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Vandals that are not done yet.

Note: Crossed out reports mean they are already taken care of

  • Vandalised the King Pig page.
  • User:Isaiah Goku vandalized Foreman Pig page by changing Foreman Pig into Pedophile Pig and inserting false information.
  • Vandalised the Boomerang Bird page saying it's good against anything, and saying it's stronger than the Black Bird. AND Vandalised the Black Bird page saying it's weaker than the Boomerang.
  • User: erase Boomerang Bird Page! He must be punished!!!
  • User: is vandalizing many pages.
  • User:Mumsgirl99 is out of control.
  • User: vandalized the Female Red Bird page twice and the Female Pig page once.
  • User:Anthonyncg deleted all pictures in both slideshows on the Orange Bird page. He also made a fake corpse sprite and put it there with other pictures.
  • Whirl27: Replacing some pages with {{delete|FAKE}} and other things.
  • Made a trashpage (Death Star 2-33 (Angry Birds Star Ears/Video Walkthrough). There should be same deletion-templates like in English Wikipedia.
  • is really fanon here (I don't call him vandal as your 2nd remark below) but he/she has made some fan-fiction episodes for Seasons 2013.                                                                                             Hey, seems like somebody warned and he/she erased that fan-fiction episodes; but now we have another pesky contributor. User: has released an update post called "The Pork's Valentine" just according to a YouTube clip. Is not possible that the clip is fanon? Please warn User:               P.S.: My name is User:BlackBombBird.
  • Somebody called John Francis Mercado wrote a page about an Angry Birds Game that could possibly be a fake called Angry Birds: Own Birds. Go to the page called "Angry Birds: Own Birds" to find out.
  • I smell some fan-fction. It's a page named "Thanks-pig-ing" for an upcoming update of Angry Birds Seasons. User173.218.29.187 created this page and some others edited it.?! Plz check the page.
  • has vandalised the True Blue? page by replacing the episode summary with a Super Mario and Angry Birds crossover. Fix please.<strike>
  • Someone added a map called 'Não interessa pra vc palhaço'. Can we remove it? 
  • <strike>John Francis Mercado has Vandalised List of Angry Birds Toons Episodes Removing The Coming Soon section               P.S.:My Name is AngryBirdsFightPig
  • User:Miggyquinto.bontiago vandalised the Haunted Hogs and Abra-Ca-Bacon pages by adding the Do Do Bird and Profit Bird. Fix Please.
  • User:SopranoGirl had removed content. He'd done the same at rio wiki and disney wiki.
  • User:Plity30 vandalized the forum threads by replying nonsense things.
  • User:Cat556 is the spam account. I'm afried that if he join this wiki, he could make vandalism or spam.
  • User:Deezpertynutz upload inappropriate content.
  • User:Fataldestroyer Vandalism.
  • User:Robertnvabeach Is there a Jammed on Piggy Tales episode vandalism to raising for copy-edits right now. Look at: [1] or [2]. I can make sense of future. :(
  • User:Fireyfrombfdi is making things up!
  • User:David180110 has made a movie page and I set it for deletion. See Movie
  • User: Pinkie Offical Wiki has made an offensive remark on Angry Birds POP! Talk page
  • Someone added a map called "Porcaria" which Google translates to "Filth".
  • User:RyanThePurpleTankengine123 Take a look at this and this and tell me whether the following reason is right or wrong: "Continuously making death threats towards the Angry Birds Wiki universe by putting them onto images (one saying: "HELLO I'M THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE AND THIS IS J***A**" and the other: "GET IN MY RIDE OR I WILL CUT YA")."
  • User:Gabriela Guiribitey Take a look at this thread
  • User:Ashley96Nicole is the cross-wiki spammer. Had been blocked on The Lion King and The Lion King fanon wikia and I'm afraid that she will join here.
  • User:Barneythepurpledinosaur2017 is simillar to User:Ashley96Nicole. Formally globally blocked but after that she did it again and possible global spammer.
  • and tell me if I'm right or wrong: This user is spamming and making up fanon content for more Stella Music Videos.
  • Yjjjjjjjjjbee made a page called It's youit's!. Which is a fan fiction episode. Can someone delete the page and block Yjjjjjjjjjbee?
  • He also changed the name of the Camp Scary page to "Slumber party a Room" and is vandalizing more pages. Please fix all the pages he made up and vandalized and block him! Please!
  • User:The Cars Diecast Collector is making edits to some pages to include profanity, which is not permitted on the site.

Remarks and Notes

    • I will make this clear: one or two bad edits does not make anyone a vandal. With that said, if the particular user has only made one edit to the page, please don't post anything here unless they continuously vandalize pages. Shrev64(TalkContribs) 16:51, August 3, 2011 (UTC)
    • Additionaly, Fan-made content is not considered vandalism, but will be dealt with separately. Do not report fanon users here. Just give them a short message, and that is all that's necessary. Qazqaz555 23:34, August 20, 2011 (UTC) However, if they do not listen, then report to the admins here.
    • Subsituted of Piggy Tales episode is Jammed. The user is vandalism of the paragraph to make good article right now. Kuyabryancyriel97 (talk) 02:16, September 21, 2014 (UTC)
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