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Slider-title.png|Welcome to the Wiki!|link=Angry Birds|linktext=Want to know what Angry Birds is? Click on the image to find out more!
Angry Birds Rio.png|The Birds Travel to Rio|link=Angry Birds Rio|linktext=Learn about Angry Birds Rio
Slider-seasons.png|Seasons|link=Angry Birds Seasons|linktext="Seasons": The Holiday-Themed Sequel
MooncakeSlider.png|Mooncake Festival Available!|link=User blog:Star kirby12/SK12U4: Mooncake Festival Released!|linktext=The Mooncake Festival update is now available for iOS, Symbian and Android.
{{HeadingA|Welcome to the Angry Birds Wiki!}}
The Wiki about the "killer app" ''[[Angry Birds]]'' that anyone can edit which currently has {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} pages in total.
{{HeadingA|Wiki Policies}}
'''Please do not post fan-fiction of any sort.''' Fan-fiction includes:
*Inserting false information
*Making up games/Birds/Pigs/etc.
*Posting possbile future games/Birds/Pigs/etc. without any resources
It will result in a warning, and, if done multiple times, a block will result for a certain period of time.<br />
If there is a vandal, go [[Report Vandalism|here]] to report it.
<br />
If you would like to post fanon material, here are some excellent places:
*[[w:c:angrybirdsfan|Angry Birds Fan Wiki]]
*[[w:c:angrybirdsfanon|Angry Birds Fanon Wiki]]
'''Please be aware of the Angry Birds Wiki Staff'''. Members are listed [[Angry Birds Wiki:Staff|here]].
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[[Category:Angry Birds Wiki]]
[[Category:Angry Birds Wiki]]
[[Category:Angry Birds Wiki]]
[[Category:Angry Birds Wiki]]

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