Do not post any fan fiction or future information without heavy, reliable sources on pages.
    • This is not a fanon wiki, please post it on the fanon wikis, your user page, your blog or on the Discuss page. A list is available on the home page.
    • This rule also applies to uploading files, do not upload fanon medias unless in the said pages.

Edit Warring

  • An edit war is the repeated undoing of edits (or reading information) by different editors.
  • If someone undoes an edit of yours, it is not appropriate to undo their edit. Please, stop and start a discussion on the forums (for detailed discussion) or comments section to reach a consensus. You can make your case for your opinion there and get unbiased opinions on the subject.
  • Any editors engaged in edit warring will be warned, and possibly blocked, depending on the situation.

If You Are Blocked/Banned

Main article: Angry Birds Wiki:Block Help

A Bureaucrat/Administrator are within their right as a trusted user of this wiki to block any users being harmful or disruptive.

In the event of a misunderstanding or misinterpretation, we allow for the user who received the block to testify their block to an administrator, who will then discuss it with the other admins to see if it truly was a mistake.

To testify your block, proof must be shown that the user was being abusive or that it was a misunderstanding. Preferably, a screen shot or other form of evidence should be provided, failure to do so will make your claim null and void, and may even get your account blocked or the ban extended for spreading false information.

  • If you are blocked or banned and want to appeal it, please use your message wall on THIS wiki or contact an administrator on their wall on the Community Central Wiki.
  • If you are blocked/banned on this Wiki, it is NOT appropriate to follow any Admin to another Wiki they work on to protest. This will result in an extended block here.
  • If you are blocked/banned by one of our Admins on another Wiki, do not follow the Admin here to complain. This will result in a block here and possibly an extension on the Wiki in question.
  • Attempting to evade your block by creating alternate accounts will result in a block in that account and your original account in extension.

Users Regarding Staff

  • Users who have a majority amount of contributions to talk pages and forums cannot enter the Staff even though they pass the 400 mark. Until they have proven they had made enough productive edits their Staff Requests cannot be accepted.
  • Users who have been blocked more than twice at some point will not be allowed to join the Staff unless they make an acceptable change. Users who have been ever blocked for more than a full year can never join the Staff.
    • Please note if you were mostly opposed for a good reason for a staff promotion, do not force request a promotion. Try again in a few weeks later or so.
  • Users must continue to use their staff rights once in the staff or else they will be stripped of their privileges. (Ex, Image Unit stops producing images) Breaks are acceptable.
  • Users must not use their user color link that blends into the background webpage for a good legibility. Otherwise, other users will be unable to read. (Example: White text on White background)
  • Be sure to confirm your staff avatar otherwise you are not allowed to request for a change more than once.
  • If there is a large change you would like to make to the wiki while being a moderator or administrator, it MUST be decided as a group with other staff members through the "Wiki Running" category on the wiki forums.
    • Staff members go through an optional process called the "ladder system", which means they start from the bottom and slowly go up if they continue to support the wiki, the direction of the ladder is as follows:
      • Content/Thread Moderator (MUST know most or all of the manual of style/forum guidelines and be active on the wiki for at least 4 months)
      • --> Thread/Content Moderator (promoted to other position if they make over 400 edits/forum posts while in their original position)
      • --> Administrator (User has to be active on both the wiki and the forums, join the AB Wiki Discord, have over 4,000 edits/forum posts, be 15+ years of age + know how to edit/fix wiki templates)
      • --> Bureaucrat (User has to be active nearly daily, know how to edit/expand wiki source, be 17+ years of age, be unbiased in internal wiki conflicts + have a positive and welcoming attitude towards newer and current members)

How to apply

To make a request for a staff position, please do the following:

  1. Go to the Staff Board channel located in the Discussions
  2. State what position you are applying for in the title (Ex: "Applying for Content Moderator")
  3. Explain in the description how you are capable of the position (ex: "I have been editing for the past _ months and I have helped the wiki with my 400+ contributions, including ____.")

When those steps have been completed, all active staff of the wiki must vote on the acceptance of a new member to a staff position. If the user has more than 50% of total approval from staff, they are allowed to become a staff member.

What to do

As a content moderator, you are responsible for doing the following:

  1. Checking the Recent Changes for possible vandalism/spam or grammar/spelling issues.
    1. Be sure to help new users if they are having trouble using certain templates or adding files to galleries!
  2. Check marked pages for deletion and determine if the reasons are legitimate or not.
  3. Checking newly uploaded files if they are inappropriate/been used in vandalism or are duplicates of existing files (ex: duplicated videos usually have a "-2" at the end of their name).
    1. If so, you have the ability to delete spam articles or duplicated files by going to the three stacked dots at the top right-hand side of the article or file page and clicking "Delete".
  4. Work on wiki projects that haven't been finished yet (if bored or have spare time).

As a thread moderator, you are responsible for doing the following:

  1. Resolving conflicts on the disucssions.
  2. Deleting any inappropriate posts and warning users who do so.
  3. Correct users if they use the wrong category for their post.
  4. Checking the Abuse log.

As an administrator, you are responsible for doing the following:

  1. Everything the content moderators are responsible for (the second line of defense).
  2. Responding to reports from users about vandals, sockpuppets, trolls, etc.
    1. Block rule-breaking users in accordance to this policies page (step process).
  3. Going through the Admin Dashboard to make announcements (only use if urgent/important to wiki), fixing broken/double redirects/uncategorized pages, checking the Abuse log, and fix wiki CSS/JavaScript if using unmaintained scripts.
  4. Decorate the wiki if a celebrated holiday is approaching.
  5. Check the block appeal form once every 3-5 days.

Talk Pages & Comments

  • Comments on pages are expected to be appropriate. This means that there should be no inappropriate language, the comment should not be irrelevant, and should not be inflammatory. Any comments insulting or harassing any users will be deleted; such comments will also result in blocks.
  • Only use talk pages or comments to discuss relevant topics in the article. If you want to start a community discussion, please use the forums.
  • Do not comment under any section that has a closed discussion template. Any comment will be deleted immediately.
  • The comment should be of some relation to the content found within the page.
  • Keep comments of a reasonable length.
    • Do not over-reply to a user's comment on a page. Preferably, you could create a thread to discuss the topic instead if it reaches too many.

Discuss Page

You can view the Guidelines of Discuss page here

User Profile Policy

  • You are not allowed to say any negative things about other users on your profile.
  • Only staff members may have the staff templates and staff category on their profiles.
  • Do not edit another user's profile page without their approval, if a user page has content that is against the rules, or their template(s) broken, notify an administrator to fix it.
    • Editing another user's profile is considered impolite and should not be done without their permission. Changing spellings on their user page should not be done as the user may want it that way, and material should not be added or removed if you think it will look better, for the same reason.
    • This includes inserting spam into another user's profile page. Prohibit from doing it.

Username and Avatar

  • Usernames should never be offensive, misleading, disruptive or promotional. This also prohibits impersonating other users.
  • Avatar shouldn't contain unsafe (NSFW) material such as:
    • Reproductive organs
    • Gore
    • A country’s flag with a cross (🚫) in front

Users using an avatar like this will be warned to change it.

User page

Your user page is the page where you can tell a little more about yourself.

For your own safety and security, your user page should not have sensitive information listed.

This includes:

  • Your full name. Just put your first name or go by your User name.
  • Full names of your friends or relatives.
  • The school or college you go to, or your place of employment.
  • The city you live in.
  • Your birthdate.

Your age if you are less than 13 and fibbed about it in order to sign up for an account. This is a violation of the Membership section of FANDOM's Terms of use. You will be blocked until the day of your birthday.

The more specific information you reveal about yourself, the easier it is for an identity thief to find out details about you.

If you have enabled the "E-mail this user" function in your Preferences ("Enable e-mail from other users" on the main User Profile tab), you may want to use a different e-mail address than the one you used to sign up for your FANDOM account. Gmail and Yahoo are amongst the many companies that offer free e-mail account.


Your signature (~~~~) must have a good legibility for other users to be able to read.

Emergency Solutions

There are scenarios that could happen, and how it could be solved in case that they happen.

Inactive Staffs

  • If any Bureaucrats and Administrators haven't active on the Angry Birds Wiki for more than 3 months, then other staff will be promoted to admin until they come back.
    • If there are no other Bureaucrats and Administrators active on this wiki due to their retirement or inactive for a long time, then other staff will promoted to admin or bureaucrat permanently.
  • If any user asks if they may adopt the Angry Birds Wiki when there's no other staffs active, here are scenarios that could happen on this section:
    • If any user who are being honest for helping the Angry Birds Wiki, it's acceptable.
    • If any user adopt the Angry Birds Wiki just for ruining it and abusing their rights, please contact FANDOM staff at Community Central.

Staff Abusing His/Her Rights

If you are blocked unreasonably or if a staff member is improperly using his/her rights, contact FANDOM staff at Community Central.

Chat (Outdated)

Note: This section is outdated as the Chat feature (Special:Chat) is no longer available from all FANDOM wikis in a favor of United Community Platform (UCP) update.


  1. Do not enforce the rules on the chat. This is commonly referred to as "mini-modding". Staff members of the wiki are appointed for this reason. If you are not part of the staff, please do not do so.
  2. Linking to any dangerous websites, including (but not limited to) pornography, drug and alcohol use and other inappropriate websites will result in a two week ban minimum. We wish to keep ourselves and their computers safe. Please check your link before posting it.
    • Linking to jump-scares will result in an immediate day ban minimum. Some users may be sensitive to it, please refrain from doing it.
  3. Using false evidence or spreading malicious lies about another user will result in a kick or ban.
  4. If an admin or mod feels like a user is purposefully trying to disrupt the chat, troll or purposefully upset other users, they may issue a warning followed by a kick and eventually a ban.
  5. Respect ALL users, regardless of differences in opinion, or disagreements.
  6. Excessive use of caps is unacceptable (e.g. RED IS THE ANGRIEST BIRD!). Caps with a quote your text from a viable source is fine. This is applied everywhere in the Wiki.
  7. Do not claim other people's art as your own (art stealing), this can lead to a temporary mute if done repeatedly. (If it's not your art, credit the original artist with a hyperlink)

Advertising Wikis and Websites

  • Linking to other wiki chats is not allowed in main chat.
  • Advertising to view your content on other websites is fine, however any other forms of advertising including another FANDOM/chat/site/etc will result in a kick.

Vulgar Language

  • Absolutely no profanities (swearing or vulgar language) is allowed in the chat.
    • However, censored swearing (****) is allowed.

Controversial Topics

  • Be courteous. While it is suggested you avoid topics that make others uncomfortable (politics, religion, mortality, etc), if you do discuss these topics do so in a polite, respectful manner. If staff requests or another user states they are uncomfortable and asks that you stop talking about such topics, stop or take it to PM.


  • Do not enter chat just to complain/protest a ban/block on another FANDOM.
  • Users can go back to chat if got kicked for another chance, they can get banned for a period time after three chances. If you continue after becoming unbanned, the next ban will last longer.
    • Sockpuppet trolls can be banned without warning.

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